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A Writer's Resource - Student Edition by Maimon, Elaine, Peritz, Jan... ISBN: 9780077300753 List Price: $64.69
Schaum's Quick Guide to Writing Great Essays by McClain, Molly, Roth, Jacqu... ISBN: 9780070471702 List Price: $12.95
The Write Stuff: Thinking Through Essays by Marcie Sims ISBN: 9780131942950 List Price: $96.80
Sentence Structure by Fabb, Nigel ISBN: 9780415341820 List Price: $24.95
APA Documentation and Style by Pringle, Mike, Gonzales, John ISBN: 9780136049708 List Price: $13.33
Scaffolding Young Writers A Writers' Workshop Approach by Dorn, Linda, Soffos, Carla ISBN: 9781571103420 List Price: $17.50
Teaching Writing Balancing Process and Product by Tompkins, Gail, Tompkins, E. ISBN: 9780139554698 List Price: $42.00
Ready to Write More From Paragraph to Essay by Blanchard, Karen, Root, Chr... ISBN: 9780130484680 List Price: $35.73
Great Writing A Reader for Writers by Wiener, Harvey S., Eisenber... ISBN: 9780072370645 List Price: $73.50
Style The Basics of Clarity and Grace by Williams, Joseph M. ISBN: 9780321330857 List Price: $23.00
Traversing the Democratic Borders of the Essay by Kirklighter, Cristina, Okaw... ISBN: 9780791454688 List Price: $24.95
Acting Out Culture: Reading and Writing by James S. Miller ISBN: 9780312454166
Longman Handbook for Uic Writers and Readers by Anson, Christopher M., Schw... ISBN: 9780201456578 List Price: $34.67
Steps to Writing Well: A Concise Guide to Composition by Jean Wyrick ISBN: 9780030044731
A Community of Writers: A Workshop Course in Writing by Peter Elbow, Patricia Belanoff ISBN: 9780073031811
Writing With a Thesis by Skwire, Sarah E., Skwire, D... ISBN: 9781413030822 List Price: $78.95
Write in the Middle: A Guide to Writing for the ESL Student by Connie Shoemaker, Doug Larson ISBN: 9780030222979 List Price: $52.95
Paragraphs by Brandon, Lee, Brandon, Lee E. ISBN: 9780618957750 List Price: $34.95
Beginning Writer's Thesaurus by Unknown ISBN: 9780673651358
Through Teachers' Eyes: Portraits of Writing Teachers at Work by Perl, Sondra, Wilson, Nancy ISBN: 9780435082482 List Price: $16.00
Notebook Know-How Strategies For The Writer's Notebook by Buckner, Aimee, Fletcher, R... ISBN: 9781571104137 List Price: $16.00
Steps to Writing Well: A Concise Guide to Composition by Wyrick, Jean ISBN: 9780030622076
Thinking on Paper: A Writing Process Workbook by Judy Markline, Rose Brown, ... ISBN: 9780030088889 List Price: $21.95
Step-By-Step Writing Book 1: A Standards-Based Approach by Blanton, Linda Lonon ISBN: 9781424004003
Sentences by Brandon, Lee ISBN: 9780618957798 List Price: $34.95
Prentice Hall Pocket Reader - Literature by Balkun, Mary McAleer ISBN: 9780131565791 List Price: $27.00
Supporting Struggling Readers and Writers Strategies for Classroom Intervention, 3-6 by Ganske, Kathy, Strickland, ... ISBN: 9781571100559 List Price: $24.00
Composition of Everyday Life A Guide to Writing by Mauk, John, Metz, John ISBN: 9781413018493 List Price: $113.95
Composition Practice A Text for English Language Learners by Blanton, Linda Lonon ISBN: 9780838419991 List Price: $34.95
McGraw-Hill's Conquering ACT English, Reading, and Writing by Dulan, Steven W., Advantage... ISBN: 9780071495967 List Price: $15.95
Longman Writer Rhetoric, Reader, Handbook by Nadell, Judith, McMeniman, ... ISBN: 9780205334643 List Price: $70.00
Tapestry Writing 1 by Pike-Baky, Meredith ISBN: 9780838400333 List Price: $43.95
Trait-Based Writing: Lessons and Activities by Smekens, Kristina ISBN: 9780545096591 List Price: $14.99
Empty Pages: A Search for Writing Competence in School and Society by Fadiman, Clifton, Howard, J... ISBN: 9780822427001 List Price: $9.50
Main Event Readings For Writing And Critical Thinking by Hoffman, Catherine A., Hoff... ISBN: 9780130486585 List Price: $80.00
Inside out: Developmental Strategies for Teaching Writing - Dan Kirby - Paperback by Kirby, Dan, Liner, Tom ISBN: 9780867090079 List Price: $12.50
Allyn and Bacon Sourcebook for College Writing Teachers by McDonald, James C. ISBN: 9780205316038 List Price: $84.20
Writing Exercise: Building, Combing and Revising - Richard F. Nordquist - Paperback by Nordquist, Richard F. ISBN: 9780023882203 List Price: $48.00
The Harbrace Tutor - J. N. N. Hook - Hardcover by Hook, J. N., Evans, William... ISBN: 9780155318731 List Price: $28.00
Elements of Composition - Joseph A. Alvarez - Paperback by Alvarez, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780155220775 List Price: $14.00
Total Solutions for Teachers Writing, Grade 2 by Fetty, Margaret ISBN: 9780768231021 List Price: $15.99
Writing Research Papers: A Norton Guide by Walker, Melissa ISBN: 9780393953473
English Writing and Skills, Complete Course by Winterowd, W. Ross ISBN: 9780030146671 List Price: $73.33
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