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We are all familiar with the First World War, or at least we think we are. Some of us know the history of our relatives who were around at that time. However it doesn't matter whether this applies to you or not - you can buy World War I textbooks online right here that will expand your knowledge. Look for a wide range of titles including Origins of the First World War; To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order; July 1914 Soldiers, Statesmen and the Coming of the Great War: A Brief Documentary History; and Imperial Germany and the Great War, 1914-1918. As you can see there are many affordable titles to be had here, so you can buy cheap World War I textbooks from us now at prices you will love. Learn more about every aspect of this war - a war that is still remembered today.

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Nottingham and the Great War by Marcombe, David ISBN: 9780785532071
Christmas Truce by Brown, Malcolm, Seaton, Shi... ISBN: 9780785534365
Terriers in the Trenches : The Post Office Rifles at War, 1914-1918 by Picton Publishing Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785553311
Medal for Life : Capt. Leefe Robinson VC (WW1) by Spellmount Ltd. Publishers ... ISBN: 9780785567721 List Price: $100.00
Sea Power in the Atlantic and Mediterranean in World War I by Coletta, Paolo E. ISBN: 9780819174277
World War I at Home : Readings on American Life, 1914-20 by Trask, David E. ISBN: 9780835790024 List Price: $69.50
World War I at Home : Readings by Trask ISBN: 9780471884828 List Price: $6.00
Century of Conflict : War, 1914-Present by Black, Jeremy ISBN: 9780199372324 List Price: $29.95
British Campaign in France and Flanders Vol. I : 1914 by Doyle, Arthur Conan ISBN: 9781443813976
British Campaign in France and Flanders Vol. III : 1916 by Doyle, Arthur Conan ISBN: 9781443814041
Source Records of World War I by Horne, Charles F., Austin, ... ISBN: 9780773485181
Weird War One : Strange Stuff from the First World War by Imperial War Museum Staff ISBN: 9781904897842
Illustrated Introduction to ... the First World War by Carradice, Phil ISBN: 9781445632964
Women and the First World War by Grayzel, Susan R. ISBN: 9781138835351
Lusitania : Tragedy or War Crime? by Draskau, Jennifer Kewley ISBN: 9780720614282
Ypres 1914 : Messines:Early Battles 1914 by Sheldon, Jack, Cave, Nigel ISBN: 9781781592014
Battle Story: Somme 1916 by Robertshaw, Andrew ISBN: 9780750955652
Great War Britain Oxfordshire : Remembering 1914-18 by Cotter, Jane ISBN: 9780750953894
Over There: European Reactions to Americans in World War I by Walton, Robert C. ISBN: 9780882957906 List Price: $11.95
Great War 1914-1919 Cambridge Senior History by McAndrew, Mark, Thomas, Dav... ISBN: 9780521672597 List Price: $19.95
The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes: Volume 9, Essays in Persuasion (v. 9) by Keynes, John Maynard, Moggr... ISBN: 9780521221016 List Price: $75.00
Over There European Reactions to Americans in World War I by Walton, Robert C. ISBN: 9780882957913 List Price: $7.95
Daily Life During World War I by Heyman, Neil M. ISBN: 9780313326776 List Price: $70.00
Eagle's Talons : The American Experience at War by Drew, Dennis M., Snow, Dona... ISBN: 9780160022548 List Price: $16.00
History : World War I by Group/McGraw-Hill, Wright ISBN: 9780322044548 List Price: $36.50
Britain and World War I by Simmonds, Alan G. V. ISBN: 9780415455381
Great War on the Western Front by Wilson, Ross ISBN: 9780415808057
Men of Gallipoli : The Dardanelles and Gallipoli Experience, August 1914 to January 1916 by Liddle, Peter H. ISBN: 9780809575145 List Price: $25.00
Churchill and the Generals : Their Finest Hour by Pitt, Barrie ISBN: 9780809575039 List Price: $26.00
W. D. and H. O. Wills Roll of Honour and War Service Roll, 1914-1918 by Picton Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780948251283
28th Light Cavalry in Persia, and Russian Turkestan 1915-1920 by Picton Publishing Ltd. Staf... ISBN: 9780948251351
Onward Through Hell by Unknown ISBN: 9780976009399 List Price: $999.00
India & World War One by Ellinwood, DeWitt C., Pradh... ISBN: 9780836401912 List Price: $15.00
Keep the Home Fires Burning by Markham, John ISBN: 9780948929144 List Price: $45.00
Women Workers in the First World War by Braybon, Gail ISBN: 9780415042017 List Price: $16.95
Battle for Life: The History of No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital and No. 10 Canadian Gene... by Hyatt, A. M. J., Poole, Nan... ISBN: 9780968875063 List Price: $24.95
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