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Be sure to rent used nuclear warfare textbooks today and learn more about this unnerving form of weapon. You can learn a lot about it when you get text books from our collection of a couple hundred of them. Look for Nuclear Borderlands: The Manhattan Project in Post-Cold War New Mexico; Tainted Desert: Environmental Ruin in the American West; Limits of Safety Organizations, Accidents and Nuclear Weapons; and In the Shadow of the Bomb: Oppenheimer, Bethe and the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist. We've got plenty more discounted books available too, since we buy back nuclear warfare books in second hand condition whenever we get the chance to do so. Affordable books that will help college students across America - that's what we have to offer. With our help you can make whatever budget you have available go way further than you'd think. You might be surprised just how far it'll go.

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Abnormal Psychology by Scientific American Editors... ISBN: 9780716717287 List Price: $133.75
Tainted Desert Environmental Ruin in the American West by Kuletz, Valerie ISBN: 9780415917711 List Price: $44.95
American Atom A Documentary History of Nuclear Policies from the Discovery of Fission to the... by Williams, Robert C., Cantel... ISBN: 9780812211696 List Price: $24.95
Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: A Reference Handbook by Diehl, Sarah J., Moltz, Jam... ISBN: 9781598840711 List Price: $55.00
Nuclear Matters in North Korea by Schoff, James L., Perry, Ch... ISBN: 9781597971720 List Price: $25.00
Nuclear Weapons Databook: British, French, and Chinese Nuclear Weapons by Norris, Robert S., Burrows,... ISBN: 9780813316123 List Price: $40.00
In the Shadow of the Bomb Oppenheimer, Bethe, And the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist by Schweber, Silvan S. ISBN: 9780691127859 List Price: $18.95
Limits of Safety Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons by Sagan, Scott Douglas ISBN: 9780691021010 List Price: $29.95
Road from Los Alamos by Bethe, Hans A. ISBN: 9780883187074 List Price: $39.95
Nightmare Considered Critical Essays on Nuclear War Literature by Anisfield, Nancy ISBN: 9780879725303 List Price: $16.95
Neutron and the Bomb A Biography of Sir James Chadwick by Brown, Andrew ISBN: 9780198539926 List Price: $32.00
Uranium Enrichment and Nuclear Weapon Proliferation by Krass, Allan S., Boskma, P.... ISBN: 9780850662191 List Price: $45.00
Arms Control and the Arms Race (Readings from Scientific American) by Bruce Russett ISBN: 9780716717294 List Price: $14.95
Scientists+devel.of Nuclear Weapons by Badash, Lawrence ISBN: 9780391038745 List Price: $12.50
Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation A Reference Handbook by Diehl, Sarah J., Moltz, Jam... ISBN: 9781576073612 List Price: $45.00
American Atom A Documentary History of Nuclear Policies from the Discovery of Fission to the... by Cantelon, Philip L., Hewlet... ISBN: 9780812213546 List Price: $29.95
On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century (Stanford Security Studies) by Jeffrey Larsen, Kerry Kartc... ISBN: 9780804789127 List Price: $90.00
Power Versus Prudence : Why Nations Forgo Nuclear Weapons by T.V. Paul ISBN: 9780773520875 List Price: $29.95
India on the Move by Surit, Lea M. ISBN: 9781600218132 List Price: $79.00
Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear States, and Terrorism by Peter R. Beckman, Paul W. C... ISBN: 9781597380065 List Price: $59.95
Science, Technology and the Nuclear Arms Race by Schroeer, Dietrich ISBN: 9780471881414 List Price: $124.95
Manhattan Project by Stoff, Michael B. ISBN: 9780075572091 List Price: $19.69
Causes and Consequences of South Asia's Nuclear Tests by Synnott, Hilary ISBN: 9780199290017 List Price: $35.00
Double Trouble by Cronin, Patrick M. ISBN: 9780275999605
Nuclear Radiation in Warfare by Rotblat, Joseph ISBN: 9780850662177 List Price: $45.00
Nuclear Predicament Nuclear Weapons in the Twenty-First Century by Beckman, Peter R., Crumlish... ISBN: 9780136806387 List Price: $45.00
India and the Bomb: Public Opinion and Nuclear Options - David Cortright - Hardcover by Cortright, David, Mattoo, A... ISBN: 9780268011758 List Price: $29.95
Nuclear Weapons and the Threat of Nuclear War - John B B. Harris - Paperback by Harris, John B, Markusen, Eric ISBN: 9780155667402
Nuclear Madness: Religion and the Psychology of the Nuclear Age by Chernus, Ira ISBN: 9780791405048 List Price: $23.95
Nuclear Reader: Strategy, Weapons, War by Kegley, Charles W., Jr., Wi... ISBN: 9780312579821
No Place to Hide, 1946-1984 by Bradley, David, Wiesner, Je... ISBN: 9780874512748 List Price: $25.00
NATO and the Bomb: Canadian Defenders Confront Critics by Erika Simpson ISBN: 9780773520882 List Price: $95.00
Nuclear Predicament by Beckman, Peter R., Campbell... ISBN: 9780136269120 List Price: $47.00
Nuclear Heartland A Guide to the One Thousand Missile Silos of the United States by Nukewatch Staff, Day, Samue... ISBN: 9780942046014 List Price: $10.00
Nuclear Weapons and Security The Effects of Alternative Test Ban Treaties by Medalia, Jonathan ISBN: 9780813382616 List Price: $48.00
Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima Apocalypse or Utopia? by Fasching, Darrell J. ISBN: 9780791413760 List Price: $29.95
Atomic Bomb Voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Selden, Kyoko, Selden, Kyok... ISBN: 9780873325561 List Price: $69.95
Nightmare Considered Critical Essays on Nuclear War Literature by Anisfield, Nancy ISBN: 9780879725297 List Price: $35.95
Arms Race and Nuclear War - David Philip Barash - Paperback by Barash, David P. ISBN: 9780534068462 List Price: $33.95
Soviet Nuclear Weapon Legacy by De Andreis, Marco, Calogero... ISBN: 9780198291978 List Price: $62.50
Nuclear Dialogues by Weinberger, David ISBN: 9780820404547 List Price: $28.00
Implementation of a Comprehensive Test Ban by Arnett, Eric H. ISBN: 9780198291879 List Price: $86.50
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