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If you are studying language arts and disciplines you will almost certainly need some affordable books of a general nature that look into the subject. Buy cheap general textbooks here today and make sure you get the titles you want without paying the usual price for them. With more than two thousand titles here most of the time, you'll find it hard not to access the information you need. Discounted deals come into our business all the time, thanks to our buyback service. Yes, you can indeed sell your general books back if you want to. Among the books we have are Vocabulary for the College Bound Student; Early Childhood Experiences in Language Arts: Early Literacy; A Biography of the English Language; and Teaching Language in Context. When you come to our website to look for deals you can be assured of getting the very best service at all times.

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NorthStar Reading and Writing 4 with MyEnglishLab by English, Andrew K., English... ISBN: 9780133382235 List Price: $66.67
Real World Reader by Miller, James S. ISBN: 9780199329892 List Price: $59.95
English in Japan in the Era of Globalization by Seargeant, Philip ISBN: 9781137439147
Backpack by Herrera, Mario, Pinkley, Diane ISBN: 9780131826939
Right Word : Correcting Commonly Confused, Misspelled, and Misused Words by Morrison, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781601633354 List Price: $14.99
Primary English by Wray, David ISBN: 9781446256848
Australian Integrated School File Dictionary and Thesaurus by Gwynn, Mark ISBN: 9780195553420 List Price: $45.00
Analysing Political Speeches : Rhetoric, Discourse and Metaphor by Charteris-Black, Jonathan ISBN: 9780230274389
Academic Writing : A Handbook for International Students by Bailey, Stephen ISBN: 9781138778498
Mastering English Through Global Debate by Talalakina, Ekaterina, Jenn... ISBN: 9781626160811 List Price: $34.95
Bilingual Advantage : Language, Literacy and the US Labor Market by Callahan, Rebecca M., G�nda... ISBN: 9781783092420
Primary English by Wray, David ISBN: 9781446256831
How Stories Heal : Writing Our Way to Meaning and Wholeness in the Academy by Nash, Robert J., Viray, Sydnee ISBN: 9781433124839
Primary English: Teaching Theory and Practice : Teaching Theory and Practice by Wray, David, Coates, Elizab... ISBN: 9780857259516
Sounds of Mystery by Martin, Bill, Brogan, Peggy ISBN: 9780030834493 List Price: $29.00
Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding : Knowledge and Understanding by Wray, David, Medwell, Jane ... ISBN: 9780857259554
TM Book3 App-Hebrew : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633521582 List Price: $5.00
Wrestling with Words and Meanings : Essays in Honour of Keith Allan by Burridge, Kate, Benczes, Reka ISBN: 9781922235312
Partners in Print by Pacific Learning ISBN: 9781590551080 List Price: $475.00
Communication in English by Bhatnagar, R. P., Bell, R. T. ISBN: 9780861310975 List Price: $8.95
Language Contact : A Multidimensional Perspective by Ihemere, U. Kelechukwu ISBN: 9781443844017
Image_Identity_Reality by �Eoric-Francuski, Biljana ISBN: 9781443829779
PEP All App (Samsung) by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633521346 List Price: $24.00
TM Book2 App-Japanese : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633520974 List Price: $5.00
TM Book1 App-Polish : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633520943 List Price: $5.00
TM Book3 App-French : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633520752 List Price: $5.00
TM Book2 App-Arabic : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633521544 List Price: $5.00
TM-Paid : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633521674 List Price: $5.00
TM Book1 App-Korean : Agumented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633520875 List Price: $5.00
TM Book4 App-German : 3D Augmented Reality by Farago, Victoria Han ISBN: 9781633521186 List Price: $5.00
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