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U.s. Air Force And The Culture Of Innovation, 1945-1965 by Johnson, Stephen B., Hallio... ISBN: 9780756739966 List Price: $50.00
Politics of National Security Congress and U.S. Defense Policy by Blechman, Barry M., Ellis, ... ISBN: 9780195077056 List Price: $60.00
Grand Strategy and the Presidency by Walton, C. Dale ISBN: 9780415598323
Late 19th Century U.S. Army, 1865-1898 A Research Guide by Dawson, Joseph G., III ISBN: 9780313261466 List Price: $80.95
Laws of Land Warfare A Guide to the U.S. Army Manuals by Wells, Donald A. ISBN: 9780313286391 List Price: $102.95
Separate and Unequal Black Americans and the Us Federal Government by King, Desmond ISBN: 9780198280163 List Price: $143.00
Setting National Priorities Policy for the Nineties by Aaron, Henry J. ISBN: 9780815700470 List Price: $19.95
A Guide to the Sources of United States Military History: Supplement III by Higham, Robin, Mrozek, Dona... ISBN: 9780208022141 List Price: $55.00
History of War Resistance in America by Volo, James M. ISBN: 9780313376245
Assessing the Performance of Military Treatment Facilities by Nicosa, Nancy, Wynn, Barbar... ISBN: 9780833047779
Plotting a True Course Reflections on Usaf Strategic Attack Theory and Doctrine, the Post Wo... by Mets, David R., Head, Willi... ISBN: 9780275977177 List Price: $87.95
Spanish-American War by Hendrickson, Kenneth E. ISBN: 9780313316623 List Price: $49.95
U Boat Commanders Handbook by High Command of German Navy... ISBN: 9780939631216 List Price: $8.95
U.S. Navy at War 1941-1945 by U. S. Government Staff ISBN: 9781931641425 List Price: $34.95
Security Strategy and Transatlantic Relations by Dannreuther, Roland, Peters... ISBN: 9780415401906 List Price: $135.00
Army After Next The First Postindustrial Army by Adams, Thomas K. ISBN: 9780275981075 List Price: $49.95
Americans and Asymmetric Conflict Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan by Lowther, Adam B., Snow, Don... ISBN: 9780275996352 List Price: $75.00
The National Guard and Reserve: A Reference Handbook by Doubler, Michael D. ISBN: 9780275993252
Trinity's Children: Living along America's Nuclear Highway by Bartimus, Tad, McCartney, S... ISBN: 9780826314338 List Price: $11.95
Battles and Skirmishes of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877: The Military View by Greene, Jerome A., Greene, ... ISBN: 9780806125350 List Price: $24.95
Defense Reform and Technology Tactical Aircraft by Herzog, Serge ISBN: 9780275946289 List Price: $92.95
Defense by Other Means The Politics of Us-Nis Threat Reduction and Nuclear Security Cooperation by Ellis, Jason D., Lugar, Ric... ISBN: 9780275969400 List Price: $87.95
Assessing the Base Force How Much Is Too Much? by Kaufmann, William W. ISBN: 9780815748878 List Price: $10.95
Arms and Men A Study in America Military History by Millis, Walter ISBN: 9780813509310 List Price: $24.95
Aces and Wingmen II Men, Machines and Units of the United States Army Air Force, Eighth Fighter by Morris, Danny, Frisque, Tho... ISBN: 9780962308017 List Price: $39.95
Wives & Warriors Women & the Military in the United States & Canada by Weinstein, Laurie, White, C... ISBN: 9780897895262 List Price: $35.00
Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History by Dudley, William S., Kane, J... ISBN: 9780945274063 List Price: $34.00
From Makin to Bougainville: Marine Raiders in the Pacific War by Hoffman, Jon T. ISBN: 9780788135309 List Price: $15.00
U. S. Marine Operations in Korea Vol. III : The Chosin Reservoir Campaign by Montross, C., Canzona ISBN: 9780944495032 List Price: $25.00
Lucrative Targets : The U. S. Air Force in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations by Jamieson, Perry D. ISBN: 9780756737900 List Price: $55.00
Wampum Denied : Procter's War Of 1812 by Antal, Sandy ISBN: 9780773539372 List Price: $29.95
British Generals in the War Of 1812 : High Command in the Canadas by Turner, Wesley B. ISBN: 9780773539310 List Price: $29.95
Changing Aircraft Carrier Procurement Schedules: Effects That a Five-Year Procurement Cycle ... by Schank, John F., Kallimani,... ISBN: 9780833051455 List Price: $27.00
United States Air Force, The: A Chronology by Fredriksen, John C. ISBN: 9781598846829 List Price: $85.00
Nuclear Weapons After the Cold War Guidelines for U.S. Policy by Flournoy, Michele A., Carte... ISBN: 9780065011289 List Price: $27.40
Senator and the Sharecropper's Son Exoneration of the Brownsville Soldiers by Weaver, John D. ISBN: 9780890967485 List Price: $29.95
Selling Awacs to Saudi Arabia The Reagan Administration and the Balancing of America's Compe... by Laham, Nicholas, Murray, Pa... ISBN: 9780275975630 List Price: $97.95
Soldier, Surgeon, Scholar The Memoirs of William Henry Corbusier, 1844-1930 by Corbusier, William Henry, W... ISBN: 9780806135496 List Price: $29.95
Stalemate U.S. Marines from Bunker Hill to the Hook by Nalty, Bernard C. ISBN: 9780756722470 List Price: $20.00
U.S. Military Logistics, 1607-1991 A Research Guide by Shrader, Charles R. ISBN: 9780313272462 List Price: $105.00
U.S. Air Force Special Forces :Pararescue Pararescue by Covert, Kim ISBN: 9780736803359 List Price: $23.93
Warriors in Peacetime The Military and Democracy in Latin America New Directions for Us Policy by Marcella, Gabriel, Woerner,... ISBN: 9780714641157 List Price: $34.95
Who Will Lead Senior Leadership in the United States Army by Meyer, Edward C., Ancell, R... ISBN: 9780275950415 List Price: $98.95
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