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From France to Germany, the Baltic States to Russia and right back to the Soviet Union, our collection of used Europe textbooks will provide you with all the knowledge you desire about European history and modern topics as well. Take full advantage and buy or rent cheap Europe textbooks now to help you complete your chosen course. Learn more about early Modern Europe, or go back to the ancient Mediterranean world and learn what European life was like in the Stone Age. From making Europe to learning how modern life has developed from ancient times, you'll become an expert on Europe with our collection of pre-owned textbooks. Affordable rates on books to buy or rent are available, and we'll even buy back your old Europe textbooks once you no longer need them. Affordable textbooks in great condition at discounted prices - that's the promise you'll get from Valore Books, so shop here now for satisfaction.

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Glorious Revolution by Miller, John ISBN: 9780582292222 List Price: $20.00
Elizabeth I by Haigh, Christopher ISBN: 9780582437548 List Price: $30.00
France and the Dreyfus Affair by Burns, Michael ISBN: 9780312111670 List Price: $184.88
Modern Spain A Documentary History by Cowans, Jon ISBN: 9780812218466 List Price: $24.95
Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks: Second Edition by Garland, Robert ISBN: 9780313358142 List Price: $49.95
Cambridge Old English Reader by Marsden, Richard C., Orchar... ISBN: 9780521456128 List Price: $45.99
French Revolution by Bosher, J. F. ISBN: 9780393959970 List Price: $17.40
Scottish Crofters A Historical Ethnography of a Celtic Village by Parman, Susan ISBN: 9780534633240 List Price: $42.95
Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848 1918 by Taylor, Alan J. ISBN: 9780198812708 List Price: $52.95
Reinterpreting Russian History Readings 860-180s by Kaiser, Daniel H., Marker, ... ISBN: 9780195078589 List Price: $39.95
Modern Italy by Clark, Martin ISBN: 9781405823524 List Price: $51.80
Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After by Crampton, R. J. ISBN: 9780415164238 List Price: $42.95
Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200 by O'Croinin, Daibhi ISBN: 9780582015654 List Price: $52.50
Nazi Germany Sourcebook An Anthology of Texts by Stackelberg, Roderick, Wink... ISBN: 9780415222143 List Price: $41.95
Account, Much Abbreviated, of the Destruction of the Indies With Reated Texts by de Las Casas, Bartolome, Hu... ISBN: 9780872206250 List Price: $12.95
Kaiser Wilhelm II by Clark, Christopher ISBN: 9780582245594 List Price: $30.00
Europe Between the Wars by Kitchen, Martin ISBN: 9780582894143 List Price: $44.40
Modern Europe, 1789-Present by Briggs, Asa, Clavin, Patricia ISBN: 9780582772601 List Price: $51.80
Rumania 1866-1947 by Hitchins, Keith ISBN: 9780198221265 List Price: $199.00
British Empire by Samson, Jane ISBN: 9780192892935 List Price: $46.95
Alhambra A Cycle of Studies on 11th Century in Moorish Spain by Bargebuhr, Fredrick P. ISBN: 9783110005240 List Price: $226.80
IRA: The Bombs and the Bullets:A History of Deadly Ingenuity by Oppenheimer, A. R., English... ISBN: 9780716528944
Modern Europe Sources and Perspectives from History by Swanson, John C., Melancon,... ISBN: 9780321086488 List Price: $80.80
The Social Interpretation Of The French Revolution by Cobban, Alfred, Cobban, Alf... ISBN: 9780521667678 List Price: $38.99
Spanish Society, 1400-1600 by Ruiz, Teofilo F. ISBN: 9780582286924 List Price: $53.20
Anglo-Saxon England by Stenton, Frank M. ISBN: 9780192801395 List Price: $35.00
Bear Went over the Mountain Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan by Grau, Lester W. ISBN: 9780788146657 List Price: $35.00
Nazi War on Cancer by Proctor, Robert N. ISBN: 9780691070513 List Price: $31.95
Spain since 1812 by Ross, Christopher J. ISBN: 9780340981740 List Price: $34.95
History of Modern France by Popkin, Jeremy D. ISBN: 9780131932937 List Price: $76.20
Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791 by Carnes, Mark C., Barnard Un... ISBN: 9780321332295 List Price: $26.00
Cambridge History of Scandinavia Prehistory to 1520 by Helle, Knut, Helle, Knut, K... ISBN: 9780521472999 List Price: $265.00
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