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America's history is a colorful and fascinating subject despite its relatively short existence in comparison to some of the world's other regions. The American culture is the most influential culture in today's world so it is fascinating to learn where that culture has developed from. More than 10,000 years before Christopher Columbus 'discovered' the Bahamas in 1492 bringing with him an era of European colonization, Native Americans were moving across the North American continent. The series of events that have taken place since then have produced America's interesting history, both regionally and as a continent as a whole. Our discounted textbooks on the subject range from the history of the American people, a look at popular culture, liberty and equality, the American promise, and political history. By ordering your new or pre-owned textbooks here online as opposed to waiting in lines in your college bookstore you will save yourself precious time which you can use productively to make your own American history!

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Major Problems in California History by Olin, Spencer C., Chan, Suc... ISBN: 9780669275889 List Price: $90.95
American Horizons: U.S. History in a Global Context, Volume II: Since 1865 by Michael Schaller, Robert Sc... ISBN: 9780195369533 List Price: $99.95
The American Journey: Concise Edition Volume 1 by Goldfield, David R., Argers... ISBN: 9780205214952 List Price: $53.33
America: A Narrative History (Brief Eighth Edition) (Vol. 2) by Tindall, George Brown, Shi,... ISBN: 9780393934106 List Price: $39.90
The American Journey: Volume 2 (6th Edition) by Goldfield, David H., Abbott... ISBN: 9780205010561 List Price: $123.60
American Pageant: A History of the Republic by Thomas Bailey, David M. Ken... ISBN: 9780669397284 List Price: $292.95
Twentieth Century America A Brief History by Reeves, Thomas C. ISBN: 9780195044843 List Price: $45.95
This Terrible War The Civil War And Its Aftermath by Fellman, Michael, Sutherlan... ISBN: 9780321389602 List Price: $91.53
The American Journey: Concise Edition Volume 2 by Goldfield, David H., Anders... ISBN: 9780205214969 List Price: $53.33
Colonial North America and the Atlantic World by Rushforth, Brett, Mapp, Paul ISBN: 9780132342377 List Price: $56.80
Thinking Thru the Past Vol I by Hollitz, John ISBN: 9780495799917 List Price: $69.95
The Triangle Fire: A Brief History with Documents by Argersinger, Jo Ann E., Arg... ISBN: 9780312464523 List Price: $15.75
America And Its Peoples A Mosaic in the Making To 1877; Study Edition by Martin, James Kirby, Robert... ISBN: 9780321419965 List Price: $92.20
US: A Narrative History by Davidson, James West, DeLay... ISBN: 9780077420765
Goldfield : American Journey The_6 by Goldfield, David H., Abbott... ISBN: 9780205245963
Portrait of America by Oates, Stephen B., Errico, ... ISBN: 9780618642960 List Price: $83.95
A People and a Nation: A History of the United States by Norton, Mary Beth, Sheriff,... ISBN: 9780495915256 List Price: $184.95
Voices of the American Past, Volume I by Hyser, Raymond M., Arndt, J... ISBN: 9781111341244 List Price: $91.95
The American Spirit: United States History as Seen by Contemporaries, Volume I by Kennedy, David M., Bailey, ... ISBN: 9780495800019 List Price: $91.95
American History Vol 1 by Brinkley, Alan ISBN: 9780077238551 List Price: $128.75
The American Promise: A Compact History, Volume I: To 1877 by Roark, James L., Johnson, M... ISBN: 9780312534073 List Price: $72.25
Retracing The Past Readings In The History Of The American People, Since 1865 by Schultz, Ronald, Nash, Gary B. ISBN: 9780321333797 List Price: $66.20
American Passages: A History of the United States by Ayers, Edward L., Gould, Le... ISBN: 9780547166469 List Price: $58.95
The American Promise: A Compact History, Volume II: From 1865 by Roark, James L., Johnson, M... ISBN: 9780312534080 List Price: $64.95
The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II by Chafe, William H. ISBN: 9780199760251 List Price: $58.95
Speaking of America Readings in U.s. History, to 1877 by Belmonte, Laura A. ISBN: 9780495050179 List Price: $69.95
"Takin' it to the streets": A Sixties Reader by Bloom, Bloom, Alexander, Br... ISBN: 9780195368352 List Price: $39.95
American Journey Vol. 1 : A History of the United States by Argersinger, Jo Ann E., Arg... ISBN: 9780205010608
Longman American History Atlas by Pearson Longman ISBN: 9780321004864 List Price: $33.60
Pennsylvania History: Essays and Documents by Newman, Paul, Davis, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780205701667 List Price: $50.80
The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, Combined Volume, VangoBooks by Nash, Gary B., Jeffrey, Jul... ISBN: 9780205642793 List Price: $100.00
American Government : Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives by Dautrich, Kenneth, Yalof, D... ISBN: 9780495910831
Strange New Land Africans in Colonial America by Wood, Peter H. ISBN: 9780195158236 List Price: $13.95
The Enduring Vision: Volume I: To 1877 by Boyer, Paul S., Clark, Clif... ISBN: 9780495800941 List Price: $138.95
Americans by Danzer ISBN: 9780618108176
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History, Volume I by Madaras, Larry, SoRelle, Ja... ISBN: 9780072850291 List Price: $23.12
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