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Each and everyone of us has our roots in the history of the world. Most people have wondered at some point where their family originated from, and if we took our family tree back far enough would we be descendants of a famous king or queen? World history is a fascinating subject, looking at the origins of humanity across the whole globe as well as the study of archaeological and written records from ancient times onwards, starting with the Paleolithic Era. Buy or rent our cheap World textbooks. They are far cheaper than what is available in your college bookshop and even the first Homo sapiens to roam the earth about 50,000 years ago knew that spending more money than necessary on their tools was a ridiculous thing to do! Once you place your order you can relax and wait for your affordable textbooks to be delivered straight to your door.

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Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the World from the Beginnings of Humankind to th... by Adelman, Jeremy, Brown, Pet... ISBN: 9780393932089 List Price: $87.75
Essential World History-Discovery Edition-Volume 1 by Spielvogel, Jackson J., Dui... ISBN: 9780495566274 List Price: $82.95
History of the Modern World Since 1815 by Palmer, R. R., Colton, Joel... ISBN: 9780072502824
The Earth & Its Peoples: A Global History, Complete by Richard Bulliet, Pamela Cro... ISBN: 9780395527573 List Price: $172.95
World History In Brief Major Patterns Of Change And Continuity, Chapter 14-35 by Stearns, Peter N. ISBN: 9780321196743 List Price: $57.40
World SG by Roeder ISBN: 9780060455590 List Price: $18.12
Worlds of History A Comparative Reader To 1550 by Reilly, Kevin ISBN: 9780312446871 List Price: $53.75
Essential World History-Discovery Edition-Volume 2 by Spielvogel, Jackson J., Dui... ISBN: 9780495566281 List Price: $82.95
Global History and Geography: The Growth of Civilizations by Henry Brun, Lillian Forman,... ISBN: 9781567656770
A History of World Societies: Volume 2: Since 1500 by John P. McKay, Bennett D. ... ISBN: 9780312683320
Human Venture A World History from Prehistory to the Present by Esler, Anthony ISBN: 9780130142467 List Price: $79.00
World History Comprehensive Volume by Upshur, Jiu-Hwa Lo, Terry, ... ISBN: 9780534587338 List Price: $138.95
Mapping Global Past, by Newman, Mark, Barber, Russe... ISBN: 9780312171902 List Price: $3.00
Quick Review of Global History by Killoran, James, Zimmer, St... ISBN: 9781882422463 List Price: $7.95
History of Western Society, Vol. 2 - John P. McKay - Paperback by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780395328019 List Price: $19.50
World History, Vol. 2 - Ji by Upshur, Jiu-Hwa, Terry, Jan... ISBN: 9780314792679 List Price: $43.25
World History, Since 1500 The Age of Global Integration by Upshur, Jiu-Hwa, Terry, Jan... ISBN: 9780534587482 List Price: $71.95
Kriege und Krieger 500-1500 by Kortü, m, Hans-Henning,... ISBN: 9783170214163
Human Venture, Many Worlds A Global History to 1500 by Esler, Anthony ISBN: 9780131835467 List Price: $81.40
Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism : A Comparative Study for Youth by Harris Brim, Marcia ISBN: 9780977070473 List Price: $29.00
Worlds of History A Comarative Reader To 1550 by Reilly, Kevin ISBN: 9780312402013
African Women: A Reader by Korieh, Chima ISBN: 9781934269688 List Price: $106.95
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in World History, Volume 1, Expanded 3/e by Mitchell, Helen Buss, Mitch... ISBN: 9780078127588 List Price: $35.31
Frames of Reference Art, History, and the World by Marquardt, Janet T., Eskils... ISBN: 9780072993394 List Price: $96.13
History of the Modern World by Palmer, Robert, Colton, Joe... ISBN: 9780072502817 List Price: $90.20
Traditions & Encounters by Bentley, Jerry, Ziegler, He... ISBN: 9780072510263
Literature Connections to World History, 7-12 Resources to Enhance and Entice by Adamson, Lynda G. ISBN: 9781563085055 List Price: $44.00
Connections: A World History, Volume 2, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyHistoryLab (2nd Edition) by Judge, Judge, Edward H., La... ISBN: 9780205218639 List Price: $54.67
Reviewing Global History and Geography by Brun, Henry, Forman, Lillia... ISBN: 9781567656794
World Civilizations, Vol. 2 - Edward McNall Burns - Paperback by Burns, Edward M., Ralph, Ph... ISBN: 9780393950953
World History by Upshur, Jiu-Hwa, Terry, Jan... ISBN: 9780314043993 List Price: $56.75
Critical Issues in Recent Global History by Vincent, Godfrey, Vincent, ... ISBN: 9781621317579
World Civilizations by Burns, Edward M., Ralph, Ph... ISBN: 9780393955101
World Civilizations by Burns, Edward M., Ralph, Ph... ISBN: 9780393955149
History of Civilization: 1648 to the Present - Crane Brinton - Paperback - 6th ed by Brinton, Crane, Christopher... ISBN: 9780133898743 List Price: $26.67
Illerup Adal Die Prachtausrustungen, Grabungsdokumentation Und Fundliste by von Carnap-Bornheim, Claus,... ISBN: 9788772885865 List Price: $46.95
Critical Think ACT W/Ansky Wh: P&n 2000 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030533723 List Price: $19.40
Curriculum Binder - Social Studies : World Cultures by Ignite! Learning ISBN: 9781934763391
Study Guide for Bulliet/Crossley/Headrick/Hirsch/Johnson/Northrup's The Earth and Its People... by Richard Bulliet, Pamela Cro... ISBN: 9781439084939 List Price: $73.95
World History to 1500 by Spodek, Howard ISBN: 9780130282569 List Price: $78.67
Encounters Essays for Exploration and Inquiry by DiYanni, Robert, Hoy, Pat C. ISBN: 9780072290455
Documents in World History, Volume 2 by Gosch, Stephen S., Grieshab... ISBN: 9780205619474 List Price: $68.00
Things That Must Not Be Forgotten : A Childhood in Wartime China by Kwan, Michael David ISBN: 9781577667841 List Price: $14.95
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