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East India Company, Vol. 2 by Marshall, P. J., Tuck, Patr... ISBN: 9780415155199
Mixed Multitude: The Struggle for Toleration in Colonial Pennsylvania by Schwartz, Sally ISBN: 9780814778739 List Price: $50.00
Economic Development of India under the East India Company, 1814-58 by Chaudhuri, K. N. ISBN: 9780521079334 List Price: $52.50
Partisan Imperative: The Dynamics of American Politics before the Civil War by Silbey, Joel H. ISBN: 9780195041576 List Price: $15.95
Red, White and Black: The Peoples of Early North America by Nash, Gary B. ISBN: 9780137697946 List Price: $23.95
United States History: Colonial Civil War by Unknown ISBN: 9780808797661 List Price: $30.60
East India House: Its History and Association by Foster, William ISBN: 9780836423464
Colonial Dutch Studies by Nooter, Eric, Bonomi, Patri... ISBN: 9780814757635 List Price: $30.00
Warfare, Expansion and Resistance by Tuck, Patrick J. N. ISBN: 9780415155236 List Price: $145.00
Colonial Encounters in Age of High... by Cook, Scott B. ISBN: 9781886746626 List Price: $13.95
British in the Americas,1480-1815 by McFarlane, Anthony ISBN: 9780582209497 List Price: $37.50
Liberty,equal...,concise,vol.i-s.g. by Murrin, John M. ISBN: 9780155065376 List Price: $20.50
North Carolina by Doherty, Craig A., Doherty,... ISBN: 9780816054121 List Price: $35.00
Memorable Description of the East Indian Voyage, 1618-1625 by Bontekoe, W. Y., Hodgkinson... ISBN: 9788120607910 List Price: $26.00
American Colonial Life Eyewitness Accounts by Hart, Albert B. ISBN: 9781877891267 List Price: $2.25
America & England, 1558-1776 by Illick, Joseph E. ISBN: 9780891970064 List Price: $8.95
Preliminaries of the Revolution, 1763-1775 by Howard, George E. ISBN: 9780598521286 List Price: $111.30
Transit of Civilization from England to America in the Seventeenth Century by Eggleston, Edward ISBN: 9780608425450 List Price: $109.80
Boston Tea Party by Klingel, Cynthia Fitterer, ... ISBN: 9781567669589 List Price: $24.21
Encyclopedia of Colonial History by Wood, Gordo ISBN: 9780415920193 List Price: $125.00
Integration With Dignity A Celebration of Harvey Gantt's Admission by Eisiminger, Skip ISBN: 9780974151618 List Price: $15.00
Women of Colonial America by Studelska, Jana Voelke ISBN: 9780756532154 List Price: $8.95
Sabbath in Puritan New England by Earle, Alice M. ISBN: 9780598770554 List Price: $106.40
Summary View of the Rights of British America by Jefferson, Thomas, Aberneth... ISBN: 9780598501363 List Price: $30.00
French and Indian War by Rauf, Don ISBN: 9780766076761
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