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Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method by Rich, Carole ISBN: 9780495569879 List Price: $124.95
Inside Reporting A Practical Guide To The Craft Of Journalism by Harrower, Tim ISBN: 9780073526140 List Price: $78.75
Inside Reporting by Harrower, Tim ISBN: 9780073378916 List Price: $78.75
Journalistic Ethics Moral Responsibility In The Media by Jacquette, Dale ISBN: 9780131825390 List Price: $39.20
Global Journalism by de Beer, Arnold S., Merrill... ISBN: 9780205608119 List Price: $110.80
News Writing & Reporting for Today's Media by Itule, Bruce D., Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780072981094 List Price: $87.07
Moral Reasoning for Journalists: Second Edition by Knowlton, Steven, Reader, Bill ISBN: 9780313345500 List Price: $32.95
Journalism Who, What, When, Where, Why And How by Stovall, James Glen ISBN: 9780205372041 List Price: $84.40
Better Broadcast Writing, Better Broadcast News by Dobbs, Greg ISBN: 9780205359943 List Price: $67.60
Feature Writing for Journalists by Keeble, Richard, Wheeler, S... ISBN: 9780415336352 List Price: $26.95
Broadcast News With Infotrac by Stephens, Mitchell, Olson, ... ISBN: 9780534595708 List Price: $128.95
The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/on Creative Nonfiction by Root, Robert L., Steinberg,... ISBN: 9780205632411 List Price: $75.20
Writing and Reporting the News as a Story by Lloyd, Robert, Guzzo, Glenn ISBN: 9780205440016 List Price: $89.20
Writing as Craft and Magic by Stepp, Carl Sessions ISBN: 9780195305777 List Price: $39.95
Shadow Boxing Art and Craft in Creative Nonfiction by Iversen, Kristen Dena ISBN: 9780130994424 List Price: $58.40
Newswriting for the 21st Century by Lieb, Thom ISBN: 9780131345058 List Price: $90.00
Better Writing Through Editing by Hagen, Stacy A., Peterson, Jan ISBN: 9780070498853 List Price: $40.00
Taking Their Place A Documentary History of Women and Journalism by Beasley, Maurine H., Gibbon... ISBN: 9781891136078 List Price: $48.75
Process of Writing News From Information to Story by Richardson, Brian ISBN: 9780205454402 List Price: $83.00
Writing Right for Broadcast and Internet News by Attkisson, Sharyl, Vaughan,... ISBN: 9780205343515 List Price: $90.80
Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry by Beall, Herbert, Trimbur, John ISBN: 9780321078445 List Price: $50.60
Elements of News Writing by Kershner, James W. ISBN: 9780205577668 List Price: $55.00
Convergent Journalism An Introduction by Quinn, Stephen, Filak, Vincent ISBN: 9780240807249 List Price: $44.95
Writing and Reporting News with Infotrac A COACHING METHOD by Rich, Carole ISBN: 9780534633332 List Price: $106.95
True Stories in the News by Heyer, Sandra ISBN: 9780136154815 List Price: $37.32
Media Debates with Infortrac Great Issues for the Digital Age by Dennis, Everette E., Merril... ISBN: 9780495001812 List Price: $82.95
Broadcast News Handbook by Tuggle, C. A., Carr, Forres... ISBN: 9780073511962 List Price: $73.13
EDITORIAL EYE by Harrigan, Jane T., Dunlap, ... ISBN: 9780312152703 List Price: $96.60
Broadcast News and Writing Stylebook by Papper, Robert A. ISBN: 9780205612581 List Price: $59.20
Workbook for News Reporting and Writing by Missouri Group, Group, Broo... ISBN: 9780312474126 List Price: $25.75
History of News by Stephens, Mitchell ISBN: 9780195189919 List Price: $69.95
Press and America An Interpretive History of the Mass Media by Emery, Michael, Emery, Edwi... ISBN: 9780205295579 List Price: $143.60
Reporting for the Media by Fedler, Fred, Bender, John ... ISBN: 9780195169997 List Price: $79.95
Foundations of Community Journalism by Reader, Bill, Hatcher, John ISBN: 9781412974660 List Price: $42.95
Inventing Reality The Politics of News Media by Parenti, Michael J. ISBN: 9780312020132 List Price: $57.95
Global Journalism Topical Issues and Media Systems by de Beer, Arnold, Merrill, J... ISBN: 9780801330278 List Price: $90.60
Web Journalism Practice and Promise of a New Medium by Stovall, James Glen ISBN: 9780205353989 List Price: $70.40
Tuned Out Why Americans Under 40 Don't Follow the News by Mindich, David T. Z. ISBN: 9780195161410 List Price: $29.95
Reporting That Matters Public Affairs Coverage by Bird, Robert, Irby, John, B... ISBN: 9780205434626 List Price: $83.80
Media at War The Iraq Crisis by Tumber, Howard, Palmer, Jerry ISBN: 9781412901826 List Price: $41.95
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