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The study of civilizations puts into perspective where people came from in comparison to today's modern world. By studying the patterns and decisions made by past civilizations we can make more educated decisions in today's world as well as predictions for the future. We can even avoid making bad decisions by looking at mistakes made in the past. While there might not be examples from ancient civilizations of people paying too much for their textbooks, some general lessons can be applied. Any of the great names from ancient civilizations such as Alexander the Great or Hippocrates would tell you that it is crazy to pay the high prices that college bookshops charge for textbooks when you can get your civilization textbooks right here for a fraction of the price. We have a huge range of affordable civilization textbooks available to buy or rent, both new and used, and all in great condition.

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World Civilizations The Global Experience Atlas Edition by Adas, Michael, Gilbert, Mar... ISBN: 9780205556915 List Price: $116.20
Western Humanities Complete by Matthews, Roy, Platt, Dewitt ISBN: 9780072556322 List Price: $119.30
Survey of Western Civ.,comb. by Goff, Richard D., Holoka, J... ISBN: 9780314261335 List Price: $55.00
Human Spirit Sources in the Western Humanities by Rogers, Perry McAdow ISBN: 9780130480538 List Price: $57.20
Sharing the Stage Biography and Gender in Western Civilization by Slaughter, Jane, Bokovoy, M... ISBN: 9780618011780 List Price: $83.95
Western Heritage Teaching and Learning Classromm Edition Sine 1648 by Kagan, Donald M., Ozment, S... ISBN: 9780131733466 List Price: $111.60
Western Civilization Combined Volume by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780495093657 List Price: $94.95
Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries, Volume B: 1300-1815 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9781424069590 List Price: $112.95
Sources of the Western Tradition From the Scientific Revolution Ot the Present by Perry, Marvin B., Peden, Jo... ISBN: 9780618162284 List Price: $99.95
Western Civilization - Beyond Boundaries Since 1560 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9780618794263 List Price: $129.95
History of Western Society Since 1300 by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780618946075 List Price: $117.95
Sources of the Making of the West Peoples and Cultures a Concise History, to 1740 by Hunt, Lynn, Martin, Thomas ... ISBN: 9780312415938 List Price: $13.75
Sharing the Stage:Biography and Gender in Western Civilization Volume I by Slaughter, Jane, Bokovoy, M... ISBN: 9780618011773 List Price: $83.95
The Next Million Years. by Darwin, Charles G. ISBN: 9780837168760 List Price: $36.95
A Survey of the Humanities, Vol. 1 by Cunningham, Lawrence S., Re... ISBN: 9780495573531 List Price: $111.95
History of World Societies, Volume II-Updated by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780618918034 List Price: $103.95
Western Civilisation: A Brief History 3e Complete by Perry, Chris ISBN: 9780618739004 List Price: $129.95
World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Volume 2, Atlas Edition (5th Edition) by Adas, Michael, Gilbert, Mar... ISBN: 9780205556922 List Price: $119.80
Heritage of World Civilizations by Craig, Albert M., Graham, W... ISBN: 9780205660971 List Price: $93.00
Survey of Western Civilization by Goff, Richard D., Cassar, G... ISBN: 9780314583444 List Price: $41.00
Humanities in Western Culture, brief by Lamm, Robert C. ISBN: 9780697254252 List Price: $68.20
World Civilizations by Philip, Ralph ISBN: 9780393968835 List Price: $33.05
Heritage of World Civilizations Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition by Craig, Albert M., Graham, W... ISBN: 9780132196949 List Price: $80.00
Other Side of Western Civilization Readings in Everyday Life The Ancient World to the Refor... by Chodorow, Stanley, Sortor, ... ISBN: 9780155078512 List Price: $97.95
Order of Things An Archaeology of the Human Sciences by Foucault, Michel ISBN: 9780415267366 List Price: $115.00
Discovering the Western Past A Look at the Evidence to 1789 by Wiesner, Merry E., Ruff, Ju... ISBN: 9780618312924 List Price: $94.95
The Horse in Human History by Kelekna, Pita ISBN: 9780521736299 List Price: $28.99
Other Side of Western Civilization Readings in Everyday Life by Sortor, Marci, Stearns, Pet... ISBN: 9780155676541 List Price: $29.50
Tradition and Modernity Philosophical Reflections on the African Experience by Gyekye, Kwame ISBN: 9780195112252 List Price: $120.00
Western Civilization With Infotrac Since 1300 by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780314028006 List Price: $34.75
World Civilizations With Infotrac Comprehensive Volume by Adler, Philip J. ISBN: 9780534599225 List Price: $117.95
Western Civilization Ideas, Politics, and Society from the 1600s by Perry, Marvin B., Chase, My... ISBN: 9780618613021 List Price: $128.95
Survey of Western Civ.,v.2 by Goff, Richard D., Holoka, J... ISBN: 9780314261373 List Price: $39.25
Celebrity Culture Reader by Marshall, P. David ISBN: 9780415337922 List Price: $49.95
A History of Western Society: Volume 2: from Absolutism to Present by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780312683122 List Price: $96.99
West Encounters & Transformations, Atlas Edition by Levack, Brian P., Muir, Edw... ISBN: 9780205556977 List Price: $140.20
Heritage of World Civilizations Brief by Craig, Albert M., Turner, F... ISBN: 9780131501003 List Price: $91.20
Civilization Past & Present, Volume II (Chapters 13-25) by Brummett, Palmira, Edgar, R... ISBN: 9780321090980 List Price: $90.67
Civilization in the West, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Plus MyHistoryLab CourseCompass (7th Ed... by Kishlansky, Mark, Geary, Pa... ISBN: 9780205821631 List Price: $77.33
Best Test Preparation for the CLEP Western Civilization II by Jones, Preston, Zophy, Jona... ISBN: 9780738601335 List Price: $34.95
Longman Social Studies: U.S. History and the Modern Era (2nd Edition) by Lawlor, LeeAnn Aguilar, Mar... ISBN: 9780132679442 List Price: $29.27
Western Experience by Chambers, Mortimer, Hanawal... ISBN: 9780073260013
Cities in the Developing World by Gugler, Josef ISBN: 9780198742159 List Price: $49.95
Heritage of World Civilizations Combined Volume Brief Edition by Craig, Albert M., Graham, W... ISBN: 9780130340658 List Price: $77.00
Survey of Wstrn Civilization, Vol B,Renaissance to FR Revised by Goff, Richard D., Cassar, G... ISBN: 9780314583482 List Price: $36.75
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