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Modern history might sound like a contradiction in terms, but in fact you'll find textbooks relating to various periods in time that occurred not so long ago. We've split this section into centuries ranging from the 16th century to the 21st century, so you can buy used modern textbooks to help you learn about your chosen century. You can learn about Contemporary World History or read Worlds Together, Worlds Apart - there are so many options here you'll probably want to rent cheap modern textbooks several times over to make sure you learn every part of the most recent period in our history. See how much you could save by investing in college text books at hugely reduced prices compared to the usual list prices. Don't be left out and wonder why other college students are making their budgets go way further than you. They've discovered the secret of our marketplace - will you make the most of it too?

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Great Transition American-Soviet Relations and the End of the Cold War by Garthoff, Raymond L. ISBN: 9780815730606 List Price: $24.95
History of Humanity Scientific and Cultural Development From the Sixteenth to the Eighteent... by Burke, Peter, Inalcik, Hali... ISBN: 9780415093095 List Price: $350.00
Enlightenment Against Empire by Muthu, Sankar ISBN: 9780691115160 List Price: $80.00
Liberty And American Experience in the Eighteenth Century by Womersley, David ISBN: 9780865976290 List Price: $10.00
Enlightenment by Williams, David ISBN: 9780521563734 List Price: $91.00
Cuban Missile Crisis : A Concise History by Munton, Don, Welch, David A. ISBN: 9780199795703 List Price: $19.95
Global Society: The World Since 1900 by Pamela Crossley, Lynn Holle... ISBN: 9780618775958 List Price: $151.95
Kings and Philosophers 1689-1789 by Krieger, Leonard ISBN: 9780393099058 List Price: $24.15
80 Years Crisis 1919/1999 by Dunne, Tim, Cox, Michael, B... ISBN: 9780521667838 List Price: $51.00
Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany: The New Histories by Caplan ISBN: 9780415426503 List Price: $117.00
The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond: An International History since 1900 by William R. Keylor ISBN: 9780195168426 List Price: $80.00
Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis by Graham T. Allison ISBN: 9780673394125 List Price: $41.00
Enlightenment A Comparative Social History 1721-1794 by Munck, Thomas ISBN: 9780340663257 List Price: $35.00
Social Change in the Age of Enlightenment Edinburgh, 1660-1760 by Houston, Rab A. ISBN: 9780198204381 List Price: $155.00
Gunpowder, Government and War in the Mid-Eighteenth Century by West, Jenny ISBN: 9780861932214 List Price: $75.00
Human Nature, Cultural Diversity, and the French Enlightenment by Vyverberg, Henry ISBN: 9780195058642 List Price: $110.00
Cold War A History in Documents by Winkler, Allan M. ISBN: 9780195123562 List Price: $39.95
Spiritual Dimensions of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Risale-I-Nur by Abu-Rabi, Ibrahim M., Nursi... ISBN: 9780791474747 List Price: $31.95
Understanding Modern Strategy by Sloan, Elinor, Hanlon, Querine ISBN: 9780415777704 List Price: $160.00
Disaster File - Grace M. Ferrara - Hardcover by Ferrara, Grace M. ISBN: 9780871961556 List Price: $19.95
Students and the Cold War - Joel Kotek - Hardcover by Kotek, Joel, Blumenau, Ralph ISBN: 9780312158774
International Relations: From the Cold War to the Globalized World by Andreas Wenger, Doron Zimme... ISBN: 9781588260987 List Price: $59.95
Breaking With the Enlightenment: The Twilight of History and the Rediscovery of Utopia by Rajani Kannepalli Kanth, Ra... ISBN: 9780391040120 List Price: $49.95
Making of History and History in the Making by Davies, Merryl Wyn ISBN: 9780745308951
Selling the American Way : U. S. Propaganda and the Cold War by Belmonte, Laura A. ISBN: 9780812221190 List Price: $22.50
Visions of Victory The Hopes of Eight World War II Leaders by Weinberg, Gerhard L. ISBN: 9780521708753 List Price: $19.99
The Inter-War Crisis by Overy, R. J. ISBN: 9781408223178 List Price: $24.00
Thirty Years' War by Parker, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780415128834 List Price: $37.95
Enlightenment in America by May, Henry F. ISBN: 9780195023671 List Price: $45.95
Russia, America and the Cold War by McCauley, Martin ISBN: 9781405874304 List Price: $26.00
Industrial Revolution by Beaudoin, Steven ISBN: 9780618220250 List Price: $54.95
Imperial Brotherhood Gender and the Making of Cold War Foreign Policy by Dean, Robert D. ISBN: 9781558494145 List Price: $19.95
In Sickness and in Power by Owen, David ISBN: 9780313360053
Even More True Stories An Intermediate Reader by Heyer, Sandra ISBN: 9780201346725 List Price: $24.67
Staging Growth Modernization, Development, and the Global Cold War by Engerman, David C., Gilman,... ISBN: 9781558493704 List Price: $19.95
1989: End of the Twentieth Century (Norton Casebooks in History) by Carter, James, Paces, Cynthia ISBN: 9780393930665 List Price: $21.75
Creating the National Security State by Stuart, Douglas T. ISBN: 9780691133713 List Price: $38.50
Enlightenment World by Fitzpatrick, Martin, Jones,... ISBN: 9780415215756 List Price: $250.00
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