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From France to Germany, the Baltic States to Russia and right back to the Soviet Union, our collection of used Europe textbooks will provide you with all the knowledge you desire about European history and modern topics as well. Take full advantage and buy or rent cheap Europe textbooks now to help you complete your chosen course. Learn more about early Modern Europe, or go back to the ancient Mediterranean world and learn what European life was like in the Stone Age. From making Europe to learning how modern life has developed from ancient times, you'll become an expert on Europe with our collection of pre-owned textbooks. Affordable rates on books to buy or rent are available, and we'll even buy back your old Europe textbooks once you no longer need them. Affordable textbooks in great condition at discounted prices - that's the promise you'll get from Valore Books, so shop here now for satisfaction.

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Cyprus : Reunification Proving Elusive by Morelli, Vincent ISBN: 9781437980400 List Price: $15.00
Life and Times of Godwine, Earl of Wessex by Grills, Hubert ISBN: 9781898281528
Royal Navy Victualling Yard, East Smithfield, London by Grainger, Ian, Phillpotts, ... ISBN: 9781901992892
Historic Whithorn : Archaelogy and Development by Oram, Martin, Mckean ISBN: 9781902771823
Historic Fraserburgh : Archaelogy and Development by Oram, R. D., Martin, P. F.,... ISBN: 9781902771793
Dictionary of British History by U. S. Government Staff ISBN: 9781931839525
World of Change : Britain in the Early Modern Age 1450-1700 by Kelly, Rosemary ISBN: 9780685379929 List Price: $45.00
Druidism Exhumed by Rust, James ISBN: 9781559320962 List Price: $49.50
Development of Southern French and Catalan Society, 718-1050 by Lewis, Archibald Ross ISBN: 9780598239747 List Price: $151.60
Monarchism in the Weimar Republic by Kaufmann, Walter H. ISBN: 9780598662422 List Price: $88.10
Judgment unto Truth : An American Memory by Jernazian, Ephraim K. ISBN: 9780862325626
Judgment unto Truth : An American Memory by Jernazian, Ephraim K. ISBN: 9780862325633
Thomas Dekker and the Culture of Pamphleteering in Early Modern London by Bayman, Anna ISBN: 9780754661733 List Price: $124.95
Flexibilit�t und Definitionsvielfalt Pomakischer Marginalit�t by Karagiannis, Evangelos ISBN: 9783447053051
Wilhelm Schott (1802-1889) : Leben und Wirken des Orientalisten by Walravens, Hartmut ISBN: 9783447043915
Die Ahhijawa-Frage : MIT Einer Kommentierten Bibliographie by Fischer, Robert ISBN: 9783447057493
Coventry Murders by Morgan, Vanessa ISBN: 9780750952217
Echoes of Their Footsteps Vol. 1 : The Quest for Irish Freedom 1913-1922 by Thorne, Kathleen Hegarty ISBN: 9780963356581 List Price: $49.95
Reconstructing Italy : The Ina-Casa Neighborhoods of Teh Postwar Era by Pilat, Stephanie Zeier ISBN: 9781409465805
Cr�nicas Hispanas Del Siglo XIII by Charlo Brea, Luis, Est�vez ... ISBN: 9782503532622
Born in the Ghetto : My Triumph over Adversity by Sef, Ariela Abramovich ISBN: 9781909719002
Land Tenure in the Colonies by Liversage, V. ISBN: 9781107636811 List Price: $26.99
Short History of Germany by Steinberg, S. H. ISBN: 9781107660168 List Price: $31.99
Archaeology and Celtic Myth : An Exploration by Waddell, John ISBN: 9781846824944
�gyptische und �gyptisierende Funde Von der Iberischen Halbinsel by Gamer-Wallert, Ingrid ISBN: 9783882260199
Die Inschriften der Stadt Pforzheim by Seeliger-Zeiss, Anneliese ISBN: 9783895003264
Die Inschriften der Stadt Hildesheim by Wulf, Christine, Rieckenber... ISBN: 9783895003271
Poblamiento en la Periferia de la Cuenca del Duero by Lopez Ambite, Fernando ISBN: 9781407309064
Bringing Peace to Chechnya? : Assessments and Implications by Nichol, Jim ISBN: 9781422380611 List Price: $20.00
Early Saxon Cemetary at Rayleigh, Essex : Excavations at the Former Park School by Ennis, Trevor, ALGAO East S... ISBN: 9781841940861
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