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Garotte The United States and Chile, 1970-1973 by Jensen, Poul ISBN: 9788772881973 List Price: $59.00
People and Issues in Latin American History From Independence to the Present Sources and In... by Hanke, Lewis, Rausch, Jane M. ISBN: 9781558760189 List Price: $19.95
Post-War Reconstruction in Central America Lessons from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua by Ardon, Patricia, Eade, Debo... ISBN: 9780855984052 List Price: $23.95
Diplomacy of the Mexican Empire by Blumberg, Arnold ISBN: 9780898749311 List Price: $19.95
Changing Networks Mexico's Telecommunications Options by Cowhey, Peter, Aronson, Jon... ISBN: 9780935391862 List Price: $12.95
Mexico: The Struggle for Modernity - Charles C. Cumberland - Paperback by Cumberland, Charles C. ISBN: 9780195007664 List Price: $10.95
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean by Collier, Simon, Blakemore, ... ISBN: 9780521262637 List Price: $55.00
Latin America The People And Their History by Beezley, William H., Maclac... ISBN: 9780495050162 List Price: $51.95
Transcending Conquest Nahua Views of Spanish Colonial Mexico by Wood, Stephanie Gail ISBN: 9780806134864 List Price: $36.95
Fragments of the Mexican Revolution: Personal Accounts from the Border by Martínez, Oscar J. ISBN: 9780826306944 List Price: $24.95
Brief History of Central America by Foster, Lynn V. ISBN: 9780816039623 List Price: $45.00
Colonial Lives Documents on Latin American History, 1550-1850 by Boyer, Richard, Spurling, G... ISBN: 9780195125115 List Price: $57.00
Mexican Suite A History of Photography in Mexico by Debroise, Olivier, de Sá Re... ISBN: 9780292716117 List Price: $60.00
History of Nicaragua by Staten, Clifford L. ISBN: 9780313360374
Secret War in Mexico by Katz, Friedrich ISBN: 9780226425894 List Price: $27.50
Colonial Latin America by Burkholder, Mark A., Johnso... ISBN: 9780195320428 List Price: $49.95
Cambridge History of Latin America Latin America Since 1930 Mexico, Central America and the ... by Bethell, Leslie, Bethell, L... ISBN: 9780521245180 List Price: $242.00
History of Panama by Harding, Robert C., Harding... ISBN: 9780313333224 List Price: $45.00
African Experience in Spanish America by Rout, Leslie B., Flores, Ju... ISBN: 9781558763210 List Price: $32.95
Zapatistas: Rebellion from the Grassroots to the Global (Rebels) by Khasnabish, Alex ISBN: 9781848132078 List Price: $117.95
A Brief History of Argentina by Brown, Jonathan C. ISBN: 9780816077960 List Price: $49.50
History of Honduras by Leonard, Thomas M. ISBN: 9780313363030
Culture and Customs of Mexico by Standish, Peter, Bell, Stev... ISBN: 9780313304125 List Price: $51.95
Ireland and the Americas Culture, Politics, and History by Byrnes, James P., Coleman, ... ISBN: 9781851096145 List Price: $270.00
Conflict on the Rio Grande: Water and the Law, 1879-1939 by Littlefield, Douglas R. ISBN: 9780806139982 List Price: $39.95
Modern Latin America by Skidmore, Thomas E., Smith,... ISBN: 9780195100174 List Price: $32.95
Politics of Coalition Rule in Colombia by Hartlyn, Jonathan ISBN: 9780521340557 List Price: $47.50
Bolivia by Klein, Herbert S. ISBN: 9780195057348 List Price: $45.00
Maya Wars Ethnographic Accounts from Nineteenth-Century Yucatan by Rugeley, Terry ISBN: 9780806133553 List Price: $24.95
History of Latin America - Benjamin Keen by Keen, Benjamin, Wasserman, ... ISBN: 9780395359426 List Price: $33.16
Digitacion Para El Dominio De LA Computadora/Keyboarding for Computer Success by Robinson, Jerry W., Jr., Ho... ISBN: 9780538698634 List Price: $36.95
Mexico An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture and History by Coerver, Don M., Pasztor, S... ISBN: 9781576071328 List Price: $85.00
Ancient Inca World by Suarez, Ananda Cohen, Georg... ISBN: 9780816074495 List Price: $70.00
Colonial Spanish America by Bethell, Leslie ISBN: 9780521349246 List Price: $20.95
A Brief History of Brazil by Meade, Teresa A. ISBN: 9780816077885 List Price: $49.50
Capturing the Revolution The United States, Central America, and Nicaragua, 1961-1972 by Gambone, Michael D. ISBN: 9780275965945 List Price: $113.95
Brief History of Central America by Foster, Lynn V. ISBN: 9780816066711 List Price: $49.50
Early Brazil : A Documentary Collection To 1700 by Schwartz, Stuart B. ISBN: 9780521124539 List Price: $27.99
Encyclopedia of Ancient MesoAmerica by Bunson, Stephen M., Bunson,... ISBN: 9780816024025 List Price: $45.00
Legacy of Promises: Agriculture, Politics, and Ritual in the Morelos Highlands of Mexico - G... by de la Peña, Guillermo ISBN: 9780292746305 List Price: $25.00
Bolivia by Morales, Waltraud Q. ISBN: 9780816078776 List Price: $49.50
Dog Who Spoke and More Mayan Folktales : El perro que hablo y mas cuentos Mayas by Sexton, James D., Mejia-Rod... ISBN: 9780806141305 List Price: $24.95
Argentina A City and a Nation by Scobie, James R. ISBN: 9780195014808 List Price: $45.95
Defense Industries in Latin American Countries Argentina, Brazil, and Chile by Maldifassi, Jose O., Abetti... ISBN: 9780275947293 List Price: $92.95
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