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We are all familiar with the First World War, or at least we think we are. Some of us know the history of our relatives who were around at that time. However it doesn't matter whether this applies to you or not - you can buy World War I textbooks online right here that will expand your knowledge. Look for a wide range of titles including Origins of the First World War; To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order; July 1914 Soldiers, Statesmen and the Coming of the Great War: A Brief Documentary History; and Imperial Germany and the Great War, 1914-1918. As you can see there are many affordable titles to be had here, so you can buy cheap World War I textbooks from us now at prices you will love. Learn more about every aspect of this war - a war that is still remembered today.

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Churchill, Munitions and Mechanical Warfare The Politics of Supply and Strategy by Beiriger, Eugene ISBN: 9780820433141 List Price: $39.95
Darkest Before Dawn Sedition And Free Speech in the American West by Work, Clemens P. ISBN: 9780826337931 List Price: $19.95
Origins of the First World War Update by Joll, James ISBN: 9780582418660 List Price: $53.00
Blighty British Society in the Era of the Great War by De Groot, Gerard J. ISBN: 9780582061378 List Price: $52.00
Economic Consequences of Peace by Keynes, John Maynard ISBN: 9781931541138 List Price: $35.95
War and the Image of Germany British Academics 1914-1918 by Wallace, Stuart ISBN: 9780859761338 List Price: $65.00
War and Punishment The Causes of War Termination and the First World War by Goemans, Hein ISBN: 9780691049434 List Price: $60.00
Anglo-American Shipbuilding In World War II A Geographical Perspective by Lindberg, Michael, Todd, Da... ISBN: 9780275979249 List Price: $89.95
Tannenberg Clash of Empires by Showalter, Dennis E. ISBN: 9780208022523 List Price: $42.50
Against Wilson and War, 1914-1917 by McKay, Ernest A. ISBN: 9780894649646 List Price: $26.50
European Culture in Great War by Roshwald, Aviel, Stites, Ri... ISBN: 9780521570152 List Price: $67.99
Outbreak of Wwi:who Was Responsible? by Tierney, Brian ISBN: 9780075536154 List Price: $10.50
Making Peace with Germany, 1918 : The Pre-Armistice Negotiations by Randle, Robert ISBN: 9781569274354 List Price: $3.50
British Propaganda During the First World War by Sanders, Micheal, Taylor, P... ISBN: 9780844814674 List Price: $24.50
Women Workers in the First World War by Braybon, Gail ISBN: 9780415622707
Memoirs of War, 1914-15 by Bloch, Marc, Fink, Carole, ... ISBN: 9780521371315 List Price: $44.95
Memoirs of War, 1914-15 by Bloch, Marc, Fink, Carole, ... ISBN: 9780521379809 List Price: $13.95
Battle Story - Passchendaele 1917 by McNab, Chris ISBN: 9780750960625
Captured Germans - British Pow Camps in Wwi by Nicol, Norman ISBN: 9781783463480
Prosperity, Depression, and War, 1920-1945 by Brinkley, Alan, Foner, Eric ISBN: 9780872290907 List Price: $5.00
Munich in the Cobwebs of Berlin, Washington, and Moscow Foreign Political Tendencies in Bava... by Sutterlin, Siegfried H. ISBN: 9780820425184 List Price: $49.95
The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes: Volume 2, The Economic Consequences of the Peace by Keynes, John Maynard, Moggr... ISBN: 9780521220941 List Price: $80.00
Nation, State, And Economy Contributions to the Politics And History of Our Time by von Mises, Ludwig, Greaves,... ISBN: 9780865976405 List Price: $24.00
Great War As I Saw It by Scott, Frederick George, Mc... ISBN: 9780773544246 List Price: $100.00
Blood in the Argonne The "Lost Battalion" of World War I by Gaff, Alan D. ISBN: 9780806136967 List Price: $32.95
Margaret Macdonald Imperial Daughter by Mann, Susan ISBN: 9780773529991 List Price: $59.95
Great War, 1914-1918 by Beckett, Ian F. W. ISBN: 9780582322486 List Price: $33.80
Origins of First World War by Joll, James ISBN: 9780582490161 List Price: $19.00
Austria-hungary+orig.of First World War by Williamson, Samuel R., Jr. ISBN: 9780312052836 List Price: $24.00
The Medical Response to the Trench Diseases in World War One by Robert Atenstaedt ISBN: 9781443829076 List Price: $67.99
World War I by Carlisle, Rodney P. ISBN: 9780816060610 List Price: $80.00
Royal Flying Corps, 1914-1918 by Cooksley, Peter G. ISBN: 9780750960052
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