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Learning about former countries is just as fascinating as learning about countries as they stand today. Here you have a chance to rent Former Soviet Republics textbooks to discover how this part of Europe once stood in history. We have titles including After the Soviet Union: From Empire to Nations; Cultural Atlas of Russia and the Former Soviet Union; Patriotism and Piety in Armenian Christianity: The Early Panegyrics on Saint Gregory; and After the Breakup of a Multi-Ethnic Empire: Russia, Successor States and Eurasian Security. As you can tell there are many books and areas worthy of study at college, so make sure you have the cheapest options to choose from. Buy used Former Soviet Republics textbooks from Valore Books now and save a fortune on what you might pay elsewhere. Our buyback system means people can sell back anything they don't want and make it available to you instead.

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Cultural Atlas of Russia and the Former Soviet Union by Miner-Gulland, Robin, Dejeu... ISBN: 9780816038152 List Price: $50.00
CIS Former U. S. S. R. : Military Technical Atlas Scale: 1: 200000 by Unknown ISBN: 9781572054714 List Price: $900.00
History of Lazar P'Arpec'I by Thomson, Robert W. ISBN: 9781555405793 List Price: $59.95
The Archaeology and Geography of Ancient Transcaucasian Societies, Volume 1: The Foundations... by Avetisyan, Pavel, Badalyan,... ISBN: 9781885923622 List Price: $90.00
Studies in Moldovan by Unknown ISBN: 9780880333511 List Price: $35.00
Crisis in the Caucasus: Russia, Georgia and the West by Rich, Paul B. ISBN: 9780415544290 List Price: $125.00
Economics of Post-Communist Transition by Blanchard, Olivier ISBN: 9780198293996 List Price: $50.00
After the Breakup of a Multi-Ethnic Empire Russia, Successor States, and Eurasian Security by Birgerson, Susanne Michele ISBN: 9780275969653 List Price: $31.95
Democratic Changes and Authoritarian Reactions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova by Dawisha, Karen, Dawisha, Ka... ISBN: 9780521597326 List Price: $53.00
After the Breakup of a Multi-Ethnic Empire Russia, Successor States, and Eurasian Security by Birgerson, Susanne Michele ISBN: 9780275969509 List Price: $101.95
After the Soviet Union From Empire to Nations by Colton, Timothy J., Legvold... ISBN: 9780393963595 List Price: $19.90
20th Century Russia - Donald W. Treadgold - Paperback - REV by Treadgold, Donald W. ISBN: 9780813310114 List Price: $26.00
Russia and the Former Soviet Republics by McCray, Thomas R., Gritzner... ISBN: 9780791081440 List Price: $30.00
Democratic Theory+post-communist Change by Grey, Robert D. ISBN: 9780131904484 List Price: $35.00
History of Armenian People-vol.1 by Bournoutian, George A. ISBN: 9780939214969 List Price: $14.95
History of Ukraine by Magocsi, Paul R. ISBN: 9780295975801 List Price: $40.00
Culture, Nation, & Identity: The Ukrainian-Russian Encounter (1600-1945) by Andreas Kappeler, Zenon E. ... ISBN: 9781895571462 List Price: $39.95
Armenian Terrorism: The Past, the Present, the Prospects by Hyland, Francis P. ISBN: 9780813381244 List Price: $48.00
Armenians by Chaliand, Gerard ISBN: 9780862321598
The Chronicle of Deacon Zakaria of Kanaker: Zakareay Sarkawagi Patmagrutwn (Armenian Studies... by George A. Bournoutian, Zakaria ISBN: 9781568591216 List Price: $35.00
Lvov Ghetto Diary by Kahane, David, Michalowicz,... ISBN: 9780870237263 List Price: $25.00
Caucasian Knot: The History and Geopolitics of Nagorno-Karabagh by Chorbajian, Levon, Donabedi... ISBN: 9781856492881
Moldova (Cultures of the World) by Patricia Sheehan ISBN: 9780761409977 List Price: $37.07
National Identity and Ethnicity in Russia and the New States of Eurasia by Szporluk, Roman ISBN: 9781563243554 List Price: $38.95
37. Soviet Successor States by Bremmer, Ian, Taras, Raymon... ISBN: 9780521432818 List Price: $65.00
Jews of Bielorussia During World War II by Cholawsky, Shalom ISBN: 9789057021930 List Price: $105.00
History of Ukraine by Hrushevsky, Michael, Vernad... ISBN: 9780208009678 List Price: $49.50
Democratic Changes and Authoritarian Reactions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova by Dawisha, Karen, Parrott, Bruce ISBN: 9780521592451 List Price: $126.00
Democracy, Ethnic Diversity, and Security in Post-Communist Europe by Inder Singh, Anita ISBN: 9780275972585 List Price: $95.00
Belorussia 1944 The Soviet General Staff Study by Glantz, David M., Glantz, D... ISBN: 9780714651026 List Price: $190.00
Armenia and Karabagh The Struggle for Unity by Chailand, Gerard, Donabedia... ISBN: 9781873194003 List Price: $17.95
Bronze and Early Iron Age Archaeological Sites in Armenia BAR IS1697 (bar s) by Badalyan, R. S., Avetisyan,... ISBN: 9781407301396 List Price: $112.50
Cilician Kingdom of Armenia by Boase, T. S. ISBN: 9780312138950 List Price: $27.50
Rethinking the 'Coloured Revolutions' by White, Stephen, Lane, David ISBN: 9780415571692 List Price: $125.00
Crime of Silence : The Armenian Genocide by Permanent Peoples Tribunal ... ISBN: 9780862324230
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