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America's history is a colorful and fascinating subject despite its relatively short existence in comparison to some of the world's other regions. The American culture is the most influential culture in today's world so it is fascinating to learn where that culture has developed from. More than 10,000 years before Christopher Columbus 'discovered' the Bahamas in 1492 bringing with him an era of European colonization, Native Americans were moving across the North American continent. The series of events that have taken place since then have produced America's interesting history, both regionally and as a continent as a whole. Our discounted textbooks on the subject range from the history of the American people, a look at popular culture, liberty and equality, the American promise, and political history. By ordering your new or pre-owned textbooks here online as opposed to waiting in lines in your college bookstore you will save yourself precious time which you can use productively to make your own American history!

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Celebrate Independence Day by Hayes, Amy ISBN: 9781627134682
Random Local History Reader by Sheboygan County Historical... ISBN: 9780988375970
Harry Hopkins : FDR's Envoy to Churchill and Stalin by O'Sullivan, Christopher D. ISBN: 9781442222212
Learning about the Civil War with Arts and Crafts by Freed, Kira ISBN: 9781477758670
Chicano Generation : Testimonios of the Movement by Garc�a, Mario T. ISBN: 9780520286016
Learning about the Westward Expansion with Arts and Crafts by Collison, Campbell ISBN: 9781477758854
Learning about the Westward Expansion with Arts and Crafts by Collison, Campbell ISBN: 9781477758823
Learning about Native Americans with Arts and Crafts by Freed, Kira ISBN: 9781477758410
Learning about the Civil War with Arts and Crafts by Freed, Kira ISBN: 9781477758748
Learning about the Civil War with Arts and Crafts by Freed, Kira ISBN: 9781477758717
Story of Brotherhood, America's Oldest Winery by Bedford, Robert, Strum, Adam ISBN: 9780982520857 List Price: $24.99
Looking Back at Lake Owen by Lake Owen Association ISBN: 9780985692414 List Price: $70.00
Where Fortune Calls : Dreamers and Schemers in the Land of the Lakes by Clark, Mark ISBN: 9780966791969 List Price: $17.00
In Parallel : Native American Society: from Colonization to The 1970s by Dewitt, Randall ISBN: 9781633180772 List Price: $7.95
Baptists and the American Revolution by Garraway, Caleb ISBN: 9780991496327 List Price: $10.00
Barnstable @ 375 by The Town of Barnstable 375t... ISBN: 9780982812297 List Price: $10.00
Jacques Cartier by Donohue, Moira Rose ISBN: 9781938813030
Mexican-American War by Rose, Simon ISBN: 9781489615589
War of 1812 by Rose, Simon ISBN: 9781489605160
History of America Before Columbus : European Immigrants by de Roo, P. ISBN: 9781585497485 List Price: $45.00
Columbia River Flood-Basalt Province by Reidel, Stephen P. ISBN: 9780813724973
Early Town of Porter Residents 1800-1829 by Dietz, Suzanne Simon, Dietz... ISBN: 9780984139569
Blue Oak : The Prehistory of the Central Sacramento Valley by Ross, Dorothy Jenkins, Ross... ISBN: 9780965376921 List Price: $24.95
Barns of Aitkin County, Minnesota by Aitkin County Historical So... ISBN: 9781628902969 List Price: $19.95
To Barbary's Far Shore by Kozlowski, Michael ISBN: 9781939335319 List Price: $24.95
Ceramic Identification in Historical Archaeology : The View from California, 1822-1940 by Allen, Rebecca, Huddleson, ... ISBN: 9781939531070 List Price: $70.00
Murdered on the Streets of Tombstone by Aros, Joyce ISBN: 9780982596395 List Price: $44.95
Ironmasters of Lancaster County, PA by Martin, Richard E. ISBN: 9780615967578
Celebrate Memorial Day by Hayes, Amy ISBN: 9781502602459
Ulysses S. Grant vs. Robert E. Lee : Civil War Rivals by Roxburgh, Ellis ISBN: 9781482422276
Damn'd Dutch for the Union by Cabot, Julaine, Kunstmann, ... ISBN: 9780990747505 List Price: $15.00
Collective Memory : Recollections from 203 West Main Street Bloomsburg, PA by O'Donnell, Sue, O'Donnell, ... ISBN: 9780989031707
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