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Intervention Shaping the Global Order by Feste, Karen A. ISBN: 9780275959425 List Price: $76.95
African Americans at War An Encyclopedia by Sutherland, Jonathan ISBN: 9781576077467 List Price: $185.00
William Harding Carter And the American Army A Soldier's Story by Machoian, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780806137469 List Price: $39.95
Planning Armageddon Britain, the United States & the Command of Western Nuclear Forces, 1945... by Twigge, Stephen R., Scott, Len ISBN: 9789058230065 List Price: $135.00
Mexico Under Fire Being the Diary of Samuel Ryan Curtis 3rd Ohio Volunteer Regiment During t... by Curtis, Samual R., Chance, ... ISBN: 9780875651279 List Price: $29.95
Iron Men And Tin Fish The Race to Build a Better Torpedo During World War II by Newpower, Anthony ISBN: 9780275990329 List Price: $44.95
Encyclopedia of American Military History by Tucker, Spencer ISBN: 9780816043521 List Price: $20.01
Atlas of American Military History by Murray, Stuart ISBN: 9780816055784 List Price: $85.00
Brownsville Raid by Weaver, John D., Boatright,... ISBN: 9780890965283 List Price: $22.95
Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 - David Stephen Heidler - Hardcover by Heidler, David S., Heidler,... ISBN: 9780874369687 List Price: $95.00
The Leasing of Guantanamo Bay by Strauss, Michael J. ISBN: 9780313377822
Future of the Navy's Amphibious And Maritime Prepositioning Forces by Gilmore, J. Michael, Labs, ... ISBN: 9780756746155 List Price: $25.00
National Security for a New Era by Snow, Donald ISBN: 9780205622252 List Price: $69.80
American Military History A Guide to Reference and Information Sources by Blewett, Daniel K. ISBN: 9781563089480 List Price: $70.00
Security in a Changing World Case Studies in U.S. National Security Management by Franke, Volker C. ISBN: 9780275972806 List Price: $25.00
Korean War by Isserman, Maurice ISBN: 9780816049394 List Price: $35.00
Oklahoma Rough Rider: Billy McGinty's Own Story by McGinty, Billy, Fulbright, ... ISBN: 9780870623561 List Price: $75.00
U. S. Military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy by Embser-Herbert, Melissa She... ISBN: 9780275991913
Gi Ingenuity Improvisation, Technology And Winning World War II by Carafano, James J. ISBN: 9780275986988 List Price: $44.95
Stand Your Ground Building Honorable Leaders the West Point Way by Offstein, Evan H. ISBN: 9780275991432 List Price: $34.95
Air Force Contingency Contracting by Ausink, John A., Castaneda,... ISBN: 9780833050120 List Price: $20.00
Security in a Changing World Case Studies in U.S. National Security Management by Franke, Volker, O'Keefe, Sean ISBN: 9780275972790 List Price: $93.95
State, Society, and Limited Nuclear War by Mlyn, Eric ISBN: 9780791423479 List Price: $22.50
Strategic Threats and National Missile Defenses Defending the U.S. Homeland by Cordesman, Anthony H. ISBN: 9780275974251 List Price: $66.95
U.S. National Security A Reference Handbook by Watson, Cynthia A. ISBN: 9781576075982 List Price: $45.00
U.S. Civil-Military Relations In Crisis or Transition? by Snider, Don M., Carlton-Car... ISBN: 9780892063055 List Price: $18.95
U.S. Army Counterinsurgency & Contingency Operations Doctrine 1860-1941 by Birtle, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780788173271 List Price: $35.00
Military Readiness Concepts, Choices, Consequences by Betts, Richard K. ISBN: 9780815709053 List Price: $19.95
Modern U.S. Civil-Military Relations Wielding the Terrible Swift Sword by Johnson, David E. ISBN: 9780788183898 List Price: $25.00
Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Early America From the Colonial Era to the Civil War by Heidler, David S., Heidler,... ISBN: 9780313335266 List Price: $65.00
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