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Are you looking for an affordable chance to rent Eastern textbooks online that relate to this part of Europe? European history is centuries old and has many fascinating areas to look at. Here we have separated historical events relating to the Eastern part of the continent. Buy used Eastern textbooks now such as From Stalinism to Pluralism: A Documentary History of Eastern Europe Since 1945; The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Collapse and Rebirth in Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After; and Rumania 1866-1947. We have many other pre-owned titles here as well, so make sure you search our collection fully to find the best, cheapest and most readable titles we have to offer. Valore Books also operates a buyback service which means you can sell your Eastern books back whenever you find you no longer have a need for them. We really do have it all!

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A History of Yugoslavia by Drapac, Vesna, Jones, Colin... ISBN: 9780333925546
Sarajevo under Siege: Anthropology in Wartime by Macek, Ivana ISBN: 9780812241266 List Price: $55.00
Norway-Sweden-Croatia: A Comparative Study of State Secession and Formation by Omrcanin, Margaret S. ISBN: 9780805923094 List Price: $6.95
In Search of Solutions: The Problem of Religion and Conflict by Bennett, Clinton ISBN: 9781845532406
Eastern Europe (World's Landscapes) by Rugg, Dean S. ISBN: 9780470207154 List Price: $39.95
The Works in Logic by Bosniac Authors in Arabic by Ljubovic, Amir ISBN: 9789004168565
Epitoma Historiarum Philippicarum Books VII to XII Excerpta De Historia Hacedonia by Miller, M. C. ISBN: 9780890054109 List Price: $15.00
Concise History of Romania by Clogg, Richard ISBN: 9780521249737 List Price: $55.01
Changing Face of Dalmatia Archaeological and Ecological Studies in a Mediterranean Landscape by Chapman, John, Shiel, Rober... ISBN: 9780718500481 List Price: $170.00
Imagining the Balkans by Todorova, Maria N. ISBN: 9780195087512 List Price: $30.00
East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries by Berend, Ivan Tibor, Ranki, ... ISBN: 9789630513098
1995 Timeline of Events: Central and Eastern Europe by Baylon, Anne D., Garlitski,... ISBN: 9780963151582 List Price: $15.00
Understanding Post-Communist Transformation: A Bottom Up Approach by Richard Rose ISBN: 9780415482189 List Price: $175.00
Magic Prague by Ripellino, Angelo M., Heim,... ISBN: 9780333569047 List Price: $40.00
Johannes Falkenberg, der Deutsche Orden und die polnische Politik: Untersuchungen zur politi... by Boockmann, Hartmut, Falkenb... ISBN: 9783525353547 List Price: $66.00
The Velvet Revolution: Czechoslovakia, 1988-91 by Wheaton, Bernard, Kavan, Zd... ISBN: 9780813312033 List Price: $56.00
Ethnic Nationalism and Regional Conflict: The Former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia by Duncan, W. Raymond ISBN: 9780813388137 List Price: $44.50
Economic Wealth of Croatia by Omrcanin, Ivo ISBN: 9780805918175 List Price: $6.95
Handbuch der Geschichte Weissrusslands (Studien Zur Historischen Migrationsforschung) (Germa... by Beyrau, Dietrich, Lindner, ... ISBN: 9783525362556 List Price: $115.00
Croatia (World Bibliographical Series, Volume 216) by Carmichael, Cathie ISBN: 9781851092857 List Price: $64.00
New Perspectives on Yugoslavia: Key Issues and Controversies by Djokic, Dejan, Ker-Lindsay,... ISBN: 9780415499194 List Price: $135.00
Novgorod in the Early Middle Ages (bar s) by Dejevsky, Nikolai J. ISBN: 9781407300658 List Price: $135.00
Albania: A Country Study by Unknown ISBN: 9780788116193 List Price: $50.00
The captive mind by Milosz, Czeslaw, Zielonko, ... ISBN: 9780374957339 List Price: $18.50
Livlandische Reimchronik =: The rhyme chronicle of Livonia by Jaunzemis, Ausma ISBN: 9780912852218 List Price: $20.00
Formal Institutions and Informal Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary, Poland, Ru... by Andras Bozoki, Gerd Meyer, ... ISBN: 9783866491472 List Price: $45.95
Reflections on the Impact of the French Revolution 1789, De Tocqueville, and Romanian Culture by Zub, Alexandru, Michelson, ... ISBN: 9789739839150 List Price: $45.00
On Eagle's Wings: The Albanian Economy in Transition by Unknown ISBN: 9781600210723 List Price: $110.00
Reemergence of Civil Society in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union by Rau, Zbigniew ISBN: 9780813384047 List Price: $55.00
Bulgaria in Antiquity by Hoddinott, Ralph ISBN: 9780312107802
History of Bulgaria by Chary, Frederick B. ISBN: 9780313384462
Nations Behind the Iron Curtain : A History of Eastern Europe by Bogdan, Henry, Fehervary, I... ISBN: 9780317930368 List Price: $20.50
Nations Behind the Iron Curtain : A History of Eastern Europe by Bogdan, Henry, Fehervary, I... ISBN: 9780317930375 List Price: $16.00
Transition and the Politics of History Education in Southeast Europe (Eckert. Die Schriftenr... by Dimou, Augusta, Dimou, Augusta ISBN: 9783899715316 List Price: $67.00
Democratization and the European Union: Comparing Central and Eastern European Post-Communis... by Morlino, Leonardo, Sadurski... ISBN: 9780415560443 List Price: $120.00
Markets, States, and Democracy: The Political Economy of Post-Communist Transformation by Crawford, Beverly ISBN: 9780813323848 List Price: $72.00
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