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From France to Germany, the Baltic States to Russia and right back to the Soviet Union, our collection of used Europe textbooks will provide you with all the knowledge you desire about European history and modern topics as well. Take full advantage and buy or rent cheap Europe textbooks now to help you complete your chosen course. Learn more about early Modern Europe, or go back to the ancient Mediterranean world and learn what European life was like in the Stone Age. From making Europe to learning how modern life has developed from ancient times, you'll become an expert on Europe with our collection of pre-owned textbooks. Affordable rates on books to buy or rent are available, and we'll even buy back your old Europe textbooks once you no longer need them. Affordable textbooks in great condition at discounted prices - that's the promise you'll get from Valore Books, so shop here now for satisfaction.

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French Revolutionary Wars by Duffy, M ISBN: 9780582068261
Roman Villa at Shakenoak Farm, Oxfordshire, Excavations 1960-1976 by Brodbribb, A. C. C., Hands,... ISBN: 9781841718576
Norwich Greyfriars : Pre-Conquest Town and Medieval Friary by Emery, Phillip A., Rutledge... ISBN: 9780905594460
Theodor Heuss : B�rger Im Zeitalter der Extreme by Becker, Ernst Wolfgang ISBN: 9783170214903
Die Welfen : Von der Reformation Bis 1918 by Aschoff, Hans-Georg ISBN: 9783170204263
Europe, Strategy and Armed Forces : The Making of a Distinctive Power by Biscop, Sven, Coelmont, Jo ISBN: 9780415716901
Reflections on the Revolution in France with the First Letter on a Regicide Peace by Burke, Edmund, Hampsher-Mon... ISBN: 9780521843935
Book of Guy Fawkes Day and Its Bonfire Night Volume I : The Big Blast by Bladey, Conrad ISBN: 9780985448615 List Price: $60.00
European History and Culture in the 20th Century by Koshar, Rudy ISBN: 9780495009108
Book of Guy Fawkes Day and Its Bonfire Night Volume IV to Fawkes or Not to Fawkes That Is th... by Bladey, Conrad Jay, Bladey,... ISBN: 9780985448653 List Price: $30.00
Germany, Nineteen Eighteen to Nineteen Forty-Nine by White, Alan, Hadley, Eric ISBN: 9780785537274
Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond : Cronica Jocelini de Brakelonda by Madison & Monroe Press, Kil... ISBN: 9780988850415 List Price: $19.99
Book of Guy Fawkes Day and Its Bonfire Night Volume V, Pray to Remember Gunpowder Treason Se... by Bladey, Conrad Jay, Bladey,... ISBN: 9780985448646 List Price: $30.00
Apparelling of Truth : Literature and Literary Culture in the Reign of James VI by McGinley, Kevin J., Royan, ... ISBN: 9781443818735
Greece and Britain Since 1945 by Wills, David ISBN: 9781443819626
Fresche Fontanis: Studies in the Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Scotland by Janet Hadley Williams ISBN: 9781443844819 List Price: $101.99
Legends and Commemorative Celebrations of St. Kentigern, His Friends and Disciples by Stevenson, William ISBN: 9781559320481 List Price: $21.50
1715 : The Story of the Rising by Tayler, Alistar, Tayler, He... ISBN: 9781559321808 List Price: $53.95
Nazi Germany 1933-45 : Enquiring History for a Level by Culpin, Christopher, Byrom,... ISBN: 9781444178777
Forty-Five : A Narrative of the Last Jacobite Rising by Several Contemporary Hands by Terry, Charles Sanford ISBN: 9781107425903 List Price: $28.99
Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914-22 by Frame, Murray, Kolonitskii,... ISBN: 9780893574246
No Picnic by Thompson, Julian F. ISBN: 9780685168547 List Price: $4.95
U. S. S. R. Supreme Soviet at Work by Jha, S. K. ISBN: 9780898910315 List Price: $50.00
Charlemagne in Spain : The Cultural Legacy of Roncesvalles by Sholod, B. ISBN: 9780317559095 List Price: $30.00
Scotland in the Middle Ages by Innes, Cosmo N. ISBN: 9781559321402 List Price: $61.75
Exmoor - Dartmoor by Greeves, Lydia, McBride, Simon ISBN: 9781857931501
Aftermath : Legacies and Memories of War in Europe, 1918-1945-1989 by Martin, Nicholas, Purseigle... ISBN: 9781409444282 List Price: $119.95
Digging the Seam : Popular Cultures of the 1984/5 Miners Strike by Popple, Simon, Macdonald, W... ISBN: 9781443840811
Debating the End of Yugoslavia by Bieber, Florian, Galijas, A... ISBN: 9781409467113 List Price: $119.95
Henrietta Howard : King's Mistress, Queen's Servant by Borman, Tracy ISBN: 9781407443072
God's Zoo by Kociejowski ISBN: 9781847774484
Rulership and Rebellion in the Anglo-Norman World 1066-1216 by Dalton, Paul, Luscombe, David ISBN: 9781472413734 List Price: $124.95
Survey of Modern Europe since the Reformation by Johns, Michael, J. ISBN: 9781465209849 List Price: $45.95
Keyes Papers, 1938-1945 by Halpern, Paul G. ISBN: 9780317441680
Piobaireachd : Its Origin and Construction by Grant, John ISBN: 9781559320672 List Price: $27.75
Edwards in Scotland, AD Twelve Ninety-Six to Thirteen Seventy-Seven by Bain, Joseph ISBN: 9781559321112 List Price: $15.95
Life and Works of Sir Henry Mainwaring by Perrin, W. G., Manwaring, G... ISBN: 9780785539841
Colchester Past by Denney, Patrick ISBN: 9780869254219
Skye Pioneers and the Island by Macqueen, Malcolm ISBN: 9781559320337 List Price: $24.50
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