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The study of civilizations puts into perspective where people came from in comparison to today's modern world. By studying the patterns and decisions made by past civilizations we can make more educated decisions in today's world as well as predictions for the future. We can even avoid making bad decisions by looking at mistakes made in the past. While there might not be examples from ancient civilizations of people paying too much for their textbooks, some general lessons can be applied. Any of the great names from ancient civilizations such as Alexander the Great or Hippocrates would tell you that it is crazy to pay the high prices that college bookshops charge for textbooks when you can get your civilization textbooks right here for a fraction of the price. We have a huge range of affordable civilization textbooks available to buy or rent, both new and used, and all in great condition.

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Music for Cunningham/reich's Culture And Values A Survey of the Humanities- Alternate by Cunningham, Lawrence S., Re... ISBN: 9780534582364 List Price: $33.95
Heritage of World Civilizations, The, Volume 2 (8th Edition) by Albert M. Craig, William A.... ISBN: 9780136003229 List Price: $110.60
Prentice Hall Atlas of Western Civilization by Prentice-Hall, Inc Staff, P... ISBN: 9780136042464 List Price: $22.40
The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future by Naomi Oreskes, Erik M. Conway ISBN: 9780231169547 List Price: $9.95
Herit.of World Civil., 1650 by Craig, Albert M., Graham, W... ISBN: 9780130124531 List Price: $56.25
Heritage of Western Civilization by Beatty, John L., Johnson, O... ISBN: 9780130341280 List Price: $74.40
Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities, Volume I without Readings (with Resource Cen... by Cunningham, Lawrence S., Re... ISBN: 9780495570653 List Price: $116.95
Western Humanities by Matthews, Roy T., Platt, F.... ISBN: 9780073136370 List Price: $118.75
Sources of the Western Tradition Brief by Perry, Marvin B. ISBN: 9780618539017 List Price: $45.95
World Civilizations by Adler, Philip J., Pouwels, ... ISBN: 9780495501831 List Price: $191.95
Societies, Networks, and Transitions, Volume C by Lockard, Craig A. ISBN: 9781439085349 List Price: $107.95
Western Civilization: Volume I: To 1715 by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780495502869 List Price: $143.95
West in the World, Volume I by Sherman, Dennis, Salisbury,... ISBN: 9780073316697 List Price: $104.38
World Civilizations The Global Experience Atlas Edition by Stearns, Peter, Adas, Micha... ISBN: 9780205556908 List Price: $146.00
WEST Volume 1 by Dennis Sherman, Joyce Salis... ISBN: 9780077421298
Cengage Advantage Books: Western Civilization, Volume 1 by Spielvogel, Jackson ISBN: 9780495897811 List Price: $85.95
History of Western Society Complete by Buckler, John, Hill, Bennet... ISBN: 9780618946037 List Price: $140.95
Sources of Western Society, Volume 1 : From Antiquity to the Enlightenment by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780312640798
Readings in the Western Humanities Volume 2 by Matthews, Roy, Platt, Dewitt ISBN: 9780077338497 List Price: $47.19
Western Civilization: Alternate Volume: Since 1300 by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780495555285 List Price: $159.95
History of Western Society Volume 1 by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780618946334 List Price: $101.95
Civilization Primer by Anson, Edward W., Anson, Ed... ISBN: 9780155063181 List Price: $71.95
Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries, Volume A: To 1500 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9781424069583 List Price: $112.95
Sources of The Making of the West, Volume I by Lualdi, Katharine J., Hsia,... ISBN: 9780312465179 List Price: $15.95
Western Civilizations, Volume B: 1300-1815 by Stacey, Robert C., Coffin, ... ISBN: 9780393931013 List Price: $85.75
The Western experience by Unknown ISBN: 9780394362328
Civilization in the West, to 1500 by Kishlansky, Mark, Geary, Pa... ISBN: 9780205556878 List Price: $90.20
Civilization in the West, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Plus MyHistoryLab CourseCompass (7th Ed... by Mark Kishlansky, Patrick Ge... ISBN: 9780205821631 List Price: $101.33
Africa in World History by Gilbert, Erik, Reynolds, Jo... ISBN: 9780136154389 List Price: $62.20
Western Civilization A History of European Society by Hause, Steven, Maltby, William ISBN: 9780534621186 List Price: $178.95
Aspects of Western Civilization Problems and Sources by Rogers, Perry M. ISBN: 9780132050494 List Price: $66.60
Western Civilization - Volume 2 From 1600 by Perry, Marvin, Jacob, Marga... ISBN: 9780547147468 List Price: $115.95
Adventures in the Human Spirit by Bishop, Philip ISBN: 9780132244596 List Price: $120.40
Cengage Advantage Books: Western Civilization, Volume 2 by Spielvogel, Jackson ISBN: 9780495897828 List Price: $88.95
Western Civilization - Beyond Boundaries Since 1560 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9780618794263 List Price: $129.95
Cities in the Developing World by Gugler, Josef ISBN: 9780198742159 List Price: $49.95
Best Test Preparation For The Clep Western Civilization I by Ziomkowski, Robert, Taylor,... ISBN: 9780738601311 List Price: $34.95
Annual Editions: Western Civilization, Volume 1, 15/e by Lembright, Robert L. ISBN: 9780073516332
Everyday Life Reader by Highmore, Ben ISBN: 9780415230254 List Price: $45.95
Western Civilization: Volume C: Since 1789 by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780495502906 List Price: $113.95
Western Civilization - Beyond Boundaries to 1715 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9780618794256 List Price: $129.95
The World: A History, Volume C by Fernández-Armesto, Felipe ISBN: 9780136061502 List Price: $102.00
Western Civilization: Volume B: 1300 to 1815 by Spielvogel, Jackson J. ISBN: 9780495502890 List Price: $113.95
Civilization in the West, from 1350 to 1850 by Kishlansky, Mark, Geary, Pa... ISBN: 9780205556885 List Price: $93.00
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