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Valore Books is proud to provide a great selection of history books on all manner of different peoples and parts of the world. Now you have an opportunity to buy cheap Jewish textbooks that reveal much about the history of these people. Look out for a wide range of books including Ancient Israel; Autobiography of a Seventeenth Century Venetian Rabbi: Leon Modena's Life of Judah; Jews, Germans and Allies: Close Encounters in Occupied Germany; and Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics. We have many other affordable books to consider as well, since we buy back Jewish books whenever we have the chance to do so. This helps us expand our collection and it helps you get the cheapest deals on pre-owned text books. Whatever books you may be searching for, history lessons can be made easier when you buy used Jewish textbooks from us here now.

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Jewish Contribution to Civilization by Cohen, Jeremy, Cohen, Jerem... ISBN: 9781904113522 List Price: $55.00
Jews of Medieval Western Christendom by Chazan, Robert ISBN: 9780521846660 List Price: $100.00
Last Selection: A Child's Journey through the Holocaust by Kalib, Goldie S., Kalib, Sy... ISBN: 9780870237584 List Price: $32.50
Last Dance at the Hotel Kempinski: Creating a Life in the Shadow of History by Hirsch, Robin ISBN: 9780874517132 List Price: $35.00
Jewish Role in American Life An Annual Review by Heinze, Andrew R., Kitaj, R... ISBN: 9781557534460 List Price: $25.00
Essays in Honour of Yigael Yadin - Geza Vermes - Hardcover by Vermes, Geza, Neusner, Jacob ISBN: 9780865981027 List Price: $72.00
Nourished with Peace: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism in Memory of Samuel Sandmel - Frederick... by Greenspahn, Frederick E., H... ISBN: 9780891307402 List Price: $27.95
Nazism, the Jews, and American Zionism, 1933-1948 by Berman, Aaron ISBN: 9780814322321 List Price: $19.95
Reshaping the Past Jewish History and the Historians by Frankel, Jonathan ISBN: 9780195093551 List Price: $150.00
The Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan by Chaim A. Kaplan ISBN: 9780253335340 List Price: $39.95
Second Exodus The American Movement to Free Soviet Jews by Friedman, Murray, Chernin, ... ISBN: 9780874519129 List Price: $45.00
Witnesses Life in Occupied Krakow by Marianska-Peleg, Miriam, Pe... ISBN: 9780415065238 List Price: $25.00
Jewish Immigrants by Worth, Richard, Asher, Robert ISBN: 9780816056842 List Price: $35.00
Trent 1475 by Hsia, R. Po-chia ISBN: 9780300051063 List Price: $30.00
Founding Myths of Israel by Sternhell, Zeev, Maisel, David ISBN: 9780691016948 List Price: $55.00
Partition of Palestine Decision Crossroads in the Zionist Movement by Galnoor, Itzhak ISBN: 9780791421932 List Price: $27.50
Making of the Jewish Middle Class Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany by Kaplan, Marion A. ISBN: 9780195039528 List Price: $95.00
For Whom Do I Toil Judah Leib Gordon and the Crisis of Russian Jewry by Stanislawski, Michael ISBN: 9780195042900 List Price: $110.00
History of the Jews in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem by Prawer, Joshua ISBN: 9780198225577 List Price: $95.00
Jewish Civilization The Jewish Historical Experience in a Comparative Perspective by Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. ISBN: 9780791410950 List Price: $25.50
Jews on the Move Implications for Jewish Identity by Goldstein, Sidney, Goldstei... ISBN: 9780791427484 List Price: $29.95
Greece a Jewish History by Fleming, K. E. ISBN: 9780691102726 List Price: $35.00
Maintaining Consensus: The Canadian Jewish Polity in the Postwar World by Elazar, Daniel J., Waller, ... ISBN: 9780819176103 List Price: $61.00
Unspeakable Secrets and the Psychoanalysis of Culture by Rashkin, Esther ISBN: 9780791475331 List Price: $75.00
Last Jews of Cochin by Katz, Nathan, Goldberg, Ell... ISBN: 9780872498471 List Price: $39.95
Coping With Life and Death Jewish Families in the Twentieth Century by Medding, Peter Y. ISBN: 9780195128208 List Price: $120.00
Clash of Heroes Brandeis, Weizmann, and American Zionism by Halpern, Ben ISBN: 9780195040623 List Price: $110.00
Hope Fulfilled The Rise of Modern Israel by Stein, Leslie ISBN: 9780275978150 List Price: $33.95
The Bulgarian Jews and the Final Solution, 1940-1944 by Chary, Frederick B. ISBN: 9780822984436 List Price: $25.95
United States Authors Series - Abraham Cahan by Marovitz ISBN: 9780805739930 List Price: $35.00
Reflections of Southern Jewry The Letters of Charles Wessolowsky 1878-1879 by Schmier, Louis ISBN: 9780865540200 List Price: $12.95
The Italian Refuge: Rescue of Jews During the Holocaust by Herzer, Ivo, Voigt, Klaus, ... ISBN: 9780813207124 List Price: $19.95
Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics by Kagan, Richard L., Dyer, Ab... ISBN: 9781421403403 List Price: $60.00
Jews and the Mediterranean Economy 10th-15th C. by Ashtor, Eliyahu ISBN: 9780860781288
Religion and Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union, 1941-1964 by Altshuler, Mordechai, Stern... ISBN: 9781611682717 List Price: $85.00
The German Jews in America: A Minority within a Minority by Gerhard Falk ISBN: 9780761863052 List Price: $60.00
Ottoman Middle East : Studies in Honor of Amnon Cohen by Ginio, Eyal, Podeh, Elie ISBN: 9789004246133 List Price: $141.00
Jewish Culture in Early Modern Europe : Essays in Honor of David B. Ruderman by Ruderman, David B., Cohen, ... ISBN: 9780822944331
Evolving Jewish Identities in German Culture Borders and Crossings by Feldman, Linda E., Orendi, ... ISBN: 9780275955571 List Price: $85.00
To Tell At Last by Rosenberg, Blanca ISBN: 9780252019982 List Price: $14.95
War of the Doomed Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland, 1942-1944 by Krakowski, Shmuel ISBN: 9780841908512 List Price: $44.50
Israel State and Society, 1948-1988 by Medding, Peter Y. ISBN: 9780195058277 List Price: $111.00
Israelite and Judaean History by Hayes, John H., Miller, J. ... ISBN: 9780334024354 List Price: $39.95
Contemporary Jewish Thought; B'Nai B'rith Historr of the Jewish People (the B'Nai B'rith His... by Noveck, Simon, Neiditch, Mi... ISBN: 9780910250092 List Price: $12.00
Zionism The Crucial Phase by Vital, David ISBN: 9780198219323 List Price: $125.00
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