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Asia covers a large area, encompassing Central Asia, Japan, Korea, China and many other areas too. If you are looking to buy cheap Asia textbooks in the area of history, you will find a wide range of tempting volumes in this collection. In fact, we have thousands of titles you might want to delve into, all pre-owned and available at heavily discounted prices. From discovering a brief history about East Asia to learning about the cultural and social history of the region, this just touches the surface of what is available. Other titles include Search for Modern China, Nationalism Without a Nation in India and Heritage of Japanese Civilization. Whatever textbooks you need, we can provide the chance to rent used Asia textbooks at the cheapest prices. Sell your Asia books back to us too if you wish. It's one way we can keep the service going for other college students.

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Inside Ghq The Allied Occupation of Japan and Its Legacy by Takemae, Eiji, Ricketts, Ro... ISBN: 9780826462473 List Price: $40.00
Understanding Central Asia by Cummings, Sally N. ISBN: 9780415297035 List Price: $39.95
Cultural Realism Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Ming China by Johnston, Alastair I. ISBN: 9780691002392 List Price: $37.50
Cambridge History of Southeast Asia From C. 1800 to the 1930s by Tarling, Nicholas, Trocki, ... ISBN: 9780521663717 List Price: $42.00
Sino-Japanese War Of 1894-1895 Perceptions, Power And Primacy by Paine, S. C. M. ISBN: 9780521617451 List Price: $39.99
Search for Modern China-w/history Doc. by Spence, Jonathan ISBN: 9780393983630 List Price: $47.50
Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culture by Sugimoto, Yoshio ISBN: 9780521880473 List Price: $90.00
Mongols and the West, 1221-1410 by Jackson, Peter ISBN: 9780582368965 List Price: $39.20
Delhi Sultanate A Political and Military History by Jackson, Peter, Morgan, David ISBN: 9780521543293 List Price: $79.00
Vietnamese Response to French Intervention, 1862-1874 by McLeod, Mark W. ISBN: 9780275935627 List Price: $93.95
Manchuria Under Japanese Dominion by Fogel, Joshua A., Yamamuro,... ISBN: 9780812239126 List Price: $59.95
Mughal Empire by Richards, John F., Richards... ISBN: 9780521251198 List Price: $116.00
Account of Ancient Matters : The Kojiki by O, Yasumaro, Heldt, Gustav ISBN: 9780231163897
Korean War : An Interactive Modern History Adventure by Burgan, Michael ISBN: 9781491403570
Central Philosophy of Tibet A Study and Translation of Jey Tsong Khapa's "Essence of True El... by Thurman, Robert A. F., Dala... ISBN: 9780691020679 List Price: $41.00
Ideas and Art in Asian Civilizations : India, China, and Japan by Stunkel, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780765625403 List Price: $99.95
Twentieth Century China : A History in Documents by Schoppa, R. Keith ISBN: 9780199732012 List Price: $39.95
Emergence of Indian Nationalism by Seal, Anil ISBN: 9780521062749 List Price: $42.50
North Korea's Military-Diplomatic Campaigns, 1966-2008 (Routledge Security in Asia Pacific S... by Michishita, Narushige ISBN: 9780415449434 List Price: $130.00
Heritage of Chinese Civilization by Craig, Albert M. ISBN: 9780135766200 List Price: $36.00
Tibetan Empire in Central Asia A History of the Struggle for Great Power Among Tibetans, Tur... by Beckwith, Christopher I. ISBN: 9780691024691 List Price: $32.95
Brief History of Japanese Civilization by Schirokauer, Conrad, Gay, S... ISBN: 9780534643065 List Price: $66.95
Mediasphere Shanghai The Aesthetics of Cultural Production by Des Forges, Alexander Townsend ISBN: 9780824830816 List Price: $57.00
Eastern Asia An Introductory History by Mackerras, Colin, Bogenn, Tim ISBN: 9780733901928 List Price: $47.80
Selected Works of M.N. Roy, 1917-1922 by Ray, Sibnarayan, Roy, M. N. ISBN: 9780195620382 List Price: $45.00
Philippines A Global Studies Handbook by Woods, Damon L. ISBN: 9781851096756 List Price: $55.00
Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka by De Silva, Wijeyeratne ISBN: 9780415462662
Culture of the Meiji Period Orokawa Daikichi by Irokawa, Daikichi, Jansen, ... ISBN: 9780691000305 List Price: $47.50
Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations by Schirokauer, Conrad, Gay, S... ISBN: 9780534643072 List Price: $79.95
Delhi Sultanate A Political and Military History by Jackson, Peter, Morgan, David ISBN: 9780521404778 List Price: $120.00
Modern East Asia With Infotrac A Brief History by Schirokauer, Conrad, Clark,... ISBN: 9780155068476 List Price: $79.95
Industrial Management and Economic Reform in China, 1949-1984 by Lee, Peter N. ISBN: 9780195841183 List Price: $38.00
The History of Cambodia (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) by Corfield, Justin ISBN: 9780313357220 List Price: $49.95
Military History of Modern China From the Manchu Conquest to the Present by Worthing, Peter M. ISBN: 9780275987800 List Price: $49.95
Wonder That Was India by Basham, A. L. ISBN: 9780283992575 List Price: $39.49
History of Laos by Stuart-Fox, Martin ISBN: 9780521597463 List Price: $38.99
District Magistrate in Late Imperial China by Watt, John R. ISBN: 9780231035354 List Price: $66.50
Struggle for Jerusalem's Holy Places : Radicalisation and Conflict by Pullan, Wendy, Gwiazda, Max... ISBN: 9780415505369
Indian Princes and Their States by Ramusack, Barbara N. ISBN: 9780521267274 List Price: $100.00
Approaches to History : Essays in Indian Historiography by Bhattacharya, Sabyaschi ISBN: 9789380607863 List Price: $35.95
Southeast Asia in Age of Commerce,v.i by Reid, Anthony ISBN: 9780300039214 List Price: $30.00
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