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The history of the military is littered with the stories and experiences of many different wars. Here you can buy cheap Persian Gulf War (1991) textbooks that shed light on how this particular war started and how it developed. We have many titles on this war, including Explaining Foreign Policy: US Decision Making in the Gulf Wars; The Gulf War 1990-1991; Gulf War and the New World Order; and The Gulf Crisis: Background and Consequences. With many other books on this subject as well, it becomes easier to assess the history of the topic by using many different sources. You even have the chance to rent used Persian Gulf War (1991) textbooks if you wish, so you can borrow some for a short period while keeping others. Don't forget the opportunities our buyback system gives you to sell back either. As you will see, our website does offer the cheapest and best deals it possibly can.

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War in the Gulf, 1990-91 The Iraq-Kuwait Conflict and Its Implications by Khadduri, Majid, Ghareeb, E... ISBN: 9780195149791 List Price: $45.00
Gulf Conflict 1990-1991 Diplomacy and War in the New World Order by Freedman, Lawrence, Karsh, ... ISBN: 9780691037721 List Price: $46.00
Seeing Through the Media The Persian Gulf War by Jeffords, Susan, Rabinovitz... ISBN: 9780813520421 List Price: $24.95
Eagle in the Desert Looking Back on U.S. Involvement in the Persian Gulf War by Head, William, Jr., Tilford... ISBN: 9780275953973 List Price: $38.95
Coping With War-Induced Stress The Gulf War and the Israeli Response by Solomon, Zahava ISBN: 9780306447884 List Price: $89.95
Persian Gulf War by Carlisle, Rodney P., Bowman... ISBN: 9780816081929 List Price: $45.00
War and Its Consequences Lessons from the Persian Gulf Conflict by O'Loughlin, John, Mayer, To... ISBN: 9780065022605 List Price: $25.20
The Presidency and the Persian Gulf War by Whicker, Marcia L., Moore, ... ISBN: 9780275944698
Kuwaiti Oil Fires by Hirschmann, Kris ISBN: 9780816057580 List Price: $35.00
Gulf War, 1990-91 by Allison, William Thomas ISBN: 9780230202658
Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War - Mark Grossman - Hardcover by Grossman, Mark ISBN: 9780874366846 List Price: $75.00
Persian Gulf Crisis Power in the Post-Cold War World by Helms, Robert F., Dorff, Ro... ISBN: 9780275941208 List Price: $85.00
Gulf Crisis Background and Consequences by Ibrahim ISBN: 9780932568229 List Price: $37.95
Persian Gulf War by Carlisle, Rodney P. ISBN: 9780816049424 List Price: $35.00
Tides of War: Eco Disaster in the Gulf by Vine, Peter, McKinnon, Michael ISBN: 9780907151654
Persian Gulf Tv War by Kellner, Douglas M. ISBN: 9780813316154 List Price: $25.00
Gulf War, 1990-91 by Allison, William Thomas ISBN: 9780230202641
Persian Gulf War Almanac by Summers, Harry G., Jr. ISBN: 9780816028214 List Price: $35.00
Persian Gulf Tv War by Kellner, Douglas M. ISBN: 9780813316147 List Price: $67.00
Desert Storm and the Mass Media by Greenberg, Bradley S., Gant... ISBN: 9781881303350 List Price: $32.50
Forging Consensus : The Western Alliance and the Invasion of Kuwait by Gibbons, Earl F. ISBN: 9781569273548 List Price: $3.50
Power over Rationality: The Bush Administration and the Gulf Crisis by Hybel, Alex R., Rosenau, Ja... ISBN: 9780791414224 List Price: $29.95
Power over Rationality The Bush Administration and the Gulf Crisis by Hybel, Alex R., Rosenau, Ja... ISBN: 9780791414217 List Price: $21.50
International Law+the Use of Force by Arend, Anthony C., Beck, Ro... ISBN: 9780415093033 List Price: $65.00
Gulf War Aftermath An Environmental Tragedy by Sadiq, Muhammad, McCain, Jo... ISBN: 9780792322788 List Price: $263.00
Gulf War and the New World Order by Bresheeth, Haim, Yuval-Davi... ISBN: 9781856490429 List Price: $19.95
Mary Kelly Gloria Patri by Ottmann, Klaus ISBN: 9780929687117 List Price: $12.00
U. N. Role in the Persian Gulf and Iraqi Compliance with U. N. Resolutions by Unknown ISBN: 9780788107375 List Price: $50.00
Getting to No: The Diplomacy of the Gulf Conflict, 1990-1991 by Staniland, Martin ISBN: 9781569274491 List Price: $3.50
Regional Hegemons Threat Perception and Strategic Responses by Myers, David J. ISBN: 9780813381558 List Price: $64.50
Desert Storm and the Mass Media by Greenberg, Bradley S., Gant... ISBN: 9781881303343 List Price: $85.00
Shrouds of the Seventh Seal The Anti-Christ Whore of Babylon! by Hatonn, Gyeorgos C., Dharma ISBN: 9780922356348 List Price: $10.00
Gulf Crisis by Abidi, A. H. ISBN: 9788170950233 List Price: $29.00
Aftermath of Gulf War by Johnstone, Ian ISBN: 9781555874872 List Price: $8.95
Gulf Conflict+international Relations by Matthews, Ken ISBN: 9780415075183 List Price: $59.95
Diplomacy During the Persian Gulf War by Goodman, Allan E. ISBN: 9781569273494 List Price: $3.50
Gulf War and the New World Order by Bresheeth, Haim, Yuval-Davi... ISBN: 9781856490412 List Price: $55.00
Operation Desert Storm Evaluation of the Air Campaign by U. S. Government Staff ISBN: 9781931641296 List Price: $29.95
International Mediation and the Gulf War by Malek, M. ISBN: 9780785568001
Report of the Special Investigation on Gulf War Illnesses Pt. II : Appendices by Specter, Arlen ISBN: 9780788177262 List Price: $65.00
Status of Efforts to Identify Persian Gulf War Syndrome by Shays, Christopher ISBN: 9780788178634 List Price: $50.00
Lucky War : Third Army in Desert Storm by Swain, Richard M. ISBN: 9780788178658 List Price: $35.00
Explaining Foreign Policy: U.S. Decision-Making in the Gulf Wars by Yetiv, Steve A. ISBN: 9780801898938 List Price: $60.00
Iraq Speaks : Documents of the Gulf Crises by Hussein, Saddam, Moore, Fred ISBN: 9780788107092 List Price: $29.95
Certain Victory : The U. S. Army in the Gulf War by Unknown ISBN: 9780788104763 List Price: $170.00
Iraq Speaks : Documents on the Gulf Crisis by Moore, Fred ISBN: 9780788100291 List Price: $30.00
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