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Institutional Individualism Conversion, Exile, and Nostalgia in Puritan New England by Kaufmann, Michael W. ISBN: 9780819563521 List Price: $40.00
Governing the Tongue The Politics of Speech in Early New England by Kamensky, Jane ISBN: 9780195090802 List Price: $111.00
John Winthrop's World History As a Story; The Story As History by Moseley, James G. ISBN: 9780299135300 List Price: $42.50
Term Paper Resource Guide to Colonial American History (Term Paper Resource Guides) by Carpenter, Roger M. ISBN: 9780313355448 List Price: $65.00
Loyal Dissenter: The Life and Times of Robert Pike by Warren, Roland L. ISBN: 9780819184726 List Price: $53.50
Rise of the British Treasury by Clark, Dora M. ISBN: 9780208007889 List Price: $32.50
East India Company, Vol. 2 by Marshall, P. J., Tuck, Patr... ISBN: 9780415155199
The Unusable Past: America's Puritan Tradition, 1830-1930 by Dawson, Jan C. ISBN: 9780891307211 List Price: $16.50
Expansion and Reaction by Wesseling, H. L. ISBN: 9789060214169 List Price: $63.00
Economic Development of India under the East India Company, 1814-58 by Chaudhuri, K. N. ISBN: 9780521079334 List Price: $52.50
Enemies of the Bay Colony (American University Studies Series IX, History) by Philip Ranlet ISBN: 9780820424392 List Price: $77.95
Dispossession by Degrees Indian Land and Identity in Natick, Massachusetts, 1650-1790 by O'Brien, Jean M., Hoxie, Fr... ISBN: 9780521561723 List Price: $99.00
City of Capital Politics and Markets in the English Financial Revolution by Carruthers, Bruce G. ISBN: 9780691044552 List Price: $70.00
Colonial America by Reich, Jerome R. ISBN: 9780130888082 List Price: $38.80
Colonial America to 1763 by Purvis, Thomas L., Balkin, ... ISBN: 9780816025275 List Price: $95.00
Colonial Yorktown by Trudell, Clyde F. ISBN: 9780939631582 List Price: $7.95
American Colonial Life Eyewitness Accounts by Hart, Albert B. ISBN: 9781877891267 List Price: $2.25
American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century by Vaughan, Alden T. ISBN: 9780882955292 List Price: $15.95
The Boston Tea Party (Rourke Discovery Library) by Melinda Lilly ISBN: 9781589523579 List Price: $20.64
Boston Tea Party Rebellion in the Colonies by Hossell, Karen Price ISBN: 9781403405340 List Price: $8.49
Boston Tea Party by Klingel, Cynthia Fitterer, ... ISBN: 9781567669589 List Price: $24.21
Boston Massacre by Ready, Dee ISBN: 9780736810920 List Price: $23.93
Building a New System Colonial America 1607-1763 by Center for Gifted Education... ISBN: 9780787293451 List Price: $49.95
American Silhouettes Rhetorical Identities of the Founders by Furtwangler, Albert ISBN: 9780300045017 List Price: $20.00
Encyclopedia of Colonial History by Wood, Gordo ISBN: 9780415920193 List Price: $125.00
Anne Hutchinson, Guilty or Not? A Closer Look at Her Trials by Cameron, Jean ISBN: 9780820422275 List Price: $45.95
Archaeology of Wealth Consumer Behavior in English America by Gibb, J. G. ISBN: 9780306452338 List Price: $102.00
Mixed Multitude: The Struggle for Toleration in Colonial Pennsylvania by Schwartz, Sally ISBN: 9780814778739 List Price: $50.00
Colonial American Travel Narratives by Martin, Andrew ISBN: 9780321026118
Thomas Jefferson and the Republican Vision by Bowman, David ISBN: 9780321048547
Integration With Dignity A Celebration of Harvey Gantt's Admission by Eisiminger, Skip ISBN: 9780974151618 List Price: $15.00
English Colonization in North America by Wright, Louis B., Fowler, E... ISBN: 9780312254100
Advance to Revolution, Seventeen Sixty to Seventeen Seventy-Five by Rothbard, Murray New ISBN: 9780317905175 List Price: $13.95
Red, White and Black: The Peoples of Early North America by Nash, Gary B. ISBN: 9780137697861 List Price: $25.00
Lotteries in Colonial America by Millikan, Neal ISBN: 9780415886567
French Memories of Eighteenth-Century America by Sherrill, Charles H. ISBN: 9780785533955 List Price: $57.00
American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century by Vaughan, Alden T. ISBN: 9780882955285 List Price: $6.95
Beginnings to 1824 by Facts on File, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780816039654 List Price: $125.00
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