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History is a huge subject to study at college, which is why we've got several sections on our website devoted to it. This is the section that allows you to buy cheap military textbooks on such subjects as nuclear warfare, naval warfare and aviation. We also have separate sections for the Afghan War, the Iraq War and the Korean War, making it easier to find exactly what you need. Pre-owned and affordable titles including Interpretation, World War II: A Short History and Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I. You can also rent used military textbooks in order to expand your collection of text books even further. If you have any to sell, you can sell back specific books using our buyback service. Get in touch today to find out more. In any event, it is easy to buy cheap military textbooks to help your history studies at college.

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Vietnam: An American Ordeal by Moss, George ISBN: 9780205637409 List Price: $72.67
Why Nations Go to War by Stoessinger, John G. ISBN: 9780495797180 List Price: $71.95
On War by Von Clausewitz, Carl, Howar... ISBN: 9780691018546 List Price: $35.00
Abnormal Psychology by Scientific American Editors... ISBN: 9780716717287 List Price: $133.75
Origins of the First World War by Joll, James, Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9780582423794 List Price: $48.80
Strategy in the Contemporary World by John Baylis, James J. Wirtz... ISBN: 9780199694785 List Price: $66.95
Origins of the First World War by Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9781405874311 List Price: $26.00
World War Two Reader by Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9780415224031 List Price: $43.95
Germany and the Second World War The Build-Up of German Aggression by Deist, Wilhelm, Falla, P. S... ISBN: 9780198228660 List Price: $299.00
America's Armed Forces A History by Morris, James M. ISBN: 9780133107807 List Price: $109.20
Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508, In Action in Italy with the Tiger I by David Johnston, Kurt Hirlinger ISBN: 9780921991571 List Price: $60.00
Germany and the 2nd World War The Attack on the Soviet Union/With Maps by Boog, Horst, Förster, Alfre... ISBN: 9780198228868 List Price: $395.00
Origins of the Second World War by Overy, R. J. ISBN: 9781405824699 List Price: $25.00
America's Longest War The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 by Herring, George C. ISBN: 9780072536188 List Price: $43.13
Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide by Horvitz, Leslie Alan, Cathe... ISBN: 9780816080830 List Price: $150.00
Contemporary Europe A History by Wilkinson, James D., Hughes... ISBN: 9780131841765 List Price: $93.80
Germany and the Second World War The Global War Widening of the Conflict into a World War a... by Boog, Hornst, Rahn, Werner,... ISBN: 9780198228882 List Price: $500.50
War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007 by Borden Institute, Walter Re... ISBN: 9780981822808 List Price: $71.00
War (Critical Concepts in Political Science) by Unknown ISBN: 9780415433198 List Price: $1,220.00
Seven Years War in Europe: 1756-1763 by Szabo, Franz A. J. ISBN: 9780582292727 List Price: $45.33
Germany and the Second World War by Kroener, Bernhard R., Mulle... ISBN: 9780198228875 List Price: $403.50
Germany and the Second World War Germany's Initial Conquests in Europe by Boog, Horst, Rohde, Horst, ... ISBN: 9780198228851 List Price: $225.00
Encyclopedia of the Korean War : A Political, Social, and Military History by Tucker, Spencer C., Pierpao... ISBN: 9781851098491 List Price: $295.00
Origins of World War I by Hamilton, Richard F., Herwi... ISBN: 9780521817356 List Price: $80.00
American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare by Doughty, Robert, Flint, Roy... ISBN: 9780669416831 List Price: $142.95
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