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Are you looking for an affordable chance to rent Eastern textbooks online that relate to this part of Europe? European history is centuries old and has many fascinating areas to look at. Here we have separated historical events relating to the Eastern part of the continent. Buy used Eastern textbooks now such as From Stalinism to Pluralism: A Documentary History of Eastern Europe Since 1945; The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Collapse and Rebirth in Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After; and Rumania 1866-1947. We have many other pre-owned titles here as well, so make sure you search our collection fully to find the best, cheapest and most readable titles we have to offer. Valore Books also operates a buyback service which means you can sell your Eastern books back whenever you find you no longer have a need for them. We really do have it all!

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Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present by Beckwith, Christopher I. ISBN: 9780691135892 List Price: $35.00
Yugoslavia As History Twice There Was a Country by Lampe, John R. ISBN: 9780521467056 List Price: $23.99
World Economy And Great Post-communist Change by Koodko, Grzegorz W. ISBN: 9781600210457 List Price: $89.00
Russia, The Baltic And Eurasian Republics, And Central/Eastern Europe by Goldman, Minton F. ISBN: 9780073379890 List Price: $41.44
Women and Monarchy in Macedonia by Carney, Elizabeth Donnelly ISBN: 9780806132129 List Price: $55.00
Toward a European Nation? Political Trends in Europe--East and West, Center and Periphery by Haller, Max, Richter, Rudolf ISBN: 9781563243844 List Price: $90.95
Albania at War, 1939-1945 by Fischer, Bernd ISBN: 9781557531414 List Price: $24.95
Privatization and Entrepreneurship in Post-Socialist Countries by Dallago, Bruno, Ajani, Gian... ISBN: 9780312081003
Stalin : Machtpolitiker und Ideologe by Creuzberger, Stefan ISBN: 9783170182806
Night Voices Heard in the Shadow of Hitler and Stalin by Laskey, Heather ISBN: 9780773526068 List Price: $39.95
Yugoslavia, the Former and Future Reflections by Scholars from the Region by Akhavan, Payam, Howse, Robert ISBN: 9780815702535 List Price: $18.95
Romania: The Entangled Revolution - Nestor Ratesh - Paperback by Ratesh, Nestor, Laqueur, Wa... ISBN: 9780275941444
Polish Paradoxes by Gomulka, Stanislaw, Polonsk... ISBN: 9780415043755 List Price: $65.00
Developments in Central and East European Politics 4 by White, Stephen R., Batt, Ju... ISBN: 9780230517370 List Price: $102.00
Women in the Politics of Postcommunist Eastern Europe by Rueschemeyer, Marilyn ISBN: 9781563241697 List Price: $40.95
My Century: The Odyssey of a Polish Intellectual by Wat, Aleksander, Lourie, Ri... ISBN: 9780520044258 List Price: $50.00
Making of Eastern Europe: From the Earliest Times to 1815 by Turnock, David ISBN: 9780415012676 List Price: $62.50
Modernization Crisis The Transformation of Poland by Perdue, William D., Borkows... ISBN: 9780275950095 List Price: $115.00
Muslim Bonaparte Diplomacy and Orientalism in Ali Pasha's Greece by Fleming, K. E. ISBN: 9780691001951 List Price: $22.95
Settling Accounts Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe by Borneman, John H. ISBN: 9780691016818 List Price: $22.95
Library Automation in Transitional Societies Lessons from Eastern Europe by Lasslo, Andrew, Quandt, Ric... ISBN: 9780195132625 List Price: $111.00
Poland's Last King and English Culture Stanisaw August Poniatowski, 1732-1798 by Butterwick, Richard ISBN: 9780198207016 List Price: $199.00
Post-Communist Economic Revolutions How Big a Bang? by Aslund, Anders, Sestanovich... ISBN: 9780892062034 List Price: $12.00
Postcommunism and the Theory of Democracy by Anderson, Richard ISBN: 9780691089164 List Price: $65.00
In Quest and Crisis Emperor Joseph I and the Habsburg Monarchy by Ingrao, Charles W. ISBN: 9780911198539 List Price: $29.95
In the Absence of Alexander (Lang Classical Studies) by Christopher W. Blackwell ISBN: 9780820439877 List Price: $56.95
Integrating Europe The Transition Economies at Stake by Van Brabant, Jozef M. ISBN: 9780792398066 List Price: $220.00
Macedonia and the Macedonians by Rossos, Andrew ISBN: 9780817948818
A Holocaust Odyssey (Studies in the Shoah, Vol 9) by Kalina, Joseph S., Alten, S... ISBN: 9780819197290 List Price: $47.50
Complex of Tumuli 9, 10, and 11 in the Necropolis of Apollonia (Albania) by Dimo, V., Bejko, L., Schepa... ISBN: 9781407305509
Debating the End of Yugoslavia by Bieber, Florian, Galijas, A... ISBN: 9781409467113 List Price: $119.95
Return to Diversity by Rothschild, Joseph ISBN: 9780195073812 List Price: $44.95
Prehistoric Bulgaria by Bailey, Douglass W., Panayo... ISBN: 9781881094111 List Price: $54.00
Milosevic and Markovic : A Lust for Power by Slavoljub Ukic, Slavoljub D... ISBN: 9780773522169 List Price: $34.95
Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe Assessing the Legacy of Communist Rule by Ekiert, Grzegorz, Hanson, S... ISBN: 9780521529853 List Price: $45.00
Return to Diversity A Political History of East Central Europe Since World War II by Rothschild, Joseph, Wingfie... ISBN: 9780195119930 List Price: $34.95
Bulgaria by Otfinoski, Steven ISBN: 9780816051168 List Price: $40.00
Transylvanian Villagers: Three Centuries of Political, Economic and Ethnic Change by Verdery, Katherine ISBN: 9780520048799 List Price: $48.00
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