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Among all the college subjects and topics you could learn about, the Holocaust is definitely among the most emotive and controversial of them all. We have a select array of used Holocaust text books to help you navigate your way through history, and through your history course as well. You can learn about topics from ideology to annihilation and find out more about the bystanders who were there. The aftermath, stories from prisoners of the time and much more - it's all here in our incredible and emotive collection of textbooks. Buy Holocaust textbooks from us online today. Alternatively, rent them out when you need them - it's your choice. From The Diary of Anne Frank to Images from the Holocaust, A Literature Anthology, you'll be able to learn more than ever for your college history course. Don't forget we also run a buyback service if you want to sell back your books once you're finished.

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Shuva : The Future of the Jewish Past by Kurtzer, Yehuda ISBN: 9781611682304 List Price: $85.00
Echoes From Holocaust by Kimmelman, Mira R. ISBN: 9780870499685 List Price: $34.00
I Light a Candle by Turgel, Gena ISBN: 9780853033158 List Price: $16.95
From Guilt to Shame: Auschwitz and After (20/21) by Leys, R. ISBN: 9780691143323 List Price: $24.95
Rena's Promise by Gelissen, Rena K., Macadam,... ISBN: 9780807070703 List Price: $23.00
Tremendum: A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust by Cohen, Arthur A. ISBN: 9780824508661 List Price: $9.95
Wannsee House and the Holocaust by Lehrer, Steven ISBN: 9780786407927 List Price: $39.95
German Public and the Persecution of Jews, 1933-1945 No One Participated, No One Knew by Wollenberg, Jorg, Pribic, R... ISBN: 9780391039148 List Price: $17.50
Restitution and Memory Material Restitution in Europe by Diner, Dan, Wunberg, Gotthard ISBN: 9781845452209 List Price: $89.50
Teaching Holocaust Literature by Totten, Samuel ISBN: 9780205274024 List Price: $27.00
Haunting Past History, Memory, and Justice in Contemporary France by Rousso, Henry, Avni, Ora, P... ISBN: 9780812236453 List Price: $55.00
Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust by Gilbert, Martin ISBN: 9780415281454 List Price: $100.00
After Eichmann Collective Memory And Holocaust Since 1961 by Cesarani, David ISBN: 9780415360159 List Price: $105.00
Jews Were Expendable Free World Diplomacy and the Holocaust by Penkower, Monty N. ISBN: 9780814319529 List Price: $26.95
Teaching About The Holocaust A Resource Book For Educators by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756740801 List Price: $25.00
Voices From Holocaust by Cargas, Harry J. ISBN: 9780813118024 List Price: $24.00
Diary of Anne Frank (Monarch Notes) by Frank, Anne ISBN: 9780671005610 List Price: $3.95
They Were Few by Bronowski, Alexander ISBN: 9780820416298 List Price: $44.95
Historiker im Nationalsozialismus. by Haar, Ingo ISBN: 9783525359426
Vom Recht zur Geschichte : Akten aus NS-Prozessen als Quellen der Zeitgeschichte by Wirsching, Andreas, Wirschi... ISBN: 9783525355008
Architectural Representations of the Holocaust : Shoah Presence by Neuman, Eran ISBN: 9781409429234 List Price: $109.95
Auschwitz the End of a Legend A Critique of Jean-Claude Pressac by Mattogno, Carlo, Granata, R... ISBN: 9780939484508 List Price: $5.95
Literature of the Holocaust by Bloom, Harold, Bloom, Harol... ISBN: 9780791079850 List Price: $26.60
Long Night's Journey into Day by Eckardt, Alice L., Eckardt,... ISBN: 9780814320860 List Price: $23.95
Suffering Witness The Quandry of Responsibility After the Irreparable by Hatley, James ISBN: 9780791447062 List Price: $29.95
Living in the Shadow of the Freud Family by Freud, Sophie, Freud, Sophie ISBN: 9780275994150 List Price: $34.95
Delayed Impact : The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community by Bialystok, Franklin ISBN: 9780773537514 List Price: $29.95
Magda and Andr� Trocm� : Resistance Figures by Boismorand, Pierre ISBN: 9780773543522 List Price: $34.95
Every Day Lasts a Year : A Jewish Family's Correspondence from Poland by Browning, Christopher R., H... ISBN: 9781107668768
Confronting Evil Two Journeys by Katz, Fred Emil ISBN: 9780791460290 List Price: $57.50
Kibbutz Buchenwald Survivors and Pioneers by Baumel, Judith T. ISBN: 9780813523361 List Price: $48.00
Kindness of Truth and the Art of Reading Ashes by Lustigman, Michael M. ISBN: 9780820406725 List Price: $27.50
Leo Baeck A Radio Play Based on Authentic Texts by Sylvanus, Erwin, Dowdey, Da... ISBN: 9780820428062 List Price: $40.95
Long Night's Journey into Day A Revised Retrospective on the Holocaust by Eckardt, Alice L., Eckardt,... ISBN: 9780814320853 List Price: $44.95
Rising from the Ruins Reason, Being, and the Good After Auschwitz by Gillan, Garth Jackson ISBN: 9780791437346 List Price: $24.95
Suffering Witness The Quandry of Responsibility After the Irreparable by Hatley, James ISBN: 9780791447055 List Price: $66.50
German Public and the Persecution of Jews, 1933-1945 No One Participated, No One Knew by Wollenberg, Jorg, Pribic, R... ISBN: 9780391039131 List Price: $49.95
America and the Holocaust (Holocaust Studies Annual) by Pinsker, Sanford, Fischel, ... ISBN: 9780913283028 List Price: $15.00
Varieties of Fear: Growing Up Jewish Under Nazism and Communism by Kenez, Peter ISBN: 9781879383296 List Price: $65.00
Varieties of Fear: Growing Up Jewish Under Nazism and Communism by Kenez, Peter ISBN: 9781879383302 List Price: $29.50
The Darkness We Carry: The Drama of the Holocaust by Skloot, Robert ISBN: 9780299116606 List Price: $35.00
Daily Life During the Holocaust : Online by Soumerai, Eve Nussbaum, Sch... ISBN: 9780313326646 List Price: $70.00
Learning about the Holocaust: Literature and Other Resources for Young People by Stephens, Elaine C., Brown,... ISBN: 9780208024084 List Price: $21.50
Resistance During The Holocaust by Unknown ISBN: 9780756740795 List Price: $15.00
Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust: The Complete History by Gilbert, Martin ISBN: 9780460861724
Civil Courage: A Response to Contemporary Conflict and Prejudice by Kramer, Naomi ISBN: 9781433100574 List Price: $88.95
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