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Some wars are still continuing to this day. This is a prime example, and you can buy Iraq War (2003-) textbooks online that tell the story so far. With many books to choose from it becomes easier to see how things have developed thus far. Look for The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences; David Petraeus: A Biography; What We Owe Iraq: War and the Ethics of Nation Building; and Torture and the Twilight of Empire: From Algiers to Baghdad. We have many other discounted books available here as well, making it easier to develop your knowledge of this war and to study it successfully at college. Whatever you want and however many books you need in this area, it is good to know you can buy cheap Iraq War (2003-) textbooks from us without spending a fortune in doing so. The best deals are always those you spend less on, don't you find?

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The Iraq Wars and America's Military Revolution by Shimko, Keith L. ISBN: 9780521111515 List Price: $85.00
Israel in the Second Iraq War: The Influence of Likud (Praeger Security International) by Pelletière, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780313382307 List Price: $34.95
Architects of Delusion by Serfaty, Simon ISBN: 9780812240603 List Price: $49.95
Mass Deception : Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq by Bonn, Scott A., Welch, Michael ISBN: 9780813547886 List Price: $72.00
America's Oil Wars by Pelletiere, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780275978518 List Price: $36.95
Lessons from Iraq: Avoiding the Next War by Unknown ISBN: 9781594514999 List Price: $35.95
Faith-Based War: From 9/11 to Catastrophic Success in Iraq (Religion and Violence) by T.Walter Herbert ISBN: 9781845531614 List Price: $99.95
Watching Babylon The War In Iraq And Global Visual Culture by Mirzoeff, Nicholas ISBN: 9780415343091 List Price: $100.00
Intelligence and National Security Policymaking on Iraq: British and American Perspectives by Pfiffner, James P., Phythia... ISBN: 9781603440677 List Price: $42.95
Absence of Grand Strategy by Yetiv, Steve A. ISBN: 9780801887819 List Price: $55.00
Why Did the US Invade Iraq? by Cramer, Jane K., Thrall, A.... ISBN: 9780415782135
David Petraeus by Currie-McGhee, Leanne K. ISBN: 9781420506778 List Price: $33.45
Losing Iraq by Pelletiere, Stephen ISBN: 9780275992132
Iraq War and International Law by Shiner, Phil, Shiner, Phil,... ISBN: 9781841136691 List Price: $70.00
Reconstructing Iraq by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756745172 List Price: $15.00
The War in Iraq (Witness to History) by David Downing ISBN: 9781403462619 List Price: $9.49
Catastrophe! by Emberling, Geoff, Hanson, K... ISBN: 9781885923561
Iraq's Insurgency and the Road to Civil Conflict by Cordesman, Anthony H., Davi... ISBN: 9780313349973
War Stories: The Causes and Consequences of Public Views of War by Baum, Matthew, Groeling, Ti... ISBN: 9780691138589 List Price: $70.00
The Soft Power of War (Benjamins Current Topics) by Unknown ISBN: 9789027222336 List Price: $120.00
Iraq's Insurgency and the Road to Civil Conflict by Cordesman, Anthony H., Davi... ISBN: 9780313350016
Why Did the Us Invade Iraq? by Cramer, Jane K., Thrall, A.... ISBN: 9780415782128
Middle East by Merino, Noël ISBN: 9780737756289 List Price: $39.70
Reconstructing Iraq : Insights, Challenges, and Missions for Military Forces in a Post-Confl... by Crane, Conrad C., Terrill, ... ISBN: 9780756737382 List Price: $20.00
Analysis of the US Military's Ability to Sustain an Occupation of Iraq by Holtz-Eakin, Douglas, Adede... ISBN: 9780756738112 List Price: $20.00
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction : Quarterly Report to the United States Co... by Bowen, Stuart W., Jr. ISBN: 9780756747749 List Price: $45.00
Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq by Bush, George W. ISBN: 9781422304860 List Price: $15.00
Interim Briefing to the Project and Contracting Office: Iraq and the Joint Contracting Comma... by Bowen, Stuart W., Jr. ISBN: 9781422302569 List Price: $15.00
Rebuilding Iraq : Actions Needed to Improve Use of Private Security Providers by Solis, William, Cooper, David ISBN: 9781422302187 List Price: $20.00
Precedents, Variables, and Options in Planning a US Military Disengagement Strategy from Iraq by Terrill, W. Andrew, Crane, ... ISBN: 9781422304051 List Price: $20.00
U S Policy and Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan : Congressional Hearing by Warner, John ISBN: 9781422304075 List Price: $35.00
Logistics Support for Deployed Military Forces by Holtz-Eakin, Douglas, Goldb... ISBN: 9781422304044 List Price: $30.00
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