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Who's Who of Pulitzer Prize Winners by Brennan, Elizabeth A., Clar... ISBN: 9781573561112 List Price: $96.95
Yellow Journalism Puncturing the Myths, Defining the Legacies by Campbell, W. Joseph ISBN: 9780275981136 List Price: $33.95
Working with Words: A Concise Handbook for Media Writers and Editors by Brooks, Brian S., Pinson, J... ISBN: 9780312020675 List Price: $22.95
News Writing and Reporting for Today's Media by Itule, Bruce D., Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780073654980 List Price: $71.00
Israeli-Egyptian Peace Process in the Reporting of Western Journalists by El-Nawawy, Mohammed ISBN: 9781567505450 List Price: $26.95
Press Bias and Politics How the Media Frame Controversial Issues by Kuypers, Jim A. ISBN: 9780275977597 List Price: $31.95
Press in the Arab Middle East A History by Ayalon, Ami ISBN: 9780195087802 List Price: $70.00
Exp3 Journalism by Levin, Mark, McGraw-Hill-Gl... ISBN: 9780658002823 List Price: $28.64
Journalism A Guide to the Reference Literature by Cates, Jo A. ISBN: 9781591580614 List Price: $70.00
Journalism Across Cultures: an Introduction by Obijiofor, Levi, Hanusch, F... ISBN: 9780230236103
Ethics & Journalism by Sanders, Karen ISBN: 9780761969662 List Price: $129.00
Newspaper Readings The U.S.A. in the People's Daily by Chih-p'ing Chou, Wang, Xuedong ISBN: 9780691000701 List Price: $35.00
America's Best Newspaper Writing A Collection of Asne Prizewinners by Clark, Roy Peter, Scanlan, ... ISBN: 9780312250966
Journalism A Critical History by Conboy, Martin D. ISBN: 9780761940999 List Price: $129.00
Newswriting in Transition by Laakaniemi, Ray ISBN: 9780830413478 List Price: $57.95
Mass Media in Revolution and National Development The Romanian Laboratory by Gross, Peter ISBN: 9780813826707 List Price: $42.95
Molding the Medium The Chinese Communist Party and the Liberation Daily by Stranahan, Patricia ISBN: 9780873326629 List Price: $74.95
Press and Politics in Pre-Revolutionary France by Censer, Jack C., Popkin, Je... ISBN: 9780520056725 List Price: $42.50
Proceedings of the British Academy, 1991: Lectures and Memoirs, Vol. 80 by British Academy Staff ISBN: 9780197261248 List Price: $95.00
Crisis of Conscience by Hausman, Carl ISBN: 9780065003659 List Price: $53.25
Newsroom Management: A Guide to Theory and Practice by Giles, Robert H. ISBN: 9780962109409 List Price: $39.95
Global Crisis Reporting by Cottle, Simon ISBN: 9780335221387 List Price: $43.95
Elements Of News Writing by Kershner, James W. ISBN: 9780205386512 List Price: $62.20
Freedom of the Press Rights and Liberties Under the Law by Cornwell, Nancy C., Stephen... ISBN: 9781851094714 List Price: $55.00
The Washington Post Deskbook on Style - Thomas W. Lippman by Lippman, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780070684140 List Price: $9.95
The Changing Faces of Journalism: Tabloidization, Technology and Truthiness by Zelizer, Barbie ISBN: 9780415778251 List Price: $39.95
Ethics in Journalism by Olen, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780132905862 List Price: $17.00
Agents of Power The Media and Public Policy by Altschull, J. Herbert ISBN: 9780801307768 List Price: $87.60
Art of Editing by Brooks, Brian S., Sissors, ... ISBN: 9780205319572 List Price: $88.00
Politics of News the News of Politics The News of Politics by Graber, Doris A., McQuail, ... ISBN: 9781568024127 List Price: $40.95
Writing for Mass Communication by Hutchison, Earl R. ISBN: 9780801312359 List Price: $99.60
News in a New Century Reporting in an Age of Converging Media by Lanson, Jerry, Fought, Barb... ISBN: 9780761985068 List Price: $92.95
Fourth Estate and the Constitution Freedom of the Press in America by Powe, Lucas A., Jr. ISBN: 9780520080386 List Price: $32.95
Congress, the Press, and the Public by Mann, Thomas E., Ornstein, ... ISBN: 9780815754626 List Price: $38.95
Advertising and a Democratic Press by Baker, Edwin C. ISBN: 9780691021164 List Price: $24.95
Press Bias and Politics How the Media Frame Controversial Issues by Kuypers, Jim A. ISBN: 9780275977580 List Price: $99.95
News of Crime Courts and Press in Conflict by Gerald, J. Edward ISBN: 9780313238765 List Price: $108.95
Media and the Restyling of Politics Consumerism, Celebrity, Cynicism by Corner, John, Pels, Dick ISBN: 9780761949213 List Price: $43.95
Media and Political Conflict News from the Middle East by Wolfsfeld, Gadi ISBN: 9780521589673 List Price: $41.00
Exp3 Journalism A Handbook for Journalists by Levin, Mark, McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780844223926 List Price: $22.00
Mediatization of Politics in History (Groningen Studies in Cultural Change) by Voerman, G., Wijfjes, H. ISBN: 9789042922051 List Price: $70.00
Journalism Studies by Hammond, Philip, Calcutt, A... ISBN: 9780415554312 List Price: $35.95
Reporting for Journalists (Media Skills) (Volume 1) by Frost, Chris ISBN: 9780415553209 List Price: $29.95
Patriot Press National Politics and the London Press in the 1740s by Harris, Robert ISBN: 9780198203780 List Price: $135.00
Talking Back to the Media by Hannaford, Peter ISBN: 9780871968159 List Price: $24.95
Tabloid Journalism An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Sources by Greenberg, Gerald S. ISBN: 9780313295447 List Price: $77.95
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