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We've got an impressive selection of affordable text books on everything to do with this particular country. Buy cheap Italy textbooks today and find out more than you ever thought you'd know about the country's past. Look for The Italian Wars, 1494-1559: War, State and Society in Early Modern Europe; Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy; Modern Italy; and A Short History of Renaissance Italy. There are plenty more to discover as well, meaning you can get the cheapest deals on a wide range of fascinating text books for college. You can either buy these books outright or opt to rent used Italy textbooks in some cases instead. This gives you a different set of prices to consider, so make sure you make the most of these opportunities so you can get the best deals today. With the support of Valore Books, buying text books could be cheaper than you thought.

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Dialogue on the Government of Florence by Guicciardini, Francesco, Br... ISBN: 9780521456234 List Price: $33.99
Modern Italy by Clark, Martin ISBN: 9781405823524 List Price: $51.80
Major Problems in the History of the Italian Renaissance by Kohl, Benjamin G., Smith, A... ISBN: 9780669280029 List Price: $90.95
Italy and the West: Comparative Issues in Romanization by Simon Keay, Nicola Terrenato ISBN: 9781842170427 List Price: $60.00
Italy: From Revolution to Republic, 1700 to the Present by Di Scala, Spencer M. ISBN: 9780813344133 List Price: $51.00
Culture and Customs of Italy by Killinger, Charles ISBN: 9780313324895 List Price: $49.95
Norman Kingdom of Sicily by Matthew, Donald ISBN: 9780521269117 List Price: $48.00
Renaissance Florence by Paoletti, John, Crum, Roger ISBN: 9780521727877 List Price: $39.99
Dino Compagni's Chronicle of Florence by Bornstein, Daniel E. ISBN: 9780812212211 List Price: $22.50
Governors and Government in Early Sixteenth-Century Florence, 1502-1519 by Butters, H. C. ISBN: 9780198225935 List Price: $125.00
Cosimo "il Vecchio" de' Medici, 1389-1464: Essays in Commemoration of the 600th Anniversary ... by Ames-Lewis, Francis, Gombri... ISBN: 9780198173946 List Price: $98.00
Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy by Beales, Derek, Biagini, Eug... ISBN: 9780582369580 List Price: $32.40
History of Italy by Guicciardini, Francesco, Al... ISBN: 9780691008004 List Price: $29.95
Italy by Doumanis, Nicholas ISBN: 9780340691618 List Price: $35.00
Florentine Histories by Machiavelli, Niccolo, Banfi... ISBN: 9780691055213 List Price: $26.95
Florentine Histories by Machiavelli, Niccolo, Banfi... ISBN: 9780691008639 List Price: $35.00
Italian Wars, 1494-1559 : War, State and Society in Early Modern Europe by Mallett, M., Shaw, Christine ISBN: 9780582057586
Italian Humanism by Eugenio Garin ISBN: 9780837185781 List Price: $96.95
Historians and Historiography in the Italian Renaissance by Cochrane, Eric ISBN: 9780226111537 List Price: $20.00
Culture of the High Renaissance Ancients and Moderns in Sixteenth-Century Rome by Rowland, Ingrid D. ISBN: 9780521794411 List Price: $55.00
Before the Normans Southern Italy in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries by Kreutz, Barbara M. ISBN: 9780812215878 List Price: $21.95
Republic of St. Peter The Birth of the Papal State, 680-825 by Noble, Thomas F. ISBN: 9780812212396 List Price: $24.95
Medieval Italy: Texts in Translation (The Middle Ages Series) by Jansen, Katherine Ludwig, D... ISBN: 9780812241648 List Price: $75.00
Social Teachings of Vatican II Its Origin and Development--Catholic Social Ethics, an Histor... by Charles, Rodger, Hoke, Vict... ISBN: 9780898700138 List Price: $30.00
Italy A Reference Guide From The Renaissance To The Present by Sarti, Roland ISBN: 9780816045228 List Price: $85.00
Dino Compagni's Chronicle of Florence by Bornstein, Daniel E. ISBN: 9780812280128 List Price: $26.95
Pisa unita nelle Arti : Un profilo di Citta by Bruni, Stefano ISBN: 9788859609858
Italy in the 19th Century, 1796-1900 by Davis, John ISBN: 9780198731276 List Price: $55.00
Cremna in Pisidia An Ancient City in Peace and in War by Mitchell, Stephen, Cormack,... ISBN: 9780715626962 List Price: $59.50
Italy Since 1945 by McCarthy, Patrick ISBN: 9780198731696 List Price: $40.00
Culture of the High Renaissance by Rowland, Ingrid D. ISBN: 9780521581455 List Price: $75.00
World of the Italian Renaissance by Chamberlin, E. R. ISBN: 9780049000360 List Price: $10.95
Souls of Venice by Sethre, Janet ISBN: 9780786415731 List Price: $35.00
Triumph in Defeat: Military Loss and the Roman Republic by Jessica H. Clark ISBN: 9780199336548 List Price: $74.00
Memoir of Marco Parenti A Life in Medici Florence by Phillips, Mark ISBN: 9781551113890 List Price: $16.95
Florentine Enlightenment, 1400-1450 by Holmes, George ISBN: 9780198202929 List Price: $39.00
Short History of Italy: From Classical Times to the Present Day by Hearder, Harry, Waley, Dani... ISBN: 9780521093941 List Price: $16.95
Courts of the Italian Renaissance by Bertelli, Sergio ISBN: 9780816015405 List Price: $35.00
Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Malatesta (Studies in Italian Culture Literature in H... by Maria Grazia Pernis, Laurie... ISBN: 9780820428161 List Price: $50.95
Adriano e L'ideologia Del Principato by Galimberti, Alessandro ISBN: 9788882654368
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