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America's history is a colorful and fascinating subject despite its relatively short existence in comparison to some of the world's other regions. The American culture is the most influential culture in today's world so it is fascinating to learn where that culture has developed from. More than 10,000 years before Christopher Columbus 'discovered' the Bahamas in 1492 bringing with him an era of European colonization, Native Americans were moving across the North American continent. The series of events that have taken place since then have produced America's interesting history, both regionally and as a continent as a whole. Our discounted textbooks on the subject range from the history of the American people, a look at popular culture, liberty and equality, the American promise, and political history. By ordering your new or pre-owned textbooks here online as opposed to waiting in lines in your college bookstore you will save yourself precious time which you can use productively to make your own American history!

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Boy of Battle Ford by Blackman, W. S., Musgrave, Jon ISBN: 9780989178129
Ghost City of San Luis by Benitz Wagner, Eileen ISBN: 9781940130958 List Price: $29.95
Documents of Freedom : Read, Discover, Explore by Thomson, Ron ISBN: 9781590911723 List Price: $2.95
Amistad Revolt and the Transatlantic Slave Trade by Worth, Richard ISBN: 9780766073784 List Price: $37.27
Guerrilla Regents Review : US History and Government by Anonymous ISBN: 9781513604671 List Price: $20.00
Life of Crazy Horse by Coleman, Miriam ISBN: 9781508148159
Time Machine by The Gazette ISBN: 9780692562772 List Price: $29.95
History and Heritage of Goliad County by Pruett, Jakie L., Cole, Eve... ISBN: 9781681790251 List Price: $49.95
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Obamacare by Ramirez, Michael ISBN: 9781501110269
White House History #39 : White House and the Movies by Seale, William ISBN: 9781931917599
Historical Collections of Virginia by Howe, Henry ISBN: 9780806379623 List Price: $30.00
Emigrant Life in Kansas by Ebbutt, Percy G. ISBN: 9780598282439 List Price: $76.00
Latino/A American Dream by Hanson, Sandra L., White, J... ISBN: 9781623493899
If I Have Got to Go and Fight, I Am Willing : A Union Regiment Forged in the Petersburg Camp... by Rutan, Edwin, Rayner, Miche... ISBN: 9780986272226 List Price: $24.95
People's History of the United States : 1492-Present by Zinn, Howard ISBN: 9781138133969
ON MARRONAGE: Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness by Saucier, P. Khalil, Woods, ... ISBN: 9781569024539 List Price: $34.95
Soldiers, Saints & Sinners: Stories of Long Ago by Alexander, Harbert, Hillman... ISBN: 9780996345835 List Price: $25.00
US History, Volume 3 : 1900 to Present by OpenStax College, Hodgson, ... ISBN: 9781943536092 List Price: $18.00
Latinos of Boulder County, Colorado, 1900-1980 : Volume One: a History by McIntosh, Marjorie Keniston ISBN: 9780986387326 List Price: $12.99
Lake County History : A Magical Adventure by Paleno, Gene ISBN: 9780989484732 List Price: $20.00
Lands of Hope and Promise A History of North America: Teacher's Manual by Zehnder, Christopher, Zehnd... ISBN: 9781935644217 List Price: $35.00
Snowbound : Legendary Winters of the Tahoe Sierra by McLaughlin, Mark ISBN: 9780965720281 List Price: $24.95
Election of 1860 : A Nation Divides on the Eve of War by Gunderson, Jessica ISBN: 9781491487372
Of the People : A History of the United States by Oakes, James, McGerr, Micha... ISBN: 9780190254919
Forgotten Days of Farms, Flowers and Fellowship in Cordova, Tennessee : Told by Those Who Li... by Sawyer, Darlene, Wadell, James ISBN: 9780578173313 List Price: $45.00
Red, White and Boothe by The Friends of Boothe ISBN: 9780692574331
Eleanor's Nemesis, FDR's Other Love : Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd by Totten, Christine M. ISBN: 9780989824972
Lyndon B. Johnson by Blake, Kevin ISBN: 9781943553327 List Price: $23.93
Seneca Ladies Literary Society : Learning and Laughing Together Since 1855 by Gerloff, Pamela, Beth-Herve... ISBN: 9780692575222 List Price: $29.95
Liberty : The 21st Century: Will It Survive by Proctor, Richard ISBN: 9781937735999 List Price: $24.95
Of the People : A History of the United States by Oakes, James, McGerr, Micha... ISBN: 9780190254902
Portland Black Panthers : Empowering Albina and Remaking a City by Burke, Lucas N. N., Jeffrie... ISBN: 9780295995168
Woodrow Wilson by Aronin, Miriam ISBN: 9781943553303 List Price: $23.93
Spying Through a Glass Darkly : American Espionage Against the Soviet Union, 1945-1946 by Alvarez, David, Mark, Eduard ISBN: 9780700621927 List Price: $34.95
All Worth Their Salt: The People of NWI: Volume I by Manes, Jeff Manes ISBN: 9780997004700 List Price: $25.00
Explore American History Introductory Kit by Kinney, Judi ISBN: 9781944315122 List Price: $199.00
U. S. History Vol. 1 : Beginnings to 1840 by OpenStax College, Hodgson, ... ISBN: 9781943536078 List Price: $18.00
Dugans : The Story of Irish Pioneers in Wichita by Dugan Sr., Paul V. ISBN: 9780692569474 List Price: $18.00
Yellow Mountain Road : From Kings Mountain to the Civil War and Beyond by Norman, Helen, Norman, Hele... ISBN: 9780997003901 List Price: $30.00
My Favorite el Pasoans : Past and Present by Murphy, James Robert ISBN: 9781943279265 List Price: $20.00
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