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A History of Russia by Riasanovsky, Nicholas V., S... ISBN: 9780195341973 List Price: $64.95
A History of Russia since 1855 - Volume 2 by Riasanovsky, Nicholas V., S... ISBN: 9780195341997 List Price: $49.95
Russia in the Twentieth Century by Dziewanowski, M. K. ISBN: 9780130978523 List Price: $96.20
Russian Revolution by Fitzpatrick, Sheila ISBN: 9780199237678 List Price: $19.95
Reinterpreting Russian History Readings 860-180s by Kaiser, Daniel H., Marker, ... ISBN: 9780195078589 List Price: $39.95
History of Russia by Riasanovsky, Nicholas Valen... ISBN: 9780195153941 List Price: $69.95
History of Russia Peoples, Legends, Events, Forces by Stites, Richard, Evtuhov, C... ISBN: 9780395660720 List Price: $123.95
Law in Medieval Russia by Feldbrugge, Ferdinand ISBN: 9789004169852
A History of Russia to 1855 - Volume 1 by Riasanovsky, Nicholas, Stei... ISBN: 9780195341980 List Price: $49.95
Medieval Russia, 980-1584 by Martin, Janet L. B. ISBN: 9780521676366 List Price: $40.99
Russian Cultural Studies An Introduction by Kelly, Catriona, Shepherd, ... ISBN: 9780198715115 List Price: $60.00
Land of the Firebird: The Beauty of Old Russia by Suzanne Massie, Suzanne Massie ISBN: 9780964418417 List Price: $35.00
Russian Empire A Multiethnic History by Kappeler, Andreas, Clayton,... ISBN: 9780582234154 List Price: $56.00
Bear Went over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan by Lester W. Grau ISBN: 9780788146657 List Price: $34.99
Soviet Politics, 1917-1991 by McAuley, Mary ISBN: 9780198780670 List Price: $39.95
Russian Moment in World History by Poe, Marshall T. ISBN: 9780691126067 List Price: $16.95
First Hundred Years of Mikhail Bakhtin by Emerson, Caryl ISBN: 9780691050492 List Price: $24.95
Troubled Birth of Russian Democracy Parties, Personalities, and Programs by McFaul, Michael, Markov, Se... ISBN: 9780817992323 List Price: $24.95
Image of Peter the Great in Russian History and Thought by Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. ISBN: 9780195074802 List Price: $60.00
The Soviet Colossus: History and Aftermath by Kort, Michael ISBN: 9780765623874 List Price: $39.95
Routledge Atlas of Russian History by Gilbert, Martin ISBN: 9780415394840 List Price: $29.95
Structure of Soviet History Essays and Documents by Suny, Ronald Grigor ISBN: 9780195137040 List Price: $49.95
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 1917-1991 by McCauley, Martin ISBN: 9780582784659 List Price: $49.80
Emergence of Rus,750-1200 by Franklin, S., Shepard, J. ISBN: 9780582490918 List Price: $30.00
Russia's Wars of Emergence, 1460-1730 by Stevens, Carol B. ISBN: 9780582218918 List Price: $47.40
History of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Beyond by MacKenzie, David, Curran, M... ISBN: 9780534586997 List Price: $86.95
Military History of Russia From Ivan the Terrible to the War in Chechnya by Stone, David R. ISBN: 9780275985028 List Price: $49.95
Long Good-Bye : The Withdrawal of Russian Military Forces from the Baltic States by Beyrle, John R. ISBN: 9781569273715 List Price: $3.50
Russian Revolution by Wood, Anthony ISBN: 9780582355590 List Price: $20.00
Notes of a Red Guard by Dune, Eduard M., Koenker, D... ISBN: 9780252062773 List Price: $21.00
Modernization of Russia, 1676-1825 by Dixon, Simon, Beik, William... ISBN: 9780521379618 List Price: $32.99
Making of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1801 by Dukes, Paul ISBN: 9780582003248 List Price: $49.60
Chechnya: From Nationalism to Jihad by Hughes, James ISBN: 9780812220308 List Price: $26.50
The Soviet Colossus: History and Aftermath by Kort, Michael ISBN: 9780765623867 List Price: $98.95
Daily Life in the Soviet Union by Eaton, Katherine B. ISBN: 9780313316289 List Price: $51.95
Before Stalinism by Farber, Samuel ISBN: 9780860915300
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