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Juvenile fiction can provide a good basis for enjoying all manner of great fiction titles when kids get older too. Buy cheap law and crime textbooks now and get your kids to enjoy some really exciting stories in this genre. Look out for On the Run; The Great Brain Reforms (The Great Brain Series #5); Mike Makes Up His Mind: Long Vowel Storybooks; and Stanley Yelnat's Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake. With this many superbly readable and affordable deals to look out for, you can see why so many people buy used law and crime textbooks from our website. We have lots of pre-owned books that are way cheaper than anything you could buy in brand new condition. Why spend more than you have to, and why use a site that doesn't have a buyback facility? We buy back law and crime books regularly too, so try Valore Books today for the services and deals you need.

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On the Run by Garvey, Brann, Townson, H. ISBN: 9781598891058 List Price: $21.26
Mike Makes up His Mind : Long Vowel Storybooks by Barchers, Suzanne I. ISBN: 9781433329111
Body of Christopher Creed by Plum-Ucci, Carol ISBN: 9780784835784
Antietam: The Lost Command by Davis, Lee ISBN: 9781878298317
Stanley Yelnats's Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake by Sachar, Louis, Newman, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780385901406
Case of the Disappearing Kidnapper by Francis, Dorothy Brenner, E... ISBN: 9780789152602 List Price: $6.65
Alley of Shadows by Brezenoff, Steven, Martin, ... ISBN: 9781598899221
Police Files Grade 2: Rigby Sails Fluent, Leveled Reader 6pk by Eggleton, Jill, Webb, Philip ISBN: 9780757807008 List Price: $27.00
Case of the Baffled Policeman by Sharp, Allen W. ISBN: 9780521369220 List Price: $10.95
Sea of Lost Books by Dahl, Michael, Kendall, Bra... ISBN: 9781434221421
Under Cover by Mitchelhill, Barbara, Ross,... ISBN: 9781434216380
Police Work : Individual Title Six-Packs by Eggleton, Jill, Storey, Jim ISBN: 9780757807886 List Price: $27.00
Inspector Grub and the Fizzer-X Spy : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763537869 List Price: $34.00
Inspector Grub and the Jelly Bean Robber : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763539344 List Price: $34.00
Robber : Individual Title-Six Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763504335 List Price: $23.00
Rescue by Hart, Alison, Sutton, Denni... ISBN: 9780679993667 List Price: $11.99
Kacy and the Space Shuttle Secret by Kahn, Sharon, Mitchell, Mark ISBN: 9781571680259 List Price: $16.95
Webcam Scam by Powell, Jillian, Savage, Paul ISBN: 9781598890112 List Price: $21.26
Minestrone Mob by Wallace, Karen, Brown, Judy ISBN: 9781404827233 List Price: $21.26
The Case of the Devil's Hoofmarks by Sharp, Allen W. ISBN: 9780521369237 List Price: $10.95
Alley of Shadows by Brezenoff, Steven, Martin, ... ISBN: 9781598898569 List Price: $23.93
Night of the Blue Heads by Banscherus, J├╝rgen, Baron, ... ISBN: 9781598898743 List Price: $22.60
The Case of the Gentle Conspirators (In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes) by Sharp, Allen W. ISBN: 9780521369206 List Price: $8.95
Money for a Motorbike by Milne, John ISBN: 9780435270353 List Price: $3.00
Mystery in the Secret Club House - Kal I. Gezi - Library Binding by Gezi, Kal, Bradford, Ann, M... ISBN: 9780895650276 List Price: $22.79
Mystery at the Tree House by Bradford, Ann, Gezi, Kal, M... ISBN: 9780895651488 List Price: $22.79
Cupcake Thief by Jackson, Ellen ISBN: 9781580137652
Organized Crime by Platt ISBN: 9781410911780
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