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Are you looking into the past to see what it has to tell you about how Americans lived back then? Buy cheap 19th century textbooks about this period in history now and make sure you have the best array of affordable text books to choose from. Most of us know a lot about the 21st century and even about most of the 20th century, but going back further than that is made easier with the right books. You can sell your 19th century books back at a later time if you want to do so, or simply rent them out now for a shorter period if need be. Discounted deals on books like these aren't a rarity here at Valore Books - we offer them every single day of the week. Make sure you buy used 19th century textbooks and discover what American life was like all that time ago.

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A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Volume I: To 1877 by Norton, Mary Beth, Sheriff,... ISBN: 9780495915898 List Price: $146.95
Andrew Jackson and the Bank War A Study in the Growth of Presidential Power by Remini, Robert V. ISBN: 9780393097573 List Price: $13.85
Crosscurrents in American Culture, Volume 1 by Dorsey, Bruce, Register, Woody ISBN: 9780618077380 List Price: $79.95
Crosscurrents in American Culture by Dorsey, Bruce, Register, Woody ISBN: 9780618077397 List Price: $79.95
Victorian America Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915 by Schlereth, Thomas J. ISBN: 9780065023695 List Price: $20.33
New Spirits Americans in the Gilded Age, 1865-1905 by Edwards, Rebecca ISBN: 9780195147292 List Price: $37.95
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo A Legacy of Conflict by Griswold del Castillo, Richard ISBN: 9780806124780 List Price: $26.95
Jacksonian Era, 1828 1848 by Van Deusen, Glyndon G. ISBN: 9780881336764 List Price: $18.50
Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 by Lincoln, Abraham, Douglas, ... ISBN: 9780195009217 List Price: $34.95
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson by Jefferson, Thomas, Looney, ... ISBN: 9780691135656
James K.polk+expansionist Impulse by Haynes, Sam W., Handlin, Oscar ISBN: 9780673990013 List Price: $22.00
Disunited States: The Era of Civil War and Reconstruction by O'Connor, Thomas H. ISBN: 9780060448783 List Price: $15.93
Popular Modernity in America Experience, Technology, Mythohistory by Carroll, Michael Thomas ISBN: 9780791447147 List Price: $29.95
Andrew Johnson: A Biographical Companion by Schroeder-Lein, Glenna R., ... ISBN: 9781576070307 List Price: $55.00
On the Edge: A History of America from 1890 to 1945 by Horowitz, David, Carroll, P... ISBN: 9780314565198 List Price: $33.00
Years of Decision:am.pol.in 1890's by Williams, R. Hal ISBN: 9780075547273 List Price: $8.94
Southerners: The Social Psychology of Sectionalism by Reed, John S. ISBN: 9780807840986 List Price: $5.95
Progressive Years: America Comes of Age by O'Neill, William L. ISBN: 9780060448882 List Price: $12.18
Gilded Age, 1877-1896 by De Santis, Vincent ISBN: 9780882955360 List Price: $6.95
Age of the Economic Revolution: 1876-1900 by Degler, Carl N. ISBN: 9780673079671 List Price: $15.32
America in Modern Times Since 1890 by Brinkley, Alan, Fitzpatrick... ISBN: 9780070079335 List Price: $79.20
Popular American Literature of the 19th Century by Gutjahr, Paul C. ISBN: 9780195141405 List Price: $69.95
New Republic The United States of America, 1789-1815 by Horsman, Reginald ISBN: 9780582292871 List Price: $30.00
America Reformed Progressives and Progressivisms, 1890s-1920s by Flanagan, Maureen A. ISBN: 9780195172195 List Price: $49.95
Term Paper Resource Guide to Nineteenth-Century U.S. History by Craver, Kathleen W. ISBN: 9780313348105
Raising Freedom's Child by Mitchell, Mary ISBN: 9780814757192 List Price: $55.00
Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle The Little Big Horn Reexamined by Fox, Richard A., Jr., Wood,... ISBN: 9780806129983 List Price: $24.95
Benjamin Harrison Centennial President by Moore, Anne Chieko ISBN: 9781600210662 List Price: $39.00
James Madison A Biography by Ketcham, Ralph ISBN: 9780813912653 List Price: $22.50
Haymarket Tragedy by Avrich, Paul ISBN: 9780691006000 List Price: $46.95
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson by Jefferson, Thomas, Oberg, B... ISBN: 9780691135571
Papers of Thomas Jefferson 1 March 1796 to 31 December 1797 by Oberg, Barbara B., Jefferso... ISBN: 9780691090436 List Price: $99.50
Louisiana Purchase Expanding America's Boundaries by Alagna, Magdalena ISBN: 9780823942572 List Price: $10.00
Democratick Editorials Essays in Jacksonian Political Economy by Leggett, William, White, La... ISBN: 9780865970373 List Price: $12.00
Union and Liberty The Political Philosophy of John C. Calhoun by Calhoun, John C., Lence, Ro... ISBN: 9780865971035 List Price: $14.50
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