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Are you looking for a chance to rent cheap aviation textbooks on the military? If flying interests you or you are looking into this topic at college, we can help you get access to the text books you really need. We have many affordable titles that include B-47 Stratojet: Boeing's Brilliant Bomber; B-17 Flying Fortress: The Symbol of Second World War Air Power; Airpower and Technology: Smart and Unmanned Weapons; and F-105 Thunderchief: Workhorse of the Vietnam War. You will see we have affordable prices for you to buy aviation textbooks online, but we also provide the option to rent many of our text books. This means you can enjoy discounted prices whenever you have cause to buy books on this topic for college. Whenever you try Valore Books you will be rewarded for your efforts. We buy back aviation books on the military as well, so bear that in mind when you're selling.

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Testing Death Hughes Aircraft Test Pilots And Cold War Weaponry by Marrett, George J., Richard... ISBN: 9780275990664 List Price: $44.95
Air Power in the Nuclear Age by Armitage, M. J., Mason, R. A. ISBN: 9780252012310
Alert Operations and the Strategic Air Command, 1957-1991 by Unknown ISBN: 9781568064352 List Price: $25.00
Development of Raf Strategic Bombing Doctrine, 1919-1939 by Robertson, Scot ISBN: 9780275949976 List Price: $71.95
B-1B Lancer by Stone, Lynn M. ISBN: 9781595151858 List Price: $28.50
B-29 Superfortress A Comprehensive Registry of the Planes and Their Missions by Mann, Robert A. ISBN: 9780786417872 List Price: $55.00
F/A-22 Raptor by Stone, Lynn M. ISBN: 9781595151803 List Price: $19.95
F-15 Eagle by Stone, Lynn M. ISBN: 9781595151810 List Price: $28.50
Air Power in the Age of Total War by Buckley, John ISBN: 9780253335579 List Price: $49.95
Military Aircraft, Origins to 1918 An Illustrated History of Their Impact by Murphy, Justin D., Tucker, ... ISBN: 9781851094882 List Price: $85.00
Nighthawk F-117A by Stone, Lynn M. ISBN: 9781595151834 List Price: $19.95
Super Hornet F/A-18E/F by Stone, Lynn M. ISBN: 9781595151797 List Price: $28.50
Military Readiness Dod Need To Reassess Program Strategy, Funding Priorities, And Risks For ... by Solis, William M., Schmitt,... ISBN: 9780756740672 List Price: $35.00
Long Range Bombers The B-1B Lancers by Green, Michael, Green, Gladys ISBN: 9780736815086 List Price: $23.93
Sea Harrier over the Falklands by Ward, Sharkey ISBN: 9780850523058 List Price: $38.50
Space Power Interests by Hayes, Peter ISBN: 9780813388793 List Price: $65.00
American Warplanes, 1908-1988 A Bibliography by Smith, Myron J., Jr. ISBN: 9780313281396 List Price: $121.95
Combat Air Power Joint Assessment of Air Superiority Can Be Improved by Murphy, Robert D., Rodrigue... ISBN: 9780788143618 List Price: $20.00
Air Campaign Planning for Combat by Warden, John A., III ISBN: 9780788108099 List Price: $35.00
The B-2 Bomber: Strategic Utility for the Twenty-First Century by Gray, Colin S., Guthe, Kurt... ISBN: 9780819197375
New World Vistas : Air and Space Power for the 21st Century (Summary) by McCall, Gene H., Corder, Jo... ISBN: 9780788133855 List Price: $35.00
B-2 Bomber : Status of Cost, Development and Production by Unknown ISBN: 9780788130304 List Price: $15.00
Military Aircraft Safety : Significant Improvements since 1975 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788130182 List Price: $15.00
Look at Tomorrow's Tactical Air Forces by Pierrot, Lane, Vines, Jo A.... ISBN: 9780788142987 List Price: $30.00
Land-Based Air Power in Third World Crises by Unknown ISBN: 9780788112263 List Price: $30.00
Tactical Aircraft Modernization Plans Will Not Reduce Average Age Of Aircraft by Murphy, Robert D. ISBN: 9780756713232 List Price: $25.00
The Command of the Air by Douhet, Giulio, Kohn, Richa... ISBN: 9780912799100
Air Wars and Aircraft: A Detailed Record of Air Combat, 1945 to the Present by Flintham, Victor ISBN: 9780816023561 List Price: $40.00
Joint Striker Fighter Program History, 1993-1997 by Arostein, David ISBN: 9781931641609 List Price: $24.95
German and Soviet V/STOL Aircraft by Piccirillo, Albert C. ISBN: 9781931641623 List Price: $12.95
SR-71 Flight Manual by U. S. Government Staff ISBN: 9781931839020 List Price: $89.95
Bomb on the Red Markers : Memories of Bomber Operations by Cunningham, Pat ISBN: 9781846741982
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