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Are you looking for an affordable chance to rent Eastern textbooks online that relate to this part of Europe? European history is centuries old and has many fascinating areas to look at. Here we have separated historical events relating to the Eastern part of the continent. Buy used Eastern textbooks now such as From Stalinism to Pluralism: A Documentary History of Eastern Europe Since 1945; The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Collapse and Rebirth in Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After; and Rumania 1866-1947. We have many other pre-owned titles here as well, so make sure you search our collection fully to find the best, cheapest and most readable titles we have to offer. Valore Books also operates a buyback service which means you can sell your Eastern books back whenever you find you no longer have a need for them. We really do have it all!

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Cyprus Society And Culture 1191-1374 by Nicolaou-Konnari, A., Schab... ISBN: 9789004147676 List Price: $110.00
Balkans A Post-Communist History by Bideleux, Robert, Jeffries,... ISBN: 9780415229623 List Price: $135.00
Environmental Security and Quality after Communism: Eastern Europe and the Soviet Successor ... by DeBardeleben, Joan, Hanniga... ISBN: 9780813321844 List Price: $22.00
Bulgarias Quest for Security After the Cold War by Clyatt, Oscar W., Jr. ISBN: 9780788135057 List Price: $25.00
Bulgaria by Popescu, Julian ISBN: 9780791053805 List Price: $29.95
History of Eastern Europe Crisis and Change by Bideleux, Robert, Jeffries,... ISBN: 9780415161121 List Price: $45.95
Romania The Unfinished Revolution by Roper, Steven D. ISBN: 9789058230287 List Price: $44.95
West and Eastern Europe Economic Statecraft and Political Change by Baylis, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780275947347 List Price: $25.95
Kosovo Report Conflict * International Response * Lessons Learned by Independent International C... ISBN: 9780199243099 List Price: $74.00
Terezin Diary of Gonda Redlich by Friedman, Saul S., Kutler, ... ISBN: 9780813118048 List Price: $24.00
The Ottoman Peoples and the End of Empire (Historical Endings) by Justin McCarthy ISBN: 9780340706565 List Price: $72.00
Romanians and Romania by Ioan Aurel Pop ISBN: 9780880334402 List Price: $27.50
Serbian Village in Historical Perspective by Halpern, Joel M., Halpern, ... ISBN: 9780829005851 List Price: $7.95
Law and Religion in Post-Communist Europe by Ferrari, Silvio, Durham, W.... ISBN: 9789042912625 List Price: $50.00
Medjugorje Religion, Politics, and Violence in Rural Bosnia by Bax, Mart ISBN: 9789053833841 List Price: $25.00
Playboy King Carol II of Romania by Quinlan, Paul D. ISBN: 9780313295195 List Price: $111.95
Poland's Protracted Transition Institutional Change and Economic Growth 1970-1994 by Poznanski, Kazimierz Z. ISBN: 9780521556392 List Price: $53.00
Politics of Central Europe by Agh, Attila ISBN: 9780761950318 List Price: $152.00
In Turkey's Image The Transformation of Occupied Cyprus into a Turkish Province by Ioannides, Christos P. ISBN: 9780892415090 List Price: $30.00
Handbook of Political Change in Eastern Europe by Berglund, Sten, Hellen, Tom... ISBN: 9781858988405 List Price: $120.00
Roman Manliness: "Virtus" and the Roman Republic by McDonnell, Myles ISBN: 9780521118934 List Price: $56.00
Yugoslavia: Oblique Insights and Observations by Rusinow, Dennison, Stokes, ... ISBN: 9780822960102
Engraved Gems from Dalmatia by Middleton, Sheila ISBN: 9780947816315
Jews under the Italian Occupation by Poliakov, Leon, Sabille, Ja... ISBN: 9780865273443 List Price: $35.00
Engendering Aphrodite Women and Society in Ancient Cyprus by Bolger, Diane L., Serwint, ... ISBN: 9780897570596 List Price: $99.95
Ethnic Nationalism The Tragic Death of Yugoslavia by Denitch, Bogdan Denis ISBN: 9780816629473 List Price: $27.50
Bosnia and Herzegovina by Schuman, Michael ISBN: 9780816050529 List Price: $40.00
Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples by Singleton, Fred ISBN: 9780521274852 List Price: $42.00
Egypt and Cyprus in Antiquity: Proceedings of the International Conference, Nicosia 2003 by Kassianidou, V., Michaelide... ISBN: 9781842173398 List Price: $90.00
Building Capitalism The Transformation of the Former Soviet Bloc by Aslund, Anders ISBN: 9780521805254 List Price: $72.00
The Politics of Privatization: Wealth and Power in Postcommunist Europe by Gould, John A. ISBN: 9781588267580 List Price: $55.00
Hellenistic and Roman Butrint (Nga E Njejta Seri/in the Same Series) by Hansen, Inge Lyse ISBN: 9780953555680 List Price: $24.00
Light from Cyprus on the Greek Dark Age by Coldstream, J. N. ISBN: 9780904920376
Pressburg Under Siege by Rabbi Moshe Sofer (Chasam S... ISBN: 9781560620785
Concise History of Modern Cyprus : 1878-2009 by Richter, Heinz A. ISBN: 9783447062121
Forschungen Zur Osteurop´┐Żischen Geschichte by Torke, Hans-Joachim ISBN: 9783447040549
Historical Dictionary of Bulgaria by Detrez, Raymond ISBN: 9781442241794 List Price: $150.00
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