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Memoria De Lecciones Aprendidas De Los Terremotos Del 2001 En El Salvador by Jenkins, Jorge J. ISBN: 9780756722074 List Price: $30.00
Documenting Latin America, Volume 1 by O'Connor, Erin, Garofalo, Leo ISBN: 9780132085083 List Price: $46.67
Latinoamerica Presente Y Pasado by Fox, Arturo A. ISBN: 9780132231466 List Price: $92.60
History of Latin America - Volume 1 by Keen, Benjamin, Haynes, Keith ISBN: 9780618783205 List Price: $75.95
A Brief History of Brazil by Meade, Teresa A. ISBN: 9780816077892 List Price: $19.95
Contemporary History of Latin America by Halperín Donghi, Tulio, Cha... ISBN: 9780822313748 List Price: $27.95
A Peasant of El Salvador: A Play (English and Spanish Edition) by Peter Gould, Stephen Stearns ISBN: 9780915731015
Human Tradition in Latin America The Nineteenth Century by Ewell, Judith, Beezley, Wil... ISBN: 9780842023320 List Price: $17.95
Understanding Contemporary Latin America (Understanding Series) by Unknown ISBN: 9781555878573 List Price: $23.50
People and Issues in Latin American History: The Colonial Experience by Lewis Hanke ISBN: 9781558762343 List Price: $24.95
Latin America The People And Their History by Beezley, William H., Maclac... ISBN: 9780495050162 List Price: $51.95
Brief History of Central America by Foster, Lynn V. ISBN: 9780816066711 List Price: $49.50
Modern Latin America by Skidmore, Thomas E., Smith,... ISBN: 9780195129953 List Price: $59.95
Post-War Reconstruction in Central America Lessons from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua by Ardon, Patricia, Eade, Debo... ISBN: 9780855984052 List Price: $23.95
Mexico: The Struggle for Modernity - Charles C. Cumberland - Paperback by Cumberland, Charles C. ISBN: 9780195007664 List Price: $10.95
Intellectuals and the State in Twentieth-Century Mexico by Camp, Roderic Ai ISBN: 9780292738393 List Price: $30.00
Brief History of Central America by Foster, Lynn V. ISBN: 9780816039623 List Price: $45.00
Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil by Scott, Rebecca J., Drescher... ISBN: 9780822308881 List Price: $22.95
Course of Mexican History by Meyer, Michael C., Sherman,... ISBN: 9780195148190 List Price: $61.95
Puerto Rico: Culture, Politics, and Identity by Nancy Morris ISBN: 9780275954529 List Price: $35.00
Caudillo and Peasant in the Mexican Revolution by Brading, D. A. ISBN: 9780521229975 List Price: $74.95
Competing Voices from the Mexican Revolution: Fighting Words by Frazer, Ph.D., Christopher ... ISBN: 9781846450372 List Price: $65.00
History of Panama by Harding, Robert C., Harding... ISBN: 9780313333224 List Price: $45.00
Transcending Conquest Nahua Views of Spanish Colonial Mexico by Wood, Stephanie Gail ISBN: 9780806134864 List Price: $36.95
Latin America A Social History of the Colonial Period by Jonathan C. Brown ISBN: 9780030553875 List Price: $65.95
Colonial Lives Documents on Latin American History, 1550-1850 by Boyer, Richard, Spurling, G... ISBN: 9780195125115 List Price: $57.00
Ticos Culture and Social Change in Costa Rica by Biesanz, Mavis H., Biesanz,... ISBN: 9781555877378 List Price: $22.50
Mexican Suite A History of Photography in Mexico by Debroise, Olivier, de Sá Re... ISBN: 9780292716117 List Price: $60.00
Encyclopedia of Ancient MesoAmerica by Bunson, Stephen M., Bunson,... ISBN: 9780816024025 List Price: $45.00
The History of Mexico: From Pre-Conquest to Present by Russell, Philip ISBN: 9780415872362 List Price: $125.00
Bureaucrats of Buenos Aires, 1769-1810 Amor Al Real Servicio by Socolow, Susan M. ISBN: 9780822307532 List Price: $64.95
West Indians of Costa Rica Race Class and the Integration of an Ethnic Minority by Harpelle, Ronald N. ISBN: 9780773522817 List Price: $32.95
History of Latin America,comp. by Keen, Benjamin ISBN: 9780395472897 List Price: $37.96
Fragments of the Mexican Revolution: Personal Accounts from the Border by Martínez, Oscar J. ISBN: 9780826306944 List Price: $24.95
Colonial Latin America by Burkholder, Mark A., Johnso... ISBN: 9780195137026 List Price: $30.95
Mexico, the End of the Revolution by Donald C. Hodges, Ross Gandy ISBN: 9780275973339 List Price: $36.95
Protecting Watershed Areas Case of the Panama Canal by Ashton, Mark S., O'Hara, Je... ISBN: 9781560220664 List Price: $32.95
Verapaz in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries A Contribution to the Historical Geograph... by Sapper, Karl, Gutman, Theod... ISBN: 9780917956461 List Price: $9.00
Course of Mexican History by Meyer, Michael C., Sherman,... ISBN: 9780195089806 List Price: $30.95
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