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West Transformed A History of Western Civilization To 1715 by Hollister, Warren, Stokes, ... ISBN: 9780155081291 List Price: $160.95
Major Problems in the History of the American West by Lewis, David Rich, Milner, ... ISBN: 9780669415803 List Price: $90.95
Brigham Young and the Expanding American Frontier by Bringhurst, Newell G. ISBN: 9780673393227 List Price: $23.20
Elusive Eden A New History of California by Rice, Richard, Bullough, Wi... ISBN: 9780072418101 List Price: $99.38
West in the History of the Nation A Reader To 1877 by Deverell, William Francis, ... ISBN: 9780312191719 List Price: $49.95
Changing West by Anderson, Gary Clayton, Cha... ISBN: 9780321080622 List Price: $59.80
Indians of California The Changing Image by Rawls, James J. ISBN: 9780806120201 List Price: $21.95
California An Interpretive History by Rawls, James J., Bean, Walton ISBN: 9780073313269 List Price: $106.88
Uncovering Nevada's Past A Primary Source History of the Silver State by Reid, John B., James, Ronal... ISBN: 9780874175677 List Price: $19.95
Sources of Making of West-Volume I - With Guide by Hunt, Lynn, Martin, Thomas ... ISBN: 9780312646554
Soldiers West: Biographies from the Military Frontier by Hutton, Paul Andrew, Ball, ... ISBN: 9780806139975 List Price: $34.95
Hawaii Islands Under the Influence by Kent, Noel J. ISBN: 9780824815523 List Price: $22.00
Hispanics In The American West by Iber, Jorge, De León, Arnol... ISBN: 9781851096794 List Price: $65.00
Growing Up With the Country Childhood on the Far Western Frontier by West, Elliot ISBN: 9780826311559 List Price: $26.95
Silver State Nevada's Heritage Reinterpreted by Hulse, James ISBN: 9780874175929 List Price: $21.95
Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle An Assessment of the 1984 Field Season/With Map by Scott, Douglas D., Fox, Ric... ISBN: 9780806120652 List Price: $19.95
Prehistory of the Plains and Rockies: Third Edition by Frison, George C., Kornfeld... ISBN: 9781598744675 List Price: $89.00
Land of Sunshine An Environmental History of Metropolitan Los Angeles by Hise, Greg, Deverell, Willi... ISBN: 9780822959397 List Price: $25.95
Writing the Range Race, Class, and Culture in the Women's West by Jameson, Elizabeth, Armitag... ISBN: 9780806129525 List Price: $24.95
Abraham in Arms: War and Gender in Colonial New England by Little, Ann M. ISBN: 9780812219616 List Price: $24.95
Comparing Cowboys and Frontiers by Slatta, Richard W. ISBN: 9780806133843 List Price: $19.95
Gunfighters,highwaymen+vigilantes by McGrath, Roger D. ISBN: 9780520051010 List Price: $27.50
Western Lives A Biographical History Of The American West by Etulain, Richard W., Etulai... ISBN: 9780826334725 List Price: $14.95
Go West Young Man!: Horace Greeley's Vision for America by Cross, Coy F., II ISBN: 9780826316059 List Price: $13.95
New Significance Re-Envisioning the History of the American West by Milner, Clyde A., 2nd ISBN: 9780195100488 List Price: $60.00
Instant Cities Urbanization and the Rise of San Francisco and Denver by Barth, Gunther ISBN: 9780195018998 List Price: $75.00
Learning California History Essential Skills for the Survey Course & Beyond by Bakken, Gordon Morris, Farr... ISBN: 9780882959450 List Price: $15.95
Does the Frontier Experience Make America Exceptional? by Turner, Frederick Jackson, ... ISBN: 9780312183097 List Price: $18.50
Shaping the Shoreline : Fisheries and Tourism on the Monterey Coast by Chiang, Connie Y., Cronon, ... ISBN: 9780295991399 List Price: $25.00
Western Heritage To 1715 Brief Edition by Kagan, Donald, Ozment, Stev... ISBN: 9780130415769 List Price: $54.00
Preserving Western History by Gulliford, Andrew ISBN: 9780826333100 List Price: $19.95
Colorado A History of the Centennial State by Abbott, Carl, McComb, David... ISBN: 9780870813443 List Price: $29.95
Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes Violence on the Frontier by McGrath, Roger D. ISBN: 9780520060265 List Price: $27.95
Colony and Empire The Capitalist Transformation of the American West by Robbins, William G. ISBN: 9780700607501 List Price: $15.95
Going Up in Flames The Promises and Pledges of Alaska Statehood Under Attack by Roberts, Malcolm, Trotter, ... ISBN: 9780935094152 List Price: $9.95
Museums and Historic Sites of the American West by Danilov, Victor J. ISBN: 9780313309083 List Price: $143.95
Welfare Dependence and Welfare Policy A Statistical Study by Albert, Vicky N. ISBN: 9780313261756 List Price: $87.95
New Country A Social History of the American Frontier, 1776-1890 by Bartlett, Richard A. ISBN: 9780195020212 List Price: $60.00
Mining Frontiers of the Far West, 1848-1880 by Paul, Rodman W., Paul, Rodm... ISBN: 9780826303158 List Price: $30.00
Making of the West, Vol 2 Study Guide by Hunt, Lynn, Hsia, R. Po-chi... ISBN: 9780312417796 List Price: $7.10
Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris by Henderson, Bonnie ISBN: 9780870712999
Western Times and Water Wars State, Culture, and Rebellion in California by Walton, John ISBN: 9780520084537 List Price: $28.95
Monterey Bay Area Natural History and Cultural Imprints by Gordon, Burton L. ISBN: 9780910286374 List Price: $9.95
California An Interpretive History by Rawls, James J., Bean, Walton ISBN: 9780070524118 List Price: $87.00
California Native Peoples by Feinstein, Stephen ISBN: 9781403405586 List Price: $8.99
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