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Are you looking for an affordable chance to rent Eastern textbooks online that relate to this part of Europe? European history is centuries old and has many fascinating areas to look at. Here we have separated historical events relating to the Eastern part of the continent. Buy used Eastern textbooks now such as From Stalinism to Pluralism: A Documentary History of Eastern Europe Since 1945; The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Collapse and Rebirth in Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After; and Rumania 1866-1947. We have many other pre-owned titles here as well, so make sure you search our collection fully to find the best, cheapest and most readable titles we have to offer. Valore Books also operates a buyback service which means you can sell your Eastern books back whenever you find you no longer have a need for them. We really do have it all!

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Settling Accounts by John Borneman ISBN: 9780691016825 List Price: $70.00
Providential Antisemitism Nationalism and Polity in Nineteenth Century Romania by Oldson, William O. ISBN: 9780871691934 List Price: $20.00
Return to Diversity A Political History of East Central Europe Since World War II by Rothschild, Joseph, Wingfie... ISBN: 9780195119923 List Price: $60.00
Role of the U.N. in Cyprus from 1964 to 1979 by Kaloudis, George ISBN: 9780820414676 List Price: $31.95
Romania The Unfinished Revolution by Roper, Steven D. ISBN: 9789058230270 List Price: $145.00
Saviours of the Nation: Serbia's Intellectual Opposition and the Revival of Nationalism by Jasna Dragovic-Soso ISBN: 9780773525221 List Price: $95.00
Storm Clouds over Cyprus: A Briefing by Clement H. Dodd, Dodd Clement ISBN: 9780906719329 List Price: $17.95
Struggle for the Balkans by Vukmanovic, Svetozar ISBN: 9780850364361 List Price: $18.50
Titoist Artrocities in Vojvodina, 1944 Servian Vendetta in Balska by Cseres, Tibor, Venerdy, Joz... ISBN: 9781882785018 List Price: $25.00
Transformation of Socialist Economies Symposium 1991 by Siebert, Horst ISBN: 9780472104024 List Price: $69.50
Velvet Philosophers by Barbara Day ISBN: 9781870626422 List Price: $34.95
Curtain Rises: Rethinking Culture, Ideology, and the State in Eastern Europe by De Soto, Hermine G., Anders... ISBN: 9780391037717 List Price: $45.00
Poland, 1918-1945 An Interpretive and Documentary History of the Second Republic by Stachura, Peter D. ISBN: 9780415343572 List Price: $115.00
Poland, 1918-1945 An Interpretive and Documentary History of the Second Republic by Stachura, Peter D. ISBN: 9780415343589 List Price: $39.95
Poland: The Conquest of History (Postcommunist States and Nations) by George Sanford ISBN: 9789057023460 List Price: $180.00
History of Poland since 1863 by Leslie, R. F. ISBN: 9780521275019 List Price: $69.00
Three Eras of Pol.change in East.europe by Stokes, Gale ISBN: 9780195104813 List Price: $41.00
What Was Socialism, and What Comes Next? (Princeton Studies in Culture/Power/History) by Katherine Verdery ISBN: 9780691011332 List Price: $60.00
Other Europe:eastern Europe to 1945 by Walters, E. Garrison ISBN: 9780815624127 List Price: $34.95
Philip II of Macedon A Life from the Ancient Sources by Bradford, Alfred S. ISBN: 9780275942502 List Price: $81.95
Outcast Europe - The Balkans 1789-1989 From the Ottomans to Milosevic by Gallagher, Tom ISBN: 9789058231697 List Price: $58.00
Partitions of Poland 1772, 1793, 1795 by Lukowski, Jerzy ISBN: 9780582292741 List Price: $36.00
Management Change in East Germany Unification and Transformation by Edwards, Vincent, Lawrence,... ISBN: 9780415091879 List Price: $59.95
Medieval Dalmatian Episcopal Cities Development and Transformation by Dusa, Joan ISBN: 9780820412863 List Price: $35.95
Poland by Popescu, Julian ISBN: 9780791053942 List Price: $29.95
Poland by Otfinoski, Steven ISBN: 9780816050840 List Price: $40.00
Poland and the Baltic Republics/50 Centuries of Warfare Ser. by Tarnstrom, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780922037049 List Price: $19.95
Poland's Politicized Army Communists in Uniform by Malcher, George C. ISBN: 9780275912215 List Price: $36.95
Poland's Protracted Transition Institutional Change and Economic Growth 1970-1994 by Poznanski, Kazimierz Z. ISBN: 9780521553964 List Price: $126.00
Politics and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe Traditions and Transitions by Swatos, William H. ISBN: 9780275947538 List Price: $98.95
Political Thought in Renaissance Poland An Anthology in English by Segel, Harold B., Segel, Ha... ISBN: 9780940962613
Polish-German Borderlands An Annotated Bibliography by Paul, Barbara D. ISBN: 9780313291623 List Price: $105.00
The Politics of Gender after Socialism by Susan Gal, Gail Kligman ISBN: 9780691048932 List Price: $47.50
Post-Communist Democratization Political Discourses Across Thirteen Countries by Dryzek, John S., Holmes, Le... ISBN: 9780521806640 List Price: $105.00
Industrial Policy in Eastern Europe Governing in Transition by Van Brabant, Jozef M. ISBN: 9780792325383 List Price: $193.00
Hastening Toward Prague Power and Society in the Medieval Czech Lands by Wolverton, Lisa ISBN: 9780812236132 List Price: $75.00
Historical Dictionary of Poland 1945-1996 by Wrobel, Piotr ISBN: 9780313297724 List Price: $116.95
History of the Polish Reformation And Nine Related Documents by Lubieniecki, Stanislas, Wil... ISBN: 9780800670856 List Price: $112.50
A History of the Balkans, 1804-1945 by Stevan K. Pavlowitch ISBN: 9780582045859 List Price: $102.00
Jews of Bohemia and Moravia A Historical Reader by Iggers, Wilma, Iggers, Wilm... ISBN: 9780814322284 List Price: $47.95
Kosovo Report Conflict * International Response * Lessons Learned by Independent International C... ISBN: 9780199243082 List Price: $125.00
Yugoslavia: Oblique Insights and Observations (Pitt Russian East European) by Dennison Rusinow ISBN: 9780822943617 List Price: $65.00
Sean Lester, Poland and the Nazi Takeover of Danzig by McNamara, Paul, Kennedy, Mi... ISBN: 9780716529682
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