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Are you searching for some of the most affordable deals when it comes to getting the cheapest books on the history of Europe? Now you can do just that when you buy Western textbooks online on this particular area of the continent. Look for The Celts: History, Life and Culture; Scottish Crofters: A Historical Ethnography of a Celtic Village; Borrowed Soldiers; and Anatolia Land, Men and Gods in Asia Minor: The Celts in Anatolia and the Impact of Roman Rule. As you can see there is a wide selection of text books here for all college students to make the most of. We buy back Western books regularly to enable you to make an even wider choice of books. With great deals available all the time and the ability to rent cheap Western textbooks as well, you can see how easy it is to get the cheapest deals you want.

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Celts : History, Life, and Culture by Koch, John Thomas, Minard, ... ISBN: 9781598849646 List Price: $189.00
Scottish Crofters A Historical Ethnography of a Celtic Village by Parman, Susan ISBN: 9780534633240 List Price: $42.95
Borrowed Soldiers by Yockelson, Mitchell A., Eis... ISBN: 9780806139197 List Price: $29.95
The Druids by Lonigan, Paul R. ISBN: 9780313299551
Brussels: A Manifesto Towards the Capital of Europe by Aureli, Pier Vittorio, Tron... ISBN: 9789056625528
Irish Troops in Spanish Flanders 1586-1610 by Henry, Grainne ISBN: 9780716524854 List Price: $42.50
Celtic Heroic Age by Koch, John T., Carey, John ISBN: 9781891271045 List Price: $29.95
Magic Arts in Celtic Britain by Spence, Lewis ISBN: 9780893417635 List Price: $22.50
Historical Atlas of the Celtic World by Konstam, Angus, Kean, Roger ISBN: 9780816047611 List Price: $35.00
Poisoned Chalice by Freedman, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780691002330 List Price: $37.50
The Gibraltar Crusade: Castile and the Battle for the Strait (The Middle Ages Series) by O'Callaghan, Joseph F. ISBN: 9780812243024 List Price: $55.00
Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth Century by Jones, J. R. ISBN: 9780582056305 List Price: $41.60
The Rock of the Gibraltarians: A History of Gibraltar by Jackson, Williams G. ISBN: 9780948466144 List Price: $22.95
Colonial Spectacles The Netherlands And the Dutch East Indies at the World Exhibitions, 1880... by Bloembergen, Marieke, Jacks... ISBN: 9789971693305 List Price: $36.00
History of the Low Countries by Blom ISBN: 9781845452728 List Price: $29.95
Dutch Navy of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - Jaap R. Bruijn - Hardcover by Bruijn, Jaap R. ISBN: 9780872498754 List Price: $34.95
The French in Malta, 1798-1800 by Testa, Carmel ISBN: 9789990975291
Fifty Years Later: Antislavery, Capitalism and Modernity in the Dutch Orbit by Oostinde, Gert ISBN: 9780822955870 List Price: $22.50
Neanderthals on the Edge Papers from a Conference Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Forbe... by Stringer, C. B., Barton, R.... ISBN: 9781842170151 List Price: $56.00
Sumptuous Memories Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Tomb Sculpture by Scholten, Frits ISBN: 9789040094750 List Price: $110.00
Early Celtic Idea of History by Hughes, Kathleen ISBN: 9780521216753 List Price: $2.95
Celtic World by Green, Miranda J. ISBN: 9780415146272 List Price: $120.00
Der fruhe Zurcher Pietismus (1689-1721): Der soziale Hintergrund und die Denk- und Lebenswel... by Bü, tikofer, Kaspar, Bu... ISBN: 9783525558416 List Price: $144.00
Who's Who in the House 1921-2006 by Felice-Pace, Joe, Felice Pa... ISBN: 9789993271154
Celtic Heroic Age: Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe and Early Ireland and Wales - ... by Koch, John T., Koch, John T... ISBN: 9780964244610 List Price: $24.00
Jewellery in Malta: Treasures from the Island of the Knights (1530-1798) by Balzan, Francesca ISBN: 9789993272786 List Price: $125.00
Andorra (World Bibliographical Series) by Taylor, Barry ISBN: 9781851092116 List Price: $65.00
Medieval Malta: Studies on Malta before the Knights by Luttrell, Anthony ISBN: 9780904152029 List Price: $45.00
The Sephardi Heritage (v. 2) by Barnett, Richard, Schwab, W... ISBN: 9780948466113
Microstate Security in the Global System: EU-Malta Relations by Pace, Roderick ISBN: 9789990993875 List Price: $52.00
Jan van Ruusbroec: de mystieke vereniging met God (Dutch Edition) by Mommaers, P. ISBN: 9789042920453 List Price: $35.00
Cadastres, Misconceptions and Northern Gaul by Bonnie, Rick ISBN: 9789088900242 List Price: $52.00
One Hundred Years of Heritage, 1903-2003 (Insight Heritage Guides) by Gambin, Kenneth ISBN: 9789993239765 List Price: $9.95
Romegas (Maltese Social Studies) by Testa, Carmel ISBN: 9789993239079 List Price: $65.95
Malta and the Grand Tour (MALTESE SOCIAL STUDIES SERIES) by Freller, Thomas ISBN: 9789993272489 List Price: $75.00
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