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Serving America's Veterans: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Secu... by Bergmann, Max, Duggan, Sean... ISBN: 9780313355264 List Price: $55.00
History of Public Sector Pensions in the United States by Clark, Robert Louis, Craig,... ISBN: 9780812237146 List Price: $69.95
Encyclopedia of the Veteran in America: Volume 1 by Pencak, William ISBN: 9780313340093
Vietnam Veterans: The Road to Recovery - Joel Osler Brende - Hardcover by Brende, J. O., Parson, E. R. ISBN: 9780306419669 List Price: $20.00
Haunted by Combat Understanding Ptsd in War Veterans Including Women, Reservists, and Those ... by Paulson, Daryl S., Krippner... ISBN: 9780275991876 List Price: $44.95
Vietnam Veteran A History of Neglect by Bonior, David E., Champlin,... ISBN: 9780275920265 List Price: $26.95
Across the Aisle by Montgomery, G. V., Kehrer, ... ISBN: 9781604739664 List Price: $30.00
Forging Legislation by Light, Paul Charles ISBN: 9780393030389 List Price: $10.00
Colonisation and Veteran Settlement in Italy 47-14 BC by L. Keppie ISBN: 9780904152067 List Price: $36.00
Veterans with a Vision : Canada's War Blinded in Peace and War by Durflinger, Serge Marc ISBN: 9780774818568
Across the Aisle : The Seven-Year Journey of the Historic Montgomery GI Bill by Montgomery, G. V., Kehrer, ... ISBN: 9781604739657
Viet Vet Survival Guide: How to Cut through the Bureaucracy and Get What You Need and Are En... by Snyder, Keith, Addlestone, ... ISBN: 9780816013791 List Price: $27.95
Va Health Care Issues Affecting Eligibility Reform Efforts by Unknown ISBN: 9780788135910 List Price: $35.00
Do Veterans Receive Adequate Health Care? by Hunnicutt, Susan C. ISBN: 9780737761702 List Price: $23.85
Psychological Assessment of Veterans by Bush, Shane S. ISBN: 9780199985722 List Price: $98.50
Beyond the Line : Military and Veteran Health Research by Aiken, Alice B., Belanger, ... ISBN: 9780773542808 List Price: $34.95
Health Security Act Analysis Of Veterans' Health Care Provisions by Unknown ISBN: 9780788120824 List Price: $20.00
Thanks of the Fatherland German Veterans After the Second World War by Diehl, James M. ISBN: 9780807820773 List Price: $65.00
Veterans' Benefits A Guide to State Programs by Armstrong, R. E., Rizzuti, ... ISBN: 9780313319051 List Price: $72.95
Forging Legislation by Light, Paul Charles ISBN: 9780393960716 List Price: $10.00
Va Health Care Retargeting Needed To Better Meet Veterans' Changing Needs by Unknown ISBN: 9780788118166 List Price: $25.00
Encyclopedia of the Veteran in America by Pencak, William ISBN: 9780313340086 List Price: $180.00
Encyclopedia of the Veteran in America: Volume 2 by Pencak, William ISBN: 9780313340109
Hispanics Seek Health Care : A Study of 1,088 Veterans of Three War Eras by Becerra, Rosina M., Greenbl... ISBN: 9780819132642
Ionizing Radiation, Veterans Health Care and Related Issues : Congressional Hearing by Specter, Arlen ISBN: 9780756705732 List Price: $40.00
Index to Pension Applications for Indian Wars Service Between 1817 and 1898 by White, Virgil D. ISBN: 9780945099338 List Price: $98.00
Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors : Updated Edition by The US Department of Vetera... ISBN: 9781629145792
Military Retirement Possible Changes Merit Further Evaluation by Cekala, Sharon ISBN: 9780788178573 List Price: $20.00
The Brutality Of War by Dark, Gene R. ISBN: 9780595458936 List Price: $15.95
United States Claims Court Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: V. A. Disability Claims Review an... by Lepore, Randall F., Kirwin-... ISBN: 9780961707613 List Price: $34.95
Va Research Protections for Human Subjects Need to Be Strengthened by Bascetta, Cynthia A. ISBN: 9780756713218 List Price: $20.00
Va Health Care More Veterans Are Being Served, but Better Oversight Is Needed by Layton, Bruce D., Musselwhi... ISBN: 9780788187162 List Price: $20.00
Va and Defense Health Care Evolving Health Care Systems Require Rethinking of Resource Shari... by Calvaresi-Barr, Ann, Papine... ISBN: 9780756703011 List Price: $20.00
Veterans Employment and Training Services Provided by Labor Department Programs by Nelson, Sigurd, Clark, Bett... ISBN: 9780788176920 List Price: $20.00
Veterans Benefits Administration An Organizational History, 1776-1994 by Knight, Amy W., Worden, Rob... ISBN: 9780788130328 List Price: $25.00
Federal Benefits for Veterans & Dependents by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756741280 List Price: $20.00
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