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For all you budding comedians out there we have a great range of cheap humor textbooks for you to buy or rent. Whether you're looking to brush up on your after dinner speeches, your joke collection, looking for inspiration for a best man's speech, or are interested in the history of humor, we have the affordable textbooks you are looking for right here. Humor is a great skill to acquire and is considered to be a very attractive quality to have. Whether you want to be the comedic centre of attention or just have the occasional joke up your sleeve to liven up a dull moment, our cheap humor textbooks will guide you in the right direction. Whether sarcasm, slapstick, black humor or toilet humor is your preferred style you won't be laughing if you buy your textbooks elsewhere as you will have missed out on some great savings to be had here.

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Explicit Nature by Scafidel, Anthony ISBN: 9780988971103 List Price: $15.00
Hello with Cheese : The Cheesen One by Gendron, Darren, Abnormal, ... ISBN: 9780983680123 List Price: $20.00
Sex in the Suburbs : Memoirs of a Gay-Son by Legende, Luke, Nelson, Jean ISBN: 9780989604901 List Price: $18.69
Comedyphiles by Hoover, Stephen ISBN: 9780989746540 List Price: $9.99
Buford P. Sez by Al Staggs ISBN: 9781887730259 List Price: $17.95
ADOBO CHRONICLES : Events Of 2013 by Astudillo, Rene ISBN: 9780988299214 List Price: $12.95
How to Save a World from Dying : A Demon Apocalypse Love Story by Plumer, Carl ISBN: 9780988366916 List Price: $11.99
The F**ket List: Things I Will NOT Be Doing Before I Die by David M. Stameshkin ISBN: 9780989394208 List Price: $9.99
Boogymen : Say Boo to the Bully Series by Jackson, Augustin ISBN: 9780989819732 List Price: $19.99
Day for Heroes by Danescu, Ryan ISBN: 9780988906204 List Price: $14.95
Translation, Humour and Literature by Chiaro, Delia ISBN: 9781441105776
Everyone Pukes by Burgess, Natalie, Burgess, ... ISBN: 9780578125527 List Price: $20.00
Everyone Pukes by Burgess, Natalie, Burgess, ... ISBN: 9780989945608 List Price: $9.99
Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? : A Memoir by Walsh, Kenneth ISBN: 9781626010550 List Price: $19.99
Did Houdini Ever Lock Himself Out of the House? : And Other Curious Musings by Linkin, Tyler, Olson, Eric ISBN: 9780615909127 List Price: $14.95
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