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From AP Achiever European History Exam Preparation Guide, to the likes of The Irish Experience Since 1800: The Concise History, you will find all kinds of affordable text books here. Rent cheap Ireland textbooks now and enjoy the best discounted prices you can afford. We've got over one hundred books in stock most of the time, and we buy back Ireland books whenever we can to bolster the numbers too. Look out for Northern Ireland Since 1969 (Seminar Studies in History); Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200; and The IRA and Its Enemies: Violence and Community in Cork 1916-1923. Whatever aspect of the country you want to know more about, you can find the answers here on the Valore Books website. Spend less and afford more books when you come to our website today to buy Ireland textbooks online. Make your budget go as far as it possibly can and you'll want to come back time and again too.

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AP Achiever European History Exam Preparation Guide by Kramer, Lloyd, Colton, Joel... ISBN: 9780073256726 List Price: $24.15
I.R.A. and Its Enemies Violence and Community in Cork, 1916-1923 by Hart, Peter ISBN: 9780198208068 List Price: $45.00
IRA: The Bombs and the Bullets:A History of Deadly Ingenuity by Oppenheimer, A. R., English... ISBN: 9780716528944
The Irish Experience Since 1800: The Concise History by Hachey, Thomas E., McCaffre... ISBN: 9780765625113 List Price: $34.95
Northern Ireland Since 1969 (Seminar Studies in History Series) by Dixon, Paul, O'Kane, Eamonn ISBN: 9781405801355 List Price: $27.33
Two Irelands 1912-1939 by Fitzpatrick, David ISBN: 9780192892409 List Price: $50.00
Ireland The 20th Century by Townshend, Charles ISBN: 9780340663356 List Price: $43.95
Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200 by O'Croinin, Daibhi ISBN: 9780582015654 List Price: $52.50
Ireland Since 1800 Conflict and Conformity by Hoppen, K. Theodore ISBN: 9780582322547 List Price: $45.00
Contemporary Ireland by O'Malley, Eoin ISBN: 9780230516700
A Brief History of Ireland by State, Paul F. ISBN: 9780816075171 List Price: $19.95
United Irishmen Popular Politics in Ulster and Dublin, 1791-1798 by Curtin, Nancy J. ISBN: 9780198207368 List Price: $74.00
Irishman in the Iron Brigade The Civil War Memoirs of James P. Sullivan, Sergt., Company K, ... by Beaudot, William J., Herdeg... ISBN: 9780823215003 List Price: $30.00
New History of Ireland Ireland Under the Union, II - 1870-1921 by Vaughan, W. E., Moody, T. W... ISBN: 9780198217510 List Price: $275.00
Easter Rising by Ward, Alan J. ISBN: 9780882958033 List Price: $11.95
History of Ireland: Medieval Ireland, 1169-1534, Vol. 2 by Cosgrove, Art ISBN: 9780198217411 List Price: $155.00
Ireland, 1912-1985 Politics and Society by Lee, Joseph J. ISBN: 9780521377416 List Price: $56.99
Defending Ireland The Irish State and Its Enemies Since 1922 by O'Halpin, Eunan ISBN: 9780199242696 List Price: $74.00
Origins of the Present Troubles in Northern Ireland by Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline ISBN: 9780582100732 List Price: $33.80
Defending Ireland The Irish State and Its Enemies Since 1922 by O'Halpin, Eunan ISBN: 9780198204268 List Price: $143.00
Nationalism in Ireland by Boyce, David George ISBN: 9780415062336 List Price: $18.95
Brief History of Ireland by State, Paul F. ISBN: 9780816075164 List Price: $49.50
Ernie O'Malley Ira Intellectual by English, Richard ISBN: 9780198208075 List Price: $55.00
History of Ireland by Hollis, Daniel Webster, III ISBN: 9780313312816 List Price: $49.95
Ireland A Reference Guide From The Renaissance To The Present by McCarthy, John ISBN: 9780816053780 List Price: $85.00
Culture And Customs of Ireland by Scanlan, Margaret ISBN: 9780313331626 List Price: $49.95
Ireland by Kennedy, Brian P., Gillespi... ISBN: 9781570980053 List Price: $20.00
Ireland in Transition, 1867-1921 by Boyce, D. George, O'Day, Alan ISBN: 9780415332576 List Price: $125.00
Commemorating the Irish Civil War History And Memory, 1923-2000 by Dolan, Anne, Winter, Jay, K... ISBN: 9780521026987 List Price: $53.00
Chronology of Irish History to 1976 A Companion to Irish History, Part 1 by Moody, T. W., Martin, F. X.... ISBN: 9780198217442 List Price: $199.00
Northern Ireland Since 1945 by Wichert, Sabine ISBN: 9780582023925 List Price: $48.00
Ireland and Empire Colonial Legacies in Irish History and Culture by Howe, Stephen ISBN: 9780198208259 List Price: $85.00
Impact of World War One on Limerick by Moloney, Tadhg ISBN: 9781443841412
New History of Ireland Early Modern Ireland, 1534-1691 by Moody, T. W., Martin, F. X.... ISBN: 9780198202424 List Price: $325.00
Exiles and Islanders The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island by O'Grady, Brendan ISBN: 9780773527683 List Price: $29.95
Myths And Memories of the Easter Rising Cultural And Political Nationalism in Ireland by Githens-Mazer, Jonathan ISBN: 9780716528241 List Price: $30.00
Cambridge Companion To Modern Irish Culture by Cleary, Joe, Connolly, Claire ISBN: 9780521526296 List Price: $34.99
Gpo And the Easter Rising by Jeffery, Keith ISBN: 9780716528272 List Price: $55.00
Ireland in Transition, 1867-1921 by Boyce, David George ISBN: 9780415332583 List Price: $36.95
History of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies' Auxiliary, Vol. 1 by O'Dea, John ISBN: 9780268011093 List Price: $20.00
Longest War : Northern Ireland and the IRA by Kelley, Kevin J. ISBN: 9780862327644
Cenel Conaill And the Donegal Kingdoms, AD 500-800 by Lacey, Brian ISBN: 9781851829781 List Price: $65.00
Politics of Frustration by Walker, Graham S. ISBN: 9780719018213
Tudor Ireland: Crown, Community and the Conflict of Cultures, 1470-1603 by Ellis, Steven G. ISBN: 9780582493414 List Price: $17.95
Britain and Irish Separatism From the Fenians to the Free State, 1867-1922 by Hachey, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780813205977 List Price: $8.95
Long War: The IRA and Sinn Fein, 1985 to Today - Brendan O'Brien - Hardcover by O'Brien, Brendan ISBN: 9780815603191 List Price: $19.95
Companion to Irish History - Peter R. Newman - Hardcover by Newman, Peter R. ISBN: 9780816025725 List Price: $27.95
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