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We have all kinds of affordable and pre-owned text books on all kinds of wars and conflicts throughout history. This section focuses on the Afghan War and its fallout. Buy cheap Afghan War (2001-) textbooks today and you will realize how far reaching the effects of this war have been thus far. We have titles that include War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007; The Pen and the Sword: Press, War and Terror in the 21st Century; 9-11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Chronology and Reference Guide; and Al Jazeera and US War Coverage. We always provide the cheapest prices we possibly can on all our books, which means you can rent used Afghan War (2001-) textbooks from us for the cheapest prices today. Make sure you don't get left to pay full price when you don't need to. Use our site today instead.

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War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007 by Borden Institute, Walter Re... ISBN: 9780981822808 List Price: $71.00
9-11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq : A Chronology and Reference Guide by Lansford, Ph.D., Tom ISBN: 9781598844191 List Price: $89.00
War in Afghanistan by Friedman, Lauri S. ISBN: 9780737759112 List Price: $32.75
Afghan Peace Talks : A Primer by Shinn, James, Dobbins, James ISBN: 9780833058195 List Price: $24.50
The Afghanistan Challenge: Hard Realities and Strategic Choices by Ehrhart, Hans-Georg, Pentla... ISBN: 9781553392415 List Price: $39.95
Al Jazeera and U. S. War Coverage by Samuel-Azran, Tal ISBN: 9781433108655 List Price: $119.95
American Heroes : On the Homefront by North, Oliver ISBN: 9781476714349
Fogs of War and Peace: A Midstream Analysis of World War III by Dilworth, Robert L., Maital... ISBN: 9780313360497
Al Jazeera and US War Coverage by Samuel-Azran, Tal ISBN: 9781433108648 List Price: $34.95
Sniper's Conflict by B, Monty ISBN: 9781629146836
Top Dog : The Story of Marine Hero Lucca by Goodavage, Maria ISBN: 9780451467102 List Price: $16.00
U.s. Army In Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom, October 2001-march 2002 by Brown, John S., Stewart, Ri... ISBN: 9780756741334 List Price: $20.00
Where Men Win Glory : The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Krakauer, Jon ISBN: 9780784837061
Code Black : Cut off and Facing Overwhelming Odds - The Siege of NAD Ali by Lyndhurst, Mark, Evans, Mar... ISBN: 9781444784442
Strategy for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance by Brown, Jason M. ISBN: 9781585662463
Code Black by Lyndhurst, Mark, Evans, Mar... ISBN: 9781444784459
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