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SD A Journey Through Time by Miller, John E. ISBN: 9781575793528
Michigan Log Cabins and Hard Cider by Hampton, Charles, Taylor, J... ISBN: 9780931600043 List Price: $24.95
History of Illinois From Its Commencement As a State in 1818 to 1847 by Ford, Thomas, Davis, Rodney... ISBN: 9780252021404 List Price: $42.00
Protectors of the Land and Water Environmentalism in Wisconsin, 1961-1968 by Huffman, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780807821381 List Price: $49.95
Right in Michigan's Grassroots: From the KKK to the Michigan Militia by Vinyard, JoEllen McNergney ISBN: 9780472071593 List Price: $70.00
State of Black Cleveland, 1989 by Hemmons, Willa M., Thoren, ... ISBN: 9780962270086 List Price: $19.00
Race Riot at East St. Louis July 2, 1917 by Rudwick, Elliott ISBN: 9780689703362 List Price: $3.95
They Came This Way by Johnston, J. H., III, Whita... ISBN: 9780962137402 List Price: $35.00
City of Dust: A Cement Company Town in the Land of Tom Sawyer by Andrews, Gregg ISBN: 9780826210746 List Price: $42.50
The Nauvoo Legion in Illinois: A History of the Mormon Militia, 1841-1846 by Bennett, Richard Edmond, Bl... ISBN: 9780870623820 List Price: $39.95
North Dakota Legendary by Howe, Neil, Jelliff, Theodore ISBN: 9780979679605
From Ackley to Zwingle by Dilts, Harold E. ISBN: 9780813808376 List Price: $14.95
Grand Rapids Sampler - Gordon L. Olson - Hardcover by Olson, Gordon L. ISBN: 9780961770839 List Price: $29.95
Frontier State at War: Kansas, 1861-1865 - Albert E. Castel - Paperback by Castel, Albert ISBN: 9781878882035 List Price: $15.95
Sports Legends: A Minnesota Instant Replay by O'Meara, Sheri, Woodley, Mi... ISBN: 9780978795672
Advancing The Cause Of Education A History Of The Indiana State Teachers Association, 1854-2004 by Indiana State Teachers Asso... ISBN: 9781557533647 List Price: $34.95
Middletown The Making of a Documentary Film Series by Hoover, Dwight ISBN: 9783718605439 List Price: $120.00
Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands by Froiland, Sven G., Weedon, ... ISBN: 9780931170478 List Price: $13.95
Ohio History by Schonberg, Marcia ISBN: 9781403406668 List Price: $32.86
Home Field Advantage A Century of Partnership Between Wright-patterson Air Force Base And Da... by Cornelisse, Diana G., Young... ISBN: 9780756741624 List Price: $95.00
Pioneers of the Hardwood by Gould, Todd ISBN: 9780253333735 List Price: $35.00
Story of the Gateway Arch A Pictorial History by Grove, David A. ISBN: 9780931056048 List Price: $3.95
My Lake - Your Lake - Phil Fogle - Hardcover by Fogle, Phil, Newcomb, Nancy... ISBN: 9780961198213
Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands - Sven G. Froiland by Froiland, Sven G., Weedon, ... ISBN: 9780931170461
St. Louis by Hareven, Tamara K., Holt, G... ISBN: 9780531056035 List Price: $6.95
Plat Book of Van Buren County Ca. 1933 by Benson, Toni ISBN: 9780962099809 List Price: $10.00
Tales of a Hoosier Village A History of Bristol, Indiana by Young, Jean A. ISBN: 9781556050374 List Price: $24.95
Measure of Success Protestants and Public Culture in Antebellum Cleveland by McTighe, Michael J. ISBN: 9780791418253 List Price: $26.50
Cowan Site A Great Oasis Community in Northwest Iowa by Lensink, Stephen C., Tiffan... ISBN: 9780874141481 List Price: $20.00
Diamond Bricks Live on in the Scandinavian Village by Walz, Edgar, Wenthe, Dean ISBN: 9781575791135 List Price: $9.95
Kansas in the Sixties by Crawford, Samuel J. ISBN: 9781878882080 List Price: $22.95
Roubidoux's Town : A 19th-Century History of St. Joseph, Missouri by Willoughby, Robert J. ISBN: 9781882935314 List Price: $24.95
Wisconsin American Indian History and Culture : A Survey of Selected Aspects by Boatman, John, Dorgay, Carla ISBN: 9780685722954 List Price: $18.45
Illinois : Know Your State: A Text-Workbook by Bartlett, Mabel L. ISBN: 9780809300457 List Price: $2.95
St. Louis by Unknown ISBN: 9780816015030 List Price: $6.95
Detroit by Unknown ISBN: 9780816015023 List Price: $12.50
Pulaski County, Illinois : A Pictorial History by Unknown ISBN: 9781938905469
Calhoun County, Illinois, Est. 1825 : Pictorial History by Retzer, Emerson, Francis, C... ISBN: 9781938905179
Elkton (South Dakota) Community History, 1879-1999 by Schwing, Beverly, Short, Is... ISBN: 9780967381411 List Price: $30.00
North Dakota Indians : An Introduction by Schneider, Mary J. ISBN: 9780840393203 List Price: $22.95
Ohio: The History of Your Heritage (History of Your Heritage Series) by Balhuizen, Anne R., Hay, Da... ISBN: 9781879079021 List Price: $8.95
Klemme, Iowa, 1889-1989 by Velau, LaVern D. ISBN: 9780962285905 List Price: $18.00
Grassroots - Lake Geneva by Fogle, Phil, Newcomb, Nancy... ISBN: 9780961198220
Michigan : Explorations in Its Social History by Vinovskis, Maris, Blouin, F... ISBN: 9780961434458 List Price: $10.00
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