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Minnesotas Programs for Troubled Gamblers by McCormack, Patrick J. ISBN: 9780788121210 List Price: $25.00
Missouri Facts and Symbols by Unknown ISBN: 9780736803779 List Price: $18.60
Missouri Facts and Symbols by McAuliffe, Emily ISBN: 9780736822558 List Price: $21.26
History of the Ohio Canals Their Construciton, Cost, Use & Partial Abandonment by Hagerty, J. E., McClelland,... ISBN: 9781566510783 List Price: $38.55
History of the Ohio Canals Their Construction, Cost, Use & Partial Abandonment by Hagerty, J. E., McClelland,... ISBN: 9781566510776 List Price: $21.55
Illinois History by Santella, Andrew ISBN: 9781403400086 List Price: $32.86
Illinois History An Annotated Bibliography by Whitney, Ellen M., Petterch... ISBN: 9780313282355 List Price: $121.95
Indiana The American Heartland by Lyon, Edward E., Dillon, Lo... ISBN: 9780899174754 List Price: $15.95
Ethnic Diversity and Civic Identity Patterns of Conflict and Cohesion in Cincinnati Since 1820 by Shapiro, Henry D., Sarna, J... ISBN: 9780252018831 List Price: $39.95
Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands - Sven G. Froiland by Froiland, Sven G., Weedon, ... ISBN: 9780931170461
Beyond the Amber Waves of Grain: An Examination of Social and Economic Restructuring in the ... by Lasley, Paul, Leistritz, F.... ISBN: 9780813389301 List Price: $47.50
From French Community to Missouri Town Ste. Genevieve in the Nineteenth Century by Stepenoff, Bonnie ISBN: 9780826216687 List Price: $29.95
Prairie Voices: Iowa's Pioneering Women - Glenda Riley - Paperback by Riley, Glenda ISBN: 9780813825953 List Price: $24.95
Captive of the Cheyenne: The Story of Nancy Jane Morton and the Plum Creek Massacre by Czaplewski, Russ, Wallace, ... ISBN: 9780963789808 List Price: $12.95
Red Chicago American Communism at Its Grassroots, 1928-35 by Storch, Randi ISBN: 9780252032066 List Price: $35.00
Home Field Advantage A Century of Partnership Between Wright-patterson Air Force Base And Da... by Cornelisse, Diana G., Young... ISBN: 9780756741624 List Price: $95.00
Media Tales Stories of Minnesota Radio, Television, Newspapers and Magazines by O'Meara, Sheri, Keller, Mar... ISBN: 9780978795627 List Price: $11.95
Music Legends A Rewind on the Minnesota Music Scene by Keller, Martin, O'Meara, Sheri ISBN: 9780978795610 List Price: $11.95
Cook County Administration Building Fire, 69 West Washington, Chicago, Illinois, October 17,... by Madrzykowski, D., Walton, W... ISBN: 9780756745929 List Price: $45.00
History of Illinois From Its Commencement As a State in 1818 to 1847 by Ford, Thomas, Davis, Rodney... ISBN: 9780252021404 List Price: $42.00
The Making of a Mining District: Keweenaw Native Copper, 1500-1870 by Krause, David J. ISBN: 9780814324066 List Price: $44.95
Michigan Log Cabins and Hard Cider by Hampton, Charles, Taylor, J... ISBN: 9780931600043 List Price: $24.95
Sports Legends: A Minnesota Instant Replay by O'Meara, Sheri, Woodley, Mi... ISBN: 9780978795672
Battle of the Bridges: Community Rivalry in Dawson County, Nebraska by German, Rex, Czaplewski, Ru... ISBN: 9780963789839 List Price: $12.95
Indiana's War: The Civil War in Documents (Civil War in the Great Interior) by Nation, Richard F., Towne, ... ISBN: 9780821418475 List Price: $18.65
City of Dust: A Cement Company Town in the Land of Tom Sawyer by Andrews, Gregg ISBN: 9780826210746 List Price: $42.50
The Nauvoo Legion in Illinois: A History of the Mormon Militia, 1841-1846 by Bennett, Richard Edmond, Bl... ISBN: 9780870623820 List Price: $39.95
Between Memory+reality by Pederson, Jane M. ISBN: 9780299132804 List Price: $21.95
Chicago Rising From the Prairie by Cahan, Richard, Parks, Lori M. ISBN: 9781886483460 List Price: $49.95
Turkey Stearnes+the Detroit Stars by Bak, Richard ISBN: 9780814324837 List Price: $24.95
Michigan's Lumbertowns by Kilar, Jeremy W. ISBN: 9780814320723 List Price: $39.95
Other Missouri History Populists, Prostitutes, And Regular Folk by Spencer, Thomas M., Spencer... ISBN: 9780826215659 List Price: $24.95
Wisconsin History Highlights by Kasparek, Jonathan, Malone,... ISBN: 9780870203589 List Price: $39.95
Cowan Site A Great Oasis Community in Northwest Iowa by Lensink, Stephen C., Tiffan... ISBN: 9780874141481 List Price: $20.00
Lion of the Valley St. Louis, Missouri, 1764-1980 by Primm, James N. ISBN: 9781883982249 List Price: $35.95
Diamond Bricks Live on in the Scandinavian Village by Walz, Edgar, Wenthe, Dean ISBN: 9781575791135 List Price: $9.95
Transformation of the Woman Suffrage Movement: The Case of Illinois, 1850-1920 by Buechler, Steven M. ISBN: 9780813511313 List Price: $35.00
The Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early Writings by Foster, Emily ISBN: 9780813119571 List Price: $29.95
Bayonets in the Wilderness by Gaff, Alan D. ISBN: 9780806139302 List Price: $32.95
Kent State May 4 Echoes by Bills, Scott L. ISBN: 9780873382786 List Price: $12.00
Centennial Studies in the History of Chicago's Vincentian University by De Paul Univ Staff ISBN: 9780787251000 List Price: $29.95
Englishman in Kansas: Or, Squatter Life and Border Warfare by Gladstone, Thomas H., Rawle... ISBN: 9780803257429 List Price: $6.95
New Eden: James Kilbourne and the Development of Ohio by Berquist, Goodwin F., Bower... ISBN: 9780819133861 List Price: $14.75
From Ackley to Zwingle by Dilts, Harold E. ISBN: 9780813808376 List Price: $14.95
Midwest Response to the New Federalism by Eisinger, Peter K., Gormley... ISBN: 9780299117702 List Price: $37.50
Chicago and the American Literary Imagination, 1880-1920 by Smith, Carl S. ISBN: 9780226763712 List Price: $26.00
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