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Golden Age of Brazil by Boxer, Charles R. ISBN: 9780520015500 List Price: $13.00
Sandino:testimony of Nicaraguan Patriot by Conrad, Robert E., Conrad, ... ISBN: 9780691023199 List Price: $19.95
Unsettling Statecraft by Conaghan, Catherine M., Mal... ISBN: 9780822955320 List Price: $22.95
Masters+the Slaves by Freyre, Gilberto, Putnam, S... ISBN: 9780520056657 List Price: $18.95
Third Wave Of Democratization In Latin America Advances And Setbacks by Hagopian, Frances, Mainwari... ISBN: 9780521824613 List Price: $95.00
Remembering a Massacre in El Salvador: The Insurrection of 1932, Roque Dalton, and the Polit... by Lindo-Fuentes, Hector, Chin... ISBN: 9780826336040 List Price: $32.50
King of the Night by Van Aken, Mark J. ISBN: 9780520062771 List Price: $55.00
Democratic Revolution in Latin America History, Politics and U.S. Policy by Wiarda, Howard J. ISBN: 9780841912762 List Price: $39.50
Digitacion Para El Dominio De LA Computadora/Keyboarding for Computer Success by Robinson, Jerry W., Jr., Ho... ISBN: 9780538698634 List Price: $36.95
Discovery and Conquest of Peru Chronicles of the New World Encounter by De León, Pedro De Cieza, Co... ISBN: 9780822321279 List Price: $99.95
Course of Mexican History by Meyer, Michael C., Sherman,... ISBN: 9780195148190 List Price: $61.95
Latin America & the Caribbean Lands and Peoples by Clawson, David L. ISBN: 9780072521443 List Price: $79.06
People and Issues in Latin American History From Independence to the Present by Rausch, Jane M., Hanke, Lewis ISBN: 9781558761957 List Price: $24.95
Concise History of Bolivia by Klein, Herbert ISBN: 9780521807821 List Price: $70.00
Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil by Scott, Rebecca J., Drescher... ISBN: 9780822308881 List Price: $22.95
Argentina A City and a Nation by Scobie, James R. ISBN: 9780195014808 List Price: $45.95
Venezuela: The Search for Order, the Dream of Progress by Lombardi, John V. ISBN: 9780195030143 List Price: $10.95
British Policy and the Independence of Latin America, 1804-1828 by Kaufmann, William W. ISBN: 9780208003515 List Price: $32.50
Family and Frontier in Colonial Brazil: Santana de Parnaiba, 1580-1822 by Metcalf, Alida C. ISBN: 9780520075740 List Price: $55.00
Latin America After the Cold War Implications for U.S. Policy by Payne, Douglas, Falcoff, Ma... ISBN: 9781879128019 List Price: $9.95
Narrative of the Incas by De Betanzos, Juan, Hamilton... ISBN: 9780292755604 List Price: $40.00
Readings in Latin American History, Vol. 2: The Modern Experience - Peter J. Bakewell - Hard... by Johnson, John J., Bakewell,... ISBN: 9780822306467 List Price: $45.95
Modern Latin America - Thomas E. Skidmore - Hardcover by Skidmore, Thomas E., Smith,... ISBN: 9780195033663 List Price: $24.95
El Salvador - Arnoldo Ramos - Paperback by Ramos, Arnoldo, Kufeld, Adam ISBN: 9780393306453 List Price: $19.95
Falkland Island (World Bibliographical Series) by Day, Alan ISBN: 9781851092369 List Price: $69.00
Facts on File National Profiles: Mexico and Central America (Facts on File National Profiles... by Kurian, George Thomas ISBN: 9780816019977 List Price: $45.00
Nicaragua: The threat of a good example? by Melrose, Dianna ISBN: 9780855980702
Arquelogia Colonial Latinoamericana: Modelos de estudio (bar s) by Targa, Juan Garcia ISBN: 9781407305226 List Price: $120.00
Independence in Latin America -Wb/16 by Graham, Richard ISBN: 9780075536994
Dialogues. English 1 (Libros De Texto De Secundaria) (Spanish Edition) by Emilsson, Elin, Buck, Marilyn ISBN: 9789681664848 List Price: $10.99
The Early Spanish Main by Sauer, Carl Ortwin, Pagden,... ISBN: 9780520011250 List Price: $50.00
Traduccion, Escritura Y Violencia Colonizadora: UN Estudio De LA Obra Del Inca Garcilaso (La... by Jafalvi-Leiva, Susana ISBN: 9780915984985 List Price: $6.00
Argentina : A City and a Nation by Scobie, James R. ISBN: 9780195014792 List Price: $14.95
Latin America by Buckman, Robert T. ISBN: 9780205297306 List Price: $32.00
Venezuela by Martz, John D., Myers, Davi... ISBN: 9780275920388
Daily Life in Colonial Latin America by Hill, Nanci Milone, Lokken,... ISBN: 9780313340703
Latin America by Blakeslee, George Hubbard, ... ISBN: 9780521243704
Modern Brazil by Levine, Robert ISBN: 9780521229524
Early Brazil : A Documentary Collection to 1700 by Schwartz, Stuart B. ISBN: 9780521198332 List Price: $85.00
Concise History of Mexico by Brading, David ISBN: 9780521451451
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