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From A Limericks Always a Verse, to Poems: Humorous and Inconsequential, you've got lots of great and affordable text books to choose from here. Buy cheap limericks and verse textbooks from our collection now and get the cheapest prices for anything from our range of pre-owned books. With other titles including Our Only Hope is Humor: Some Public Poems, and The Wit of Seventeenth Century Poetry, you can see it's not just about modern poems either. Learn more about humor in this area today and buy used limericks and verse textbooks right now. You can also sell your limericks and verse books back later if you find you'd like to make changes to your collection. We offer all the services you could ever need, so take a closer look today. When you do you'll find it difficult to drag yourself away, such is the potency of our collection of books.

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Limericks Always a Verse by Perrine ISBN: 9780155510036 List Price: $21.00
Our Only Hope Is Humor Some Public Poems by McGovern, Robert, Snyder, R... ISBN: 9780912592138 List Price: $5.00
The Wit of Seventeenth-Century Poetry by Unknown ISBN: 9780826209856 List Price: $50.00
Poems Humorous and Inconsequential by Picton Publishing Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780948251306
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