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Frank Ankersmit's Lost Historical Cause by Icke, Peter ISBN: 9780415808033
Historical and Psychological Inquiry by Elovitz, Paul H. ISBN: 9780962726804 List Price: $48.00
Historical and Psychological Inquiry by Elovitz, Paul H. ISBN: 9780962726811 List Price: $60.00
50 Klassiker der Zeitgeschichte by Danyel, Jürgen, Kirsch, Jan... ISBN: 9783525360248
Wohin treibt die DDR-Erinnerung? by Sabrow, Martin, Zündorf, Ir... ISBN: 9783525362990
History and ...: Histories within the Human Sciences by Cohen, Ralph, Roth, Michael S. ISBN: 9780813914985 List Price: $67.50
Oral and Written Narratives and Cultural Identity Interdisciplinary Approaches by Fagundes, Francisco Cota, B... ISBN: 9780820488615 List Price: $78.95
Microhistory and the Picaresque Novel by Haan, de Binne, Mierau, Kon... ISBN: 9781443859899
Die Legitimitat der Erinnerung und die Geschichtswissenschaft (Studien zur Geschichte des Al... by Wischermann, Clemens ISBN: 9783515069847 List Price: $67.00
Human Record by Andrea, Alfred J. ISBN: 9780395773901 List Price: $35.96
History Sells!: Angewandte Geschichte als Wissenschaft und Markt (German Edition) by Hardtwig, Wolfgang, Hardtwi... ISBN: 9783515093361 List Price: $71.00
Die Kunst der Geschichte: Historiographie, Asthetik, Erzahlung (German Edition) by Baumeister, Martin, Follmer... ISBN: 9783525363843 List Price: $73.00
Critical Self-Fashioning: Stephen Greenblatt and the New Historicism by Pieters, Jürgen ISBN: 9780820436401 List Price: $39.95
On the Writing of History by Oman, Charles William Chadwick ISBN: 9780598503220 List Price: $98.90
Joe Gould's Teeth by Lepore, Jill ISBN: 9781101971796
People Need to Know : Confronting History in the Heartland by Lucas, Robert M. ISBN: 9781433129780
Prosopographie des Secr�taires de la Cour de Bourgogne (1384-1477) by Cockshaw, P., Cockshaw, Pierre ISBN: 9783799579162
Handbook on the Economics of Cultural Heritage by Rizzo, Ilde, Mignosa, Anna ISBN: 9781782547488 List Price: $69.95
Oral History, Health and Welfare by Bornat, Joanna, Perks, Robert ISBN: 9781138868250
Key Issues in Historical Theory by Paul, Herman ISBN: 9781138802728
Rock Creek Park by Spilsbury, Gail Dickerson ISBN: 9781931868051 List Price: $14.95
Between Time and Space by Riukulehto, Sulevi ISBN: 9781443875448
Must We Divide History into Periods? by Le Goff, Jacques, Debevoise... ISBN: 9780231173001 List Price: $30.00
Oxford History of Historical Writing : Volume 5: Historical Writing Since 1945 by Schneider, Axel, Woolf, Daniel ISBN: 9780198737971 List Price: $60.00
Oxford History of Historical Writing : Volume 1: Beginnings to AD 600 by Feldherr, Andrew, Hardy, Grant ISBN: 9780198737803 List Price: $60.00
Routledge Library Editions: Historiography by Unknown ISBN: 9781138999589
History in Practice by Jordanova, Ludmilla ISBN: 9781780933313
Historiography in the Modern World : Western and Indian Perspectives by Upadhyay, Shashi Bhushan ISBN: 9780199459704 List Price: $75.00
Killing of History : How a Discipline Is Being Murdered by Literary Criticism by Windschuttle, Keith ISBN: 9780646206387 List Price: $24.95
Ibn Khaldun : A Reinterpretation by Al-Azmeh, Aziz ISBN: 9781138992306
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