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Throughout the ages, mankind has been curious as to the characters that entered the world before them and the events that have shaped the known world. It appears that there is never a dull time in history as proven by the numerous History textbooks that chronicle the discovery of fire, development of the wheel, Flight of the Condor, creation of the first humungous mainframe computer, launch of Facebook, and gift of online resources that allow you to buy used textbooks at unbelievable prices. We'll help you find the right history book and provide you the cheapest textbooks possible! Whether you need History textbooks surrounding America, Europe, Asia, or the World in general, we have a solution for you. Search our extensive database to find cheap textbooks via author, title or ISBN. For best results, search by ISBN to assure that you show up at class with the correct book edition. Once you are ready to checkout, you'll be thrilled to find out how much money you'll be saving. Recent history has proven that money saved can set you free, so enjoy!!

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Historic Hampshire in the Connecticut Valley by Johnson, Clifton ISBN: 9780788428838
Slavery, Abolition and the Transition to Colonialism in Sierra Leone by Lovejoy, Paul E., Schwarz, ... ISBN: 9781592219827
Global Civilization in the 21st Century by Targowski, Andrzej ISBN: 9781631176098
Rosa Parks by Shea, Therese ISBN: 9781622756988
Northern Border : Essays on Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Beyond by Archibald, Robert, Archibal... ISBN: 9780984017911 List Price: $16.95
Lines of Archaeology Alomg the North Cornish Coast by Jones, Andy M., Quinnell, H... ISBN: 9781407312484
Bordentown by Bice, Arlene S., DeSantis, ... ISBN: 9781467121644 List Price: $21.99
Norfolk and Suffolk Coast by Dutt, W. A. ISBN: 9781585499861
Recollections of the Civil War by Dana, Charles A. ISBN: 9780788417863 List Price: $25.50
Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio, 1778-1783, : And Life of Gen. George Ro... by English, William Hayden ISBN: 9781556134319 List Price: $60.00
Archives of Maryland, : XXII: Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, Marc... by Browne, William Hand ISBN: 9780788445361 List Price: $19.95
Archives of Maryland, : XXIV: Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, Apri... by Browne, William Hand ISBN: 9780788445392 List Price: $15.95
Elites and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe (1848-1918) by P�l, Judit, Popovici, Vlad ISBN: 9783631649398
Battle of Stones River : The Fight for Middle Tennessee by Johnson, Timothy D. ISBN: 9780961596668
Discovering Mission Nuestra Se�ora de la Soledad by Anderson, Zachary ISBN: 9781627130806
San Diego Legends : The Events, People, and Places That Made History by Innis, Jack Scheffler ISBN: 9781941384015
German Immigrants in American Church Records by Minert, Roger P., Anderson,... ISBN: 9780897259385
Sir Henry Morgan by Sullivan, Laura L. ISBN: 9781627133081
Israel by DuBois, Jill, Rosh, Mair, E... ISBN: 9780761449959
Unionists in the Heart of Dixie : 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV by Todd, Glenda McWhirter ISBN: 9780788468438
History of Durham, Connecticut, 1662 To 1866 by Fowler, William Chauncey ISBN: 9780788421716 List Price: $35.00
Salt in Our Blood by Stroth, J. Michael ISBN: 9781630686055 List Price: $20.00
History of Louisa County, Virginia by Harris, Malcolm H. ISBN: 9780788428852
Annals of Baltimore by Griffith, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780788448157 List Price: $25.00
Original Narratives of Early American History : The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503 by Jameson, J. Franklin ISBN: 9780788422829 List Price: $38.00
History of Dochester County, Maryland by Jones, Elias ISBN: 9780788448270
History of Woodstock, Maine by Lapham, William B. ISBN: 9780788429866 List Price: $26.50
Century of Iowa Baptist History, 1834-1934 by Mitchell, G. P. ISBN: 9781585499915
Centennial History of Davidson County, North Carolina by Leonard, Jacob C. ISBN: 9780788426421
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