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America's history is a colorful and fascinating subject despite its relatively short existence in comparison to some of the world's other regions. The American culture is the most influential culture in today's world so it is fascinating to learn where that culture has developed from. More than 10,000 years before Christopher Columbus 'discovered' the Bahamas in 1492 bringing with him an era of European colonization, Native Americans were moving across the North American continent. The series of events that have taken place since then have produced America's interesting history, both regionally and as a continent as a whole. Our discounted textbooks on the subject range from the history of the American people, a look at popular culture, liberty and equality, the American promise, and political history. By ordering your new or pre-owned textbooks here online as opposed to waiting in lines in your college bookstore you will save yourself precious time which you can use productively to make your own American history!

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America Past and Present, Volume 2, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyHistoryLab by Divine, Robert A., Breen, T... ISBN: 9780205853762
America Past and Present, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyHistoryLab by Divine, Robert A., Breen, T... ISBN: 9780132916196
Iowa's Rural Settlement Shaped by Railroads and a System of Rural Schools by Sandra Kessler Host, Sandra... ISBN: 9780615531526 List Price: $25.00
Dirty Bombs : Technical Background, Attack Prevention and Response, Issues for Congress by Medalia, Jonathan ISBN: 9781437988222 List Price: $25.00
Military Construction : Analysis of the FY 2012 Appropriation and Authorization by Else, Daniel H. ISBN: 9781437988635 List Price: $20.00
Miller by Marshall Cavendish ISBN: 9781608704163 List Price: $29.93
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Fowler, C. S., Walter, N. P... ISBN: 9781555677978 List Price: $16.25
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Wilke, P. J., Jackson, T. L... ISBN: 9781555677756 List Price: $16.25
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Washburn, D. K., Arkush, Br... ISBN: 9781555677749 List Price: $18.75
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Rowntree, L. B., Drover, C.... ISBN: 9781555677732 List Price: $16.25
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Thomas, D. H., Trippel, E. ... ISBN: 9781555677725 List Price: $16.25
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology by Palmquist, P., Jackson, R. ... ISBN: 9781555677718 List Price: $30.63
Prehistoric Fortified Village Site at Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York by Ritchie, William A. ISBN: 9781555678289 List Price: $9.06
California of the Padres : Footprints of Ancient Communism by Hughes, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781555677299 List Price: $5.31
Spanish Occupation of California : Plan for the Establishment of Government Junta or Council... by Watson, Douglas, Watson, Do... ISBN: 9781555676766 List Price: $9.06
San Lucas : The History of a California Cattle Town by Gildersleeve, Matthew ISBN: 9781555675875 List Price: $11.88
March of Portola : And the Log of the San Carlos by Eldridge, Zoeth S., Molera,... ISBN: 9781555676179 List Price: $8.44
Black Man with a Gun Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don't by Blanchard, Kenneth V. F. ISBN: 9781555237431 List Price: $8.95
1920's : Analyzing Visual Primary Sources by Unknown ISBN: 9781560042617
Teaching 20th Century U. S. History Using Video by Unknown ISBN: 9781560041054 List Price: $19.95
Recontructionism DBA by Unknown ISBN: 9781560041344 List Price: $16.95
Modern American History by Gastil, George, Harris, Bon... ISBN: 9781609270827
U. S. History by Straw, Richard ISBN: 9781609270308
American History To 1877 by Jordan, Ryan ISBN: 9781609279301
History of California by McCarty, Heather ISBN: 9781609277437
Dimensions of Culture: 3 by Cancel, Robert, Rouse, John... ISBN: 9781609271008
American Government CLEP Test Study Guide - PassYourClass by PassYourClass ISBN: 9781614330004 List Price: $35.97
Technologies and Strategies in Battle by Mitchell Lane Publishers ISBN: 9781612280790 List Price: $149.75
Gold Rush by Rendell, Fred, Bell, Arnold ISBN: 9781850980667
American Primer : 1900-1915: A Citizen's History by Boorstin, Daniel J., Boorst... ISBN: 9781877891311 List Price: $2.25
Main Problems in American History Vol. 5 : The New Deal and President Roosevelt an American ... by Albertson, Dean, Ferrell, R... ISBN: 9781877891366 List Price: $2.25
Two Hundred Years a Nation : Aspects of the American Experience by Hewitt, Lawrence, Heleniak,... ISBN: 9781878045058
Echoes of the Present : The Voices of America since 1945 by Carpenter, Gerald, Peters, ... ISBN: 9781878045089 List Price: $12.50
Hammond's Edition of the 1885 Atlas of Rockingham County, Virginia : With Added Maps and Index by Hammond, Gene P., Hammond, ... ISBN: 9781878014207 List Price: $28.00
Hammond's Edition of the 1885 Atlas of Frederick County Virginia : With Added Maps, Photogra... by Hammond, Rachel W., Hammond... ISBN: 9781878014344 List Price: $29.95
American Nation by Greenbaum, Fred ISBN: 9781878045980 List Price: $9.00
San Dieguito and la Jolla : Collected Papers of Claude Warren and Colleagues by Warren, Claude, Ethnographi... ISBN: 9781878986153 List Price: $50.00
Workbook in American History : To 1877 by Unknown ISBN: 9781881089087
Mastering the GHSGT in Social Studies by Killoran, James, Zimmer, St... ISBN: 9781882422678 List Price: $9.95
New Colorado History Vol. 1 : Ancient Spirits by India Rolling Waters Staff ISBN: 9781887786232 List Price: $30.00
Crazy Horse : The Book and Screenplay by Seals, David, Deganawidah, ... ISBN: 9781887786324 List Price: $25.00
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