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Books on Early American History and Culture, 1991-1995 An Annotated Bibliography by Irwin, Raymond D. ISBN: 9780313313127 List Price: $119.95
Criminal Justice in Colonial America, 1606-1660 - Bradley Chapin - Hardcover by Chapin, Bradley ISBN: 9780820306247 List Price: $25.00
Blacks Who Stole Themselves: Advertisements for Runaways in the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1790 by Smith, Billy G., Wojtowicz,... ISBN: 9780812281453 List Price: $35.95
Poor Indians British Missionaries, Native Americans, And Colonial Sensibility by Stevens, Laura M. ISBN: 9780812219678 List Price: $24.95
East India Company by Foster, William, Tuck, Patr... ISBN: 9780415155182
East India Company by Philips, C. H., Tuck, Patri... ISBN: 9780415155243
Crossroads of Empire : The Middle Colonies in British North America by Landsman, Ned C. ISBN: 9780801897672 List Price: $45.00
Factious People : Politics and Society in Colonial New York by Bonomi, Patricia U. ISBN: 9780801456534 List Price: $34.95
Colonial Encounters in Age of High... by Cook, Scott B. ISBN: 9781886746626 List Price: $13.95
Revolutionary People At War by Royster, Charles ISBN: 9780393951738 List Price: $10.50
Main Currents in American Thought The Colonial Mind, 1620-1800 by Parrington, Vernon L., Levy... ISBN: 9780806120805 List Price: $32.95
Children And The Criminal Law In Connecticut, 1635-1855 Changing Perceptions Of Childhood by Steenburg, Nancy Hathaway ISBN: 9780415971805 List Price: $85.00
United States History: Colonial Civil War by Unknown ISBN: 9780808797661 List Price: $30.60
East India House: Its History and Association by Foster, William ISBN: 9780836423464
Debate on the American Revolution, 1761-1783 by Beloff, Max ISBN: 9780911378948 List Price: $14.95
Partisan Imperative: The Dynamics of American Politics before the Civil War by Silbey, Joel H. ISBN: 9780195041576 List Price: $15.95
Colonial Dutch Studies by Nooter, Eric, Bonomi, Patri... ISBN: 9780814757635 List Price: $30.00
Case for Liberty by Miller, Helen H. ISBN: 9780807840023 List Price: $7.95
Mapping Colonial American History by Smallwood, Arwin D. ISBN: 9780072957983 List Price: $17.05
Books on Early American History And Culture, 1951-1960 An Annotated Bibliography by Irwin, Raymond D. ISBN: 9780313314339 List Price: $97.95
History of British India A Chronology by Riddick, John F. ISBN: 9780313322808 List Price: $120.00
Glorious Revolution in Massachusetts: Selected Documents, 1689-1692 by Moody, Robert E., Simmons, ... ISBN: 9780962073700 List Price: $30.00
Early History of the East Indian Railway 1845-1879 by Mukherjee, Hena ISBN: 9788171020034 List Price: $28.50
East India Company A History by Lawson, Philip ISBN: 9780582073869 List Price: $55.95
Good News from New England by Dempsey, Jack ISBN: 9781582187075 List Price: $31.95
Good News from New England by Dempsey, Jack ISBN: 9781582187068 List Price: $19.95
New English Canaan Text, Notes, Biography & Criticism by Morton, Thomas, Dempsey, Jack ISBN: 9781582181509 List Price: $39.95
Political Partisanship in the American Middle Colonies, 1700-1776 by Newcomb, Benjamin H. ISBN: 9780807118757 List Price: $45.00
First of the Americans: Then and Now by Hodge, William ISBN: 9780030567216
North Carolina by Doherty, Craig A., Doherty,... ISBN: 9780816054121 List Price: $35.00
Pennsylvania by Doherty, Craig A., Doherty,... ISBN: 9780816054138 List Price: $35.00
John Winthrop by Schweninger, Lee ISBN: 9780805775471 List Price: $22.95
Pursuits of Happiness by Greene, Jack P. ISBN: 9780807818046 List Price: $39.95
Roots of Conflict by Leach, Douglas E. ISBN: 9780807816882 List Price: $32.50
Liberty,equal...,concise,vol.i-s.g. by Murrin, John M. ISBN: 9780155065376 List Price: $20.50
Refracting America by Posadas, Barbara M., McColl... ISBN: 9781881089162 List Price: $11.96
Memorable Description of the East Indian Voyage, 1618-1625 by Bontekoe, W. Y., Hodgkinson... ISBN: 9788120607910 List Price: $26.00
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